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Thursday, July 08, 2004 

Kirkuk is Kurdistan's what?

if you have read the start paragraph of Dilnareen's post, then almost the same thing happened to mee,too!
back to the title,
different south Kurdistan political parties have different slogans trying to tell the nation that they care for every inch of Kurdistan. The most well known slogans among those (still thinking about south Kurdistan)are the two said by our two leaders(که‌رکود دڵی کوردستانه ::Kirkuk is the heart of Kurdistan)and (Kirkuk is like (Jerusalem)Quds(can be interpreted it as the holly city)of Kurdistan :: که‌رکوک قودسی کوردستانه‌)
Me just like millions of others love Kirkuk just because it is a symbol of Kurdish resistance against the enemies who are trying to shrink our map!just because they have done everything to take whatever Kurds have and let us die or live in the mountains as we have no better friend!forget about some good voices among the Arabs,Persian and even Turks(veeeery rare)Those 3 nations never ever been friends to Kurds == Mountain Turks == Akrad(plural of Kurd, in arabic grammar broken plural of a name makes it feminine and also is a sign of to be a foreign word etc)== KORD(by persians..when they say it, they kind of think we were involved in Killing Ali!)
so..are we prepared to lose what we have been fighting for for decades to any of those guys around us? don't we know that with Kirkuk to be ours we can be a very rich nation and can easily lend money to the Turks charging them interest cheaper than Yapikredi bank or ISH BANKASI? ...gee how can that happen? Kurds lend the bankrup Turkish goverment money? Kurds help Layla Zana speak fluent sorani? or God forbid do her PHD in politics at the University of Kirkuk? hey wake up! that was a nice Kurdish dream! it is not that easy, the cursed M.K.Ataturk did his best not to allow the British goverment to grant the Kurds anything useful when he signed Lausane treaty!
I am sure our leaders know much more than I know! I am sure they are aware of what people like: TERT TV(tv not much different than the Turkish TRT state TV) and TURKMEN CEPHESI(Turcoman front..fuly supported by MIT(Turkish Intelligence Agency)) are trying to do in Kirkuk!...read paragraph 3 line 3!

we Kurds have a serious problem...i mean this guys! we think others are better than us all the time we have these in hearts and most of the times shouting it out... WOW TURKEY LAND OF OTTOMAN EMPIRE...WOW IRAN LAND OF PERSIAN EMPIRE...WOW ARABIC AND KORAN...WOW USA...WOW UK...WOW MARINES...WOW PAUL HARVEY...WOW BAGHDAD THE ABBASY CAPITAL...WOW BLONDES!WOW ISTANBUL NICE FOR HOLIDAY!
when we unite and believe there is no hiararchy in humanity, then we will be faithful to Sheykh Mahmood,Qazi,Sheyx Saiid,Barzani and the rest of those who never gave away an inch of Kurdistan even if it was THE TOILET OF KURDISTAN let alone its HEART OR QUDS!

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