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Saturday, June 04, 2005 

Future isn't looking too great


I know I haven't had a serious post in a while (although I do think my Hoff blog will go down as the most original and best blog ever made) but a rough encounter I had last week has really played on my mind and I've wanted to let the dust settle before I write it out. Be prepared this might be one of the longer blogs I've written.

My exams had just finished so I decided to take a break and visit a few mates and close family over the space of 10 days to just do nothing but sleep and eat and recharge my batteries for my return to start my summer project. Anyway the first night I was with a good mate and we were having a good time having just watched Liverpool pull off an amazing win against the fanny boys Milan in the Champions League final. Then my mates' flatmates switch on the PS2 and we had a Pro Evolution Soccer 4 tournament. It's fair to say I am awesome in that game and I beat everyone with something to spare. One of his flatmates is an Iraqi guy (IG) who had grown up in the UK, I thought great... I haven't met too many Iraqi/Kurdish students during my 5 years in the Brittish University system, actually let me rephrase that; I havent met ANY. Anyway he was quite bitter that I beat him good in Pro Evo Soccer 4 that he challenged me again. I beat him again and he challenged me again and I beat him again... and this went on for a while.

During one of the matches, he mentioned the Iraqi topic. The conversation was as followed; I will be labelled as X7 (Xosh 7al) in the conversation and he will be labelled as IG (Iraqi Guy). X7... that's an awesome name!!!! I feel all stealthy, syphillitic and covert-y.

IG: "There are no good leaders in the world".
X7: "Aye there are, Tony Blair for example".
IG (in a startled manner): "No way!! He and Bush are the biggest Kaffirs!! (Kaffirs = atheists in arabic... but the manner he was using it in was quite offensive)"

At this point I thought to myself... oh crap what did I just start here

He went on about how America is the root of all evil blah blah blah he also mentioned some crap about Zionism blah blah .I phased out there coz I was really pummelling him in Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and I knew that he was a stubborn fella with whom there was no point of arguing.

The conversation continued. (I'll only leave the interesting bits)

IG: "What we need in Iraq is Islam to run it all"
X7: "Fuck that... That's what is causing the world to go backwards"

Now most people that know me know that I say things that I don't mean or that I have a crap time of expressing myself. The above phrase is an example of that. I did not mean to insult Islam, I was insluting what it had become; a fascist tool used by clerics and leaders to fulfill their own agendas. Anyway at this point he paused the game and stood up and said the following. Well more like screamed.

IG: "Don't you fucking dare insult my religion, I'll fucking throw you against the wall, I'll fucking break your middle finger."

I had no idea my response would provoke the above reaction. This guy was a couple of years younger than me and screaming at me like only parents would. So I stood up and tried to say as calmly as possible

X7: "Don't yell at me, respect your elders and don't fucking use swear words if you want to defend your religion... it kind of defeats the point you prick"

I then said pointing at my mate who I was visiting and who was also witnessing the whole conversation.

X7: "He has known me for a good few years and he knows that I am a muslim and proud of it but he also knows that I despise what it has become and how it has dramatically changed in the past 20 years of my lifetime, so fuck knows how it's changed in the past 1430 years"

There was no stopping IG though, he was still hurling abuse and among it all said "How can you consider yourself to be a muslim while you wear a gold necklace?!?!?"
X7 (sarcastically): "I am sure God will judge me on the jewellery I wear and not on my good and bad deeds"

Can't say my sarcasm helped diffuse the situation though, not that I cared at that point. By the way the necklace was a gift from my grandmother and has the map of Kurdistan in pure gold as the pendant, just in case any of you thought I was into all that bling bling crap. I am not!

My mate managed to calm IG down and told him to sit down and have a proper discussion. So we tried.

IG: "How can you call Tony Blair a great leader when he and Bush lead and let a bunch of kaffirs invade our country"
X7: "Was there any other way we could have gotten rid of Saddam?"
IG: "Yes, we could have had a United Islamic Arabic army to join up and topple him and not these Kaffirs"
X7: "Are you deluded or something??? It's the arabs that are causing all the kharaab and mayhem in Iraq!!"
IG: "It would still be better than these Kaffirs!"
X7: "Why the hell do you keep on calling them Kaffirs, some of these people have faith too, such as Judaism and Christianity and they are part of 'Ahlul Kitab' " (Ahlul Kitab = Literal translation means the family of the book but it's meant to say that Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc... all belong to the same family)
IG: "Yes they are, but they are kaffirs and they won't go to heaven"

This surprised me quite a fair bit, I've taken Islamic Education in my school for 12 years and I don't ever remembering hearing such garbage.

X7: "What the hell?!??! Where on earth did it say that!!!"
IG: "It says in a Hadeethil Shareef (Prophet Saying) that ......"
X7: "Don't give me a hadeeth as proof! You expect me to believe that something that the prophet said would remain intact for over 1430 years!!! And worst of all it travelled by the word of mouth of ARABS. Nowadays if you put 10 arabs in a line and told the one at the start of the line a phrase and told him to pass it along, by the time it would reach the end it will have completely changed"
IG (completely disregarding what I had ust said, probably coz it was common sense): "Heaven is only reserved for Muslims"
X7: "Woah there Starsky!! Are you telling me that come Judgement Day God will only allow Muslims to enter Heaven. He won't allow someone like Mother Theresa who spent her whole life for the benefiit of others to go into heaven but some muslim who spent his whole life causing misery on others and sinning his arse off will eventually go to heaven just because he was a muslim!! 99% of the islamic population were born muslims... they didn't choose to be muslims, so don't make it look like we are so bright and we chose this religion. I am sure that if the 90% of the muslims were born in a non-religious family in a non-religion based society, they would never choose Islam, because of they way it is bastardising itself on Arabic Media stations. I thought it said in the Qur'an that Allah (God) was 'Ghafoorun Ra7eem'?" (Ghafoorun Ra7eem = arabic for most fair and merciful)
IG: "Only to Muslims"

Now we all know the standard of the person I was speaking to.

X7: "Listen, you're obviously quite retardedly stubborn about this and there is no point in arguing with you, so don't argue with me because I won't change my mind"
IG: "I hope you don't die with this view Akhee (brother)"
X7: "I don't give a shit over what you hope for and dont call me akhee, I am not related to you"
IG: "You're my brother in religion"
X7: "We obviously don't follow the same religion"

The conversation returned back to Iraq.

IG: "We should all give our support to the Muqawama (resistance) in their Jihad against the American Kaffirs"

I think he was just using the word Kaffir to rile me up and I am quite easy to infuriate.

X7: "I take it Jihad means killing innocent Iraqi civilians"
IG: "Of course not... those attacks aren't done by Iraqis"
X7: "FINALLY! SOMETHING WE AGREE ON!" (hoping he would say that these terrorists were from neighbouring countries wishing to delay the restructuring of Iraq, but then again IG is quite backward-minded)
IG: "They were done by Americans"
X7: "Ohoooooooo, you and your arabic mindset of conspiracy theories!!!, I bet you're an Al Jazeera follower"
IG: "No man!! They only broadcast lies!!"
X7 (surprised as hell): "Finally something we agree on!" (not as excited as last time)
IG: "Yeah man, they only broadcast their news after its been approved by the Kaffir Zionist Americans!"

What a heap of shite!!! And to put his message across he used an insult combo. Before I could go on, we were brought to an abrupt stop because IG wanted to watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives on E4. Very religious!! Eva Longoria is well hot though!

I have no interest in that program so I retreated back with my mate to my mate's room (who kept quiet the whole time to give the impression he's neutral). As soon as we got in he told me that IG recently had a sudden death in the family and that his family is extremely religious and that maybe his sudden outburst on me was probably stored emotions from that tragedy. I told him that at the next available opportunity I would apologise to him. My mate also said that I shouldn't piss him off because during the ta3zia (funeral) of his family member in a mosque, Mujahideen from Afghanistan came to pay their respects. I've been scared shyte-less since then!!

I apologised to him about unintentionally insulting Islam (although I still don't think I did too wrong) and left the place the next day to visit family.

The thing that really worried me about that encounter was the fact that IG had grown up his whole life outside Iraq and in the UK. His mindset has frightened the hell out of me. If in the supposedly more open-minded society of the west is breeding scum like him what on earth is happening to the youth of Iraq with these dirty clerics who have their own agendas. As Dilnareen posted below, I agree that there are no semi-decent clerics left. As soon as a cleric shows some logic in his teachings he immediately becomes a moving target for the ba3thists and extremist bastards.

I really hope that IG was just of a small minority of Iraqis. But in the way he reacted with me was as if it had been the first time he had ever seen or heard someone with my ideals and beliefs. Even if he were part of the small minority, the whole middle east is governed by the Vocal Minority and not the Silent Majority.

The conversation depressed the living hell out of me, what kind of future will Iraq or Kurdistan have with these kind of people around?? Thank you for bearing with me through the whole conversation. Actually screw that... you should be grateful of this quality blog. Ah well.

P.S. I am a Muslim. I believe most things that I studied in school about the prophet's life, but I don't believe a single word from the time of the Khulafa' el Rashideen untill today. Arabs are the biggest bullshitting, blood-thirsty, agenda-driving, greedy thieves that God has ever created, so who knows how much of it has been changed to brainwash the islamic youth. I just believe that if you are good and be good to other people God will reward you. Praying 5 times a day but drinking, sleeping around, lying, murdering etc.... will not make you a good person at the expense of someone with another or no faith who doesn't harm anyone mentally or physically and has lived in general a good life with good deeds.

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