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Saturday, January 29, 2005 

Can't be bothered thinking of a title

I really have no idea why I am posting this considering my last blog (which was pure gold) was met with only 5 replies (one of which was mine's commenting on the absolute inactivity of this slowly dying blog) but I guess Ive decided to give you folk one more try before I lose interest in this blog once and for all.

I am heading up to Glasgow tomorrow to vote for the elections. I managed to find a number of some bloke called Pishtiwan.... (Is that name meant to mean something else apart from the literal translation, which is "Their backs"?). Well anyway I called him up and he told me that there are a few buses taking voters, no wait Kurdish voters, from Newcastle to Glasgow just for the elections. It should be fun and a hell of alot more interesting than my train ride up there last week (ooh that reminds me, I should charge my mp3 player). I, for some reason, have high hopes that I will be able to meet a Kurd that will break the stereotype of the greasy, non-english speaking, benefeting frauding couch politicans who have never heard of an edcuation and only seem to sleep around with hideous eastern-european women who look like open autopsies just to get cheap sex (gyan). But then again, I guess there's more a chance of me meeting a decent Palestinian than meeting a non-stereo-typical Kurd.

*Sigh* One can dream though.

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