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Sunday, January 30, 2005 

BBC are it again

When growing up, I always considered BBC to be a good source of information. But for their pure hatred of america and shitty collaboration with Al Jazeera, they really have hit rock-bottom with their latest boob!

A few days ago Panorama stated that the Coalition have killed more than 3,000 innocent Iraqis. now what purpose is served by spouting such rubbish!

Anyway it turns out that Panorama cocked up and that the figures included the numbers of innocent Iraqis killed by the foreign bastards (i.e. Abu Musab "Oooh I will kill all voters but I dont know how" Al- Zarqawi).

And what do the BBC have to say for causing such a horrendous error. "The BBC regrets mistakes in its published and broadcast reports," said a BBC spokesman. "

So are we supposed to just to let these highly influential news organisations get away with putting out potentially harmful lie-filled information and then a few days later they just apologise for their mistakes and pretend that nothings happened and that their mistake will have no ramifications!

Down with Al Jazeera and down with the BBC!!

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