Sunday, July 17, 2005

Harry Potter û Mirê dureh

Short attempt to translate the title of the last HP... I know already that Dyaoko dislikes the book ,: but as I am a Harrypotteromaniac, I talk about it all the same, and as I told already in the KBU forum I wondered if these novels are translated in Kurdish or not... After all, they have been translated in many languages, as Ancient Greek, Latin, Irish, etc. If there is no Kurdish translation I wonder why a Kurdish publisher did not have the idea... A good way of making oneself golden balls as we say gracefully in French.

Concerning youth's literature in Kurdish (I speak only for kurmancî, I don't know for soranî) I should say that it seems very poor. Of course there are a lot of books for young children, ABC books, tales and short poetry... There are also a lot of Kurdish novels for adults. But I never noticed interesting publishing in Kurdish for teens. Just some childhood memories, telling always the same narration of a young Kurds living in his village, 30 years ago, as Mahmud Baksi, and I doubt that it is really fascinating for contemporary kids...

Then, by waiting a Kurdish Rowling, it would be nice to translate the six tomes... Inventing new words for "Muggles", "Mudblood", "Slytherin"... I think that one of the greatest job for a translator is precisely to invent words...

Let's see how the six titles could be written in Kurdish :

1. Harry Potter û Kevirê fîlozof
2. Harry Potter û Odeya Siran
3. Harry Potter û girtiyê Azkaban
4. Harry Potter û camê agir
5. Harry Potter û komela Zimrûd.
6. Harry Potter û Mîrê dureh

Very fast and short attempt, si all suggestions/corrections are welcomed...

(and I know that I could provoke a furious exasperation for deeply ANTI-Potter...)


  1. You have right .We need Harry Potter in kurdish.I love you picture (mîrê dureh).Can you male athor picture?

  2. Can you make athor picture