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Sunday, July 10, 2005 

Ah Crap

I just read this on yahoo news...

Kurdish bomb attack wounds 20 in Turkish resort


I've been priding myself recently on how Kurds have managed to steer away from cowardly bomb blasts or suicide killings involving innocent people, especially now in the recent wake of the bomb blasts in London.

But now the "Kurdish Liberation Hawks" (what kind of gay sensationlising name is that?) and the PKK have decided to collectively drag down the Kurdish identity into the mud and dirt alongside arabs and islamic extremists.

I am just glad that there were no fatalities. The dumb thing was that the resort was full of foreign tourists. The PKK must obviously have the same cowardly logo of Al Qaeda which is "Why kill a tiger when there are so many sheep?" . Cowards!

I am all for an independant Kurdistan and fighting for the right to keep hold of our identity but surely challenging the people responsible for trying to take our identity away (i.e. the murderous oppresive raping and pillaging governments) is more logical and influential than lame criminal attacks on innocent people.

The less of this type of news the better.

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