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Sunday, January 23, 2005 

Xosh 7al has re-entered the building after getting bored of the outside world.

Guess who's back...
back again
Xosh 7al's back
You bell-end

I like to think I am like Portishead (minus the drugs)...
I come out of nowhere and become a cult hero and then mystically disappear... and then reform again after a long un-needed absence

I do apologise for not posting much, but I do have reasons.
1. I am lazy.
2. I didnt get my laptop untill after christmas.
3. I had exams (Ladies take notice... I am a rare breed... I am a Kurdish student)
4. I didnt feel like I could contribute to any of the blogs, mainly coz, I am sorry to say, most of the topics didnt interest me.

Anyway.... I am just back from Glasgow after registering for the elections. I am quite proud of this moment. I actually feel slightly Iraqi now. I had no idea I could vote considering I've never had an Iraqi passport... but thank God for flexibility.
I was impressed by the seurity in the place and the stories are true.... nearly everyone there was Kurdish.. from the folk registering to the security guards to the election officials.

But as usual the typical kind of embarrassing kurds were there... the loud, greasy, middle aged, very touchy, leather wearing, benefit frauding, government sponging couch politicians. But I will leave that for another rant.

The security guard at my polling table was a decent bloke who checked my papers and led me straight to a lady behind a table. And wouldn't you know it, it was a munaqab lady! Yes thats right a ninja kurd... (a completely face-veiled kurd).. I never thought those pieces of crap existed in Kurdistan. She didnt want to accept my registration because I didnt have authorisation from the government of my non-iraqi passport, something I wasnt required to have. The security guard just went up to her and said "Da waazilebihina... waraqakay purkawa... oooh wusba", which translates to "Leave it alone.... fill out his papers and shut up". So I am all registerified (as Bush would say) and glad as hell.
Some dipshit at the registering started yelling... "VOTE FOR THE COMMUNIST PARTY"... I wish my dad was there so that he could reply by saying "Da guwaki bkho", which translates to "Eat Shit!"

Then surprisingly a security guard escorted us to a Kurdish Restaurant in not the nicest part of Glasgow... actually it was in the middle of nedsville (chavs-ville.... full of council flats)... but the restaurant was well posh... the election people treated us to nafari kebab, mastaw and for some reason BAMIA. I thought the funniest bit of the whole meal was that the waiter got us cups of tea and one of the guys just said "Awa wukoo mat3ami kurdistani khomanowa" (this is just like the kurdish restauraunts of back home). He didnt say that when we got the kebab and mastaw (which is very kurdish) ! He said that when we got the tea (which is very Brittish/Indian)!
I take it he only thinks that Kurdish restaurants offer this rare beverage....

I burst out laughing... but noone seemed to notice.

Oh yeah by the way... do any of you have any information about bus services that take Iraqis from various UK cities to the polling areas. Cause according to one gel-filled security guard there were 4-5 buses from Newcastle (the city I am in) that took them to Glasgow. Now I could do with something like that for next week, coz my train ride was so boring... my mp3 player ran out of batteries and I read every page of a random tabloid.

So there we go... I am back from the brink.

Take care y'all (for the little American in me)

I am going to go and pick the wound in my nose... bugging the hell out of me. This wound has been in my nose for over 14 months! Surely that's a record of some sort.

One of my favourite movie scenes just passed by
"Dude that chick's a MILF"
We all know how the rest of it goes.


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