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Thursday, July 29, 2004 

Kurds' main enemy!

Turkish prime minsiter Erdogan in Tehran:
"After reaching a consensus on commercial relations, regional matters, and the transport of Iranian gas to Europe via Turkey, the Tehran administration vowed to fight the PKK"..by the Zaman rep in Tehran

I think now I can confirm what I have been told by my friends, family, some of my teachers and some other people when I was young that "the Turks are our enemies" is QUITE TRUE!..well books needs to be written to prove it! as there are endless evidence. 
but why is it so?
I have a very long way to go in my life yet but from what I have learned so far tells me that, there is no specific reason why the Turks hate the Kurds or any specific events which would make us enemies, from my four year experience in education in Turkish school, and my two year living experience in Istanbul, having worked as a supermarket personel up to manager assistant, then teaching English to youngsters, then some University life and some tourism work too, I have met Turkds from workers to MPs, putting all this aside what I have read here in Europe from different sources as well as the Kurdish sources prove that the Turks are against everyone! it is not only us, they even don't allow the Laz (still Turks)to freely integrate into their society!or the Turkomans, i have friends living in Ankara who confess this, let alone any other nation.
They hate the arabs (common Turkish feeling and politically too)take the crach of Ottomans or the current Arab-Israil conflict.
They hate the Iranians, take Chaldiran war to the current politics and much more, but the only point they both can agree on is to be against the Kurds!
They hate the Greek and we all can even hear it!!
They hate the Russians...the English...etc etc
so as we see they hate everyone around them, well I wonder why so much the Kurds! Oh I think the difference is not much apart from us (Kurds) being without a state and were not able to deffend themselves like the other nations, if the Greek were like the Kurds they would have faced the same fate in the hands of the Turks!
I DO EVERYTHING JUST DONT LET PKK GROW PLEASE!Look at the prime minster, the islamist guy with his covered wife, just like one of his predecessors Tansu Ciller (Turkish liberal mind!)who told Hafiz-Asad that she would flow the water for them if only they would give no further support to PKK and call them Terrorists!Erdogan now says, I will flow your gas to Europe if only you attack PKK!
Is this a sign of abig concern? in only 10 years the Turkish Rep becomes friends with two foes, they are ready to divert their politics upto 180 degrees ONLY to be safe from the Kurds...this really gives me big big RELIEF!
The most imortant thing is how should we (kurds outside Turkey and esp Kurds in Iraq) treat them? should we use "Keep your friend close and your enemy closer?"
I will try to wirte something about this next time...!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004 

Kurds in the National Conference

Dr Foad Masoom is one of the other best figures of the Kurds transfered to baghdad to lead the Iraqi reconciliation, just like Dr Barham Salih and Zebari they are doing a great job for the new American forced born baby Iraq!
as far as I understood from here we have togther with the Chairman maximum 20 Kurds including the Faili Kurds rep as well! well this will is just a similar proportion to the 20% of the Governing Council which was a reflection to the 5m Kurds of the approximate 25m population of the country so definitely around 250 members among the 1000 right? hmmm quite American!
well what I was thinking is for example the interim Nation Confrence can amend an exutive decision by 2/3 of the members' votes , so how the hell we can stop a decision god forbid in a case of disagreement between the 3 provinces we have or a possible cancellation of that articel? we have only 250 members!
My understanding is again they want us to be there just to exist, well at least they can fill the 25% gap of the women candidates with the Kurdish activists possibly? or they know that Dr Masoom alike guys will really be useful to be around!beside Kurds have never had a past of persecuting or god forbid discriminating against other nations so let them exist they won't have any harm, they already have enough trouble in noth to deal with!
They say this a good chance for reconciliation(what reconciliation? just the Kurds and the rest of Iraq right? huh), for Iraqis to talk to each other! who with whom for gods sake? Shias with Sunnis? or Turkomans with Arabs or the religous guys? or Sistani wiht Sadr? don't they just mean Kurds and the rest of the country? oh I bet they mean that!
What the hell is going on? the passport has only arabic&english on it! I WILL NEVER APPLY FOR ONE UNTILL IT HAS KURDISH ON IT!
oh well, chill hiwa... Dr Masoom is the Chairman! you know what? it is like an open book exam, the questions to be so difficult that even if you have access to the whole library, one: you dont have enough time to find the right book and the right answer, two: you are watched by the teacher who doesn't want you to be able to find the answer for it!
Mr Chairman, from the form criteria(asks whether you were a supporter or sympathiser to the prevous regime's crimes or not?and have you become well-off by using the country's fortunes or public finance?) provided most of the Kurds are number one liables to be members of the Congress but excuse me Sir as they are Kurds they cannot be more than 250...good democracy!
sometimes voting can be dangerous!!
We are the minority and the Turkmans backed by the fascist Turks and the Arabs are the Majorities! we defeated SADDAM the worst man Kurds ever faced, I would not think they would be able to defeat us this way!But as usual we are late to respond and we accepet every kind request they make! or may be we are again busy setting more and more business around the world rather than really really care for Kurdistan's FUTURE!
But I would still wish them the best int their works, it is not the numbers who can decide it is the minds who cut and make the best decisions!
With no unity we still have much more to lose!

Thursday, July 22, 2004 

The Iraqi Holocaust

Ok i think this will be last post for a while, i really have some things to catch up on so ill probably stop hogging this site temporarily (but then again u never know)

Anyway just thought i would let everyone know about the The Iraqi holocaust site.
Thank you asher for making this site. In case most of us feel that saddam's trial is going to be longwinded then this is the best way to show the rest of the world a short glimpse of what is inside those 30 tons of evidence against saddam. Anyone who has any good articles,essays,stories and reports about saddam's crimes against humanity please submit some links there. I used to have alot of these articles a while back before the war and before i reformated my computer. Now its pretty much long gone in fact i only have a few of the recent kurdish ones left. And to clarify i am not obsessed with death and torture its just i have a fear that alot of these crimes will never come to light, so at least if some ppl know about it then its worth a try.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004 


Kurdo’s last post shows exactly what worries most of us about the new iraq. I didn’t really watch the match I was having my dinner at the time and frankly was more interested in my food I just remember the one football player whose name they kept mispronouncing (was his real name hawar or what). Anyway this thing with iraq being Arabic, im thinking when r u guys going to learn. It’s slightly acceptable when non-iraqis refer to it as a n Islamic arab country (which it’s neither since its both multi-ethnic and has multi-belief systems) but when Iraqis say it, its just really wrong. Especially since they keep telling the kurds to be Iraqi before being Kurdish, at least we don’t paint the whole nation one color we don’t say iraq is Kurdish we just say we are kurds and they get annoyed, but they verbally allowed to convert everybody and no one says jack. For those Iraqi arabs who want to be part of the arabic community i have to ask whats the hurry, its the same community that supported and cheered Saddam for what he was doing to you. Ok not all non-iraqi arabs are saddam-humpers but the ones in charge and the ones who speak for the country are. And what’s with our brother this country and other brothers that country, unless by brothers you mean Cain to Abel. Lets put this in perspective these countries supported saddam throughout his dictatorship , lived on his payroll and Iraqi resources, took very full advantage of Iraq and Iraqis during the sanctions and encourage terrorists are your brothers!!? Every single arab country supported him, even kuweit did until 1990 when they found out what their hero was really like. Actually they even had that one bastard kuweiti official who after halabja’s gassing when asked why saddam sprayed the kurds with chemicals replied what did they expect rose water
To be fair after the gulf war they sorted themselves out and tried making up for it, well ok so Saif al arab (a really good saddam spoof, it is under the video sections of that site) is one of the best comedies I’ve ever watched, well except for the ending which got all that unnecesary patriotic stuff. And during the last gulf war they were only ppl in the region glad to see saddam gone.
But for countries now, take a country like jordan (I know I use this example often but its the one that fits the description best.. you can replace it by syria or saudia Arabia if ure offended) who applauded saddam throughout his reign of terror ,whose main source of income was probably iraq, and after the first gulf war applied a "for non-iraqis only" policy when it came to things like job ads, who humiliated Iraqis constantly at border checkpoints (again something that applies to all bordering nations), who welcomed saddam’s family into their home, and sent lawyers to defend saddam. Ooh wait almost forgot to mention their famous export… zarqawi. If this was a real family social services would take a brother like that away probably to juvenile or a mental hospital. If Iraq really wants move forward the first step they should take is remove all this pretentious recycled brotherhood compost, this imaginary brotherhood doesn’t exist. Treat them as distant friends/colleagues but not brothers, the only time they would be is if they gave a full whole-hearted apology for their crimes (pah). Iraqis should learn to turn towards their own regardless of their ethnicity or religion and for now just face it the rest of you are just as bad as us the other countries hate u as much as they hate us, quit it with the pretence its not fooling anybody.

Sunday, July 18, 2004 

Ezboard rant

A friend emailed me a while back to say that she posted this site on an ezboard forum replying to a saddam hussein and halabja article on system of a down's axis of justice site.
I’m thinking great cos I like system of a down (ah tanakian… what a voice) and I used to post on axis of justice before it got too weird.
So anyway I wasn’t able to check the site till today and by now the thread is pretty old, so i had to dig a little bit to find it.
Anyway I was expecting backlash but i found something even more disturbing (but pretty funny)
The main twisted in-bred that really pushed my limits was this mrDonk (the name is just asking for abuse)..look at the comments 
"that pro-American crap is supposed to be written by a Kurd. 
Since when did Kurds write blogs in English, using Americanisms like "gotten?"   
More blatantly desperate US lies and propagada, as per usual "
 Yes cos the US would hire someone to right in a blog that most ppl wont ever see.
I wasn’t aware there was a rule against kurds writing in english... oh no the word 'gotten'
has escaped america wat shall we do
The friend then tried defending for a while but eventually found out it was hopeless and gave up. In fact the donk guy even got some equally moronic supporters,
One guy, called armageddon something,who i thought was trying to support the argument eventually says
"I don't doubt that piece of propaganda was written by a Kurd, given that they absolutely despise Saddam."
Ok so its still propaganda, cos us Kurds are really good at it aren’t we
Donk still not losing any steam
"you bullshitters, with your desperate US propaganda make me laugh. You really think that piece of crap was written by a Kurd? Go on, try to find some real evidence against Saddam"
Though some character did show up called mrzonk (ok honestly not me i just checked this now, though it is something i would do)
"Exactly.  And that must explain the waves of women and children who died and then neatly buried themselves in mass graves deep inland from any known attacks by the Iranians.  "

Towards the end of this thread (yes i had that much time) the guy manages to convince himself that saddam actually never did any of the crimes they said he did.
Pity this is an old thread, I would have liked to shake up this idiot a bit, oh well this is the next best thing if he happens to come across here or if someone has an ezboard account (hint hint) post the link
damn it i want revenge
The annoying thing is, that u think if u switch off arabic news channels u would get rid of this crap, now it looks like everyone has an inner al-jazeera speaking out.
I never ever expected that people knowing saddams crimes would have the shamelessness to go defend him
Why aren’t we allowed to enjoy watching saddam suffer even for a little bit without everyone going all sour about it. Its not like he’s even really suffering to start with
just a little bit of discomfort and all these lobotomized apes show up.
For alot of Kurds and Iraqis in general this is the only joy we can get, and now the victims have transformed to evil lying/american agent/cia payroll/ (u pick)
and saddam is the poor innocent victim who speaks out against evil. I mean honestly how the hell did this happen
Man i sure wish he gets his justice iraqi style... if it was my choice i would choose death by flip-flop put him in a room and hand everyone of his victims a flip flop (hopefully with a lead sole) and even if they were
just allowed one hit (and I’m sure a lot of ppl would sneak in a few more) there would hardly be anything left of him.
 I’m not usually bloodthirsty but u mention saddam or baath and my mind goes all creative when it comes to torture.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 

Is he preaching or pretending?

very cool posts by Dilnareen which I really dont want to press them down!

I just heard a pretty detailed report about the news of a visit by some of our Mela(clerics) accompanied by the head of Husainia Mosque (Shia mosque in Sulaimania) and escorted by PUK high rank officials to Ayatullah Sistani.
I tried to get more about it but failed to get more, probably just like most of our responses we Kurds are abit slow to react but when we do we mean business!(not this time though)anyways this is what heard and wanted to see what you guys think?
I heard the news reader say in Sorani:
"Grand Ayatollah sistani was so glad to see the visitors that he said:"(not precise translation)
kurds are Shia's and Shia's are kurds, I wish I could speak kurdish

now I thought wow..that is very nice...
"he made it clear that he never took memorial photo with any delegates but he is happy to it with them!"
now i thought wow..that is even better!...
then apparently our Mela's begged him to ask the Arabs who has occupied our HEARTS and QUDS and CAPITAL, houses, farms and even our children play grounds and have converted it to an almost de-facto kurdo-arabo-turcomano land to vacate it and hand it back to the land owners!but this time Ayatollah just like his Iranian masters acted very tactfully and said:
you Kurds be tolerant to them, and let the MATTER BE SOLVED THROUGH LEGAL COURTS!!!!
now the latter was really Sistani type!
kurds Arabised, mass-anfaled(means taken in mass numbers in Anfal campaigns), gassed, raped, killed, tortured and more by Arabs...Mr Sistani says please be tolerant!
the matter has NO LEGAL MERITS to be taken to court Mr Ayatollah, I know you dont hear me but I believe your God does!of course you will prefer that as re-Kurdification of the lands will be a big victory for us and your Grand Ayatolla's from Tehran will not be very happy Mr!
i can say more but i leave it for you to judge whether he is preaching(like other clerics he can tactfully convince the kurds to open another "unattended" Husania in Kirkuk, too) or pretending (better say cunning by sayin I WISH I COULD SPEAK KURDISH, well Mr we have very good translators if you got an important message for HALABJA! and cun us by sayin let the matter be solved in legal courts!)
Do we have any friends on this globe?

Tuesday, July 13, 2004 


Why is it that everytime some spurt of good happens something tragic has to happen? One bulgarian killed another to die in 24 hours.
How much are you willing to bet that they made the other bulgarian watch the beheading.
What did bulgaria ever do to harm us? Oh wait they are 'foreigners' this coming from a group headed by a jordanian and whose members include everyone from china to morroco. I really want to know where are these perverted clerics who just sit about giving fatwas on either sex and women when things like this happen.
No wait i take that back, they are taking action as you can see from yesterdays new clip

We seriously suspect the agents Americans and Israelis in conducting such horrendous terrorist moves

As you can see no apology there, it was the joooooooooooooz. Of course they can do that if they already had chemical weapons that can manipulate arab DNA (anyone remember that story)
What are they doing taking poor ME men sending them to madrasas and shipping them off to iraq to um... declare war on their own people

I remember a couple of years ago my parents saying that if it rained on a wrong day they would somehow blame it on the jews. For a while it was funny, now its just getting lame. With these 'blame a jew today' mottos how do they ever expect to be taken seriously.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends and am really sorry no one in this region could offer u any comfort either.


Some good news

I was planning to post something else today but its way too long, I think ill keep it for later maybe split it into parts as well.
So for now I think I’ll stick to a ‘good news from Kurdistan’ template
I am not usually optimistic, in I am fairly new to optimism, just stared a few months ago when things got really bad in Iraq. Why? simple cos’ I usually tend to go the other way. Once things start getting good in general then you’ll hear me complaining so here goes.

Yesterday, I cant remember which channel it was but the first 3 news stories went this way:
Barham Salih in Syria in talks over border control
Hoshyar Zebari in Brussels requesting aid
Bakhtiar Amin reads the names and nationalities of insurgents caught in Iraq

The link between all these stories…. yup the main players are all Kurds,
This makes it look like we’re running the show, which ain’t bad maybe its about time other people (mainly outside Iraq) see that we are helping Iraq not making plans to dominate it. Now I’m not saying this cos I’m a Kurd but these are extremely capable ppl all tri-lingual (or more… I think Bakhtiar amin speaks French as well) and very highly qualified
Their bios along with the rest of the interim government are available here

The ones I know most about were Hoshyar Zebari and Barham Salih.. and to think that someone like him could have been assassinated by ansar il sayan (dogs) 2 years ago. Actually anyone else heard about the phone call that saved his life story?
Baktiar Amin, I know the least about, before he joined the interim government all I knew was that he was life-long human rights campaigner and that his wife was daughter of a prominent Iraqi dissident who was assassinated by saddams men in Lebanon (any names confirmations would be helpful).

It’s unfair that people keep saying that these were glamorous exiles who are trying to control Iraq. Look at their history they have fought, this applies for most of the Iraqi interim government. They should be given a chance

Kurdish media

I have quit reading this site a while back, cos it has a habit of either making it look like everything’s great up there or do a 180 and make u feel ‘how come no body likes us’ ….why me why me á la nancy Kerrigan. There is a lot of truth in there but it always builds up to anger it doesn’t help you think straight. But I had a lot of free time and was catching up on all the articles and commentaries there. Anyway this story caught my eye
Kurdistan: Iraq’s Silicon Valley?

My first reaction was ‘wat the.. how?’ but then reading over it I’m thinking yeah why not. It makes perfect sense, why are all the companies waiting for baghdad to get secure before doing business when you have a secure place up north. True there is a lot of work to be done, but man these ppl are innovative I mean if they have the ability to convert a VCR to a sattelite receiver I think they can pretty much do anything. At least now we will have the right resource and not smuggled bits and pieces.. remember when the kurdish channels started… most of the ppl who worked there were novices.. you could see by the zoom in out of focus lenses for some scenes but they caught up quickly.. it passes as a pretty decent channel , the children programs scare me but the rest is ok. The 2 mobile networks are home made asiacell and
Sanatel (the website here is pretty defunct just has pics of the webmaster or friends I think). Anyway both these networks were connected either legally or illegally to other European networks but they are in the process of changing it back to Iraq numbers and I hear they are getting pretty big contracts with global telecom companies.
Another factor that could help is that the people over there have this abnormal thirst to learn , I think this applies for all Iraq, ne benefit of being stuck in time where education and work are very important.. all surrounding countries left that behind in the 80s. But I mean just by visiting their universities, I feel guilty for the little effort i put in when i was in uni. It really looks like if these ppl were given the chance it could be the economic and manufacturing centre of the middle east. If any big software developers or investors happen to find this site (not sure how but maybe ill try fitting in some algorithms or business models here so I can get a hit)…then please Invest in Kurdistan, for now its your best gateway to the rest of Iraq.

Kurdish words
Kurdo_ba_kurdi posted a few days ago asking if the kurds on the site to practice writing in latin letters and im thinking cool I need a crash course on steroids to this, it would also be cooler if there was a way to get other ppl to pick up some Kurdish words here. Not sure how to do that, Fayrouzdoes it well for Arabic, but I don’t think I can be that consistent.. So I thought ok ill do my bit and just post these random words which I find amusing

Nastala …………… chocolate (taken from nestle)
Cowboy ………. Jeans (go figure)
Layla 3ilwee (slightly obese egyptian actress).... the old Toyota land cruisers pre 99 I think
Monika (Lewinsky)………………………. Newer model land cruisers
shaba7(ghost)....anything which is dark black and expensive including a new hard 100 US$ note (New.. contributed by hiwa.. i always thought that shaba7 meant mercedes but the more u know)

As you can see don’t be famous and overweight , else theres a pretty big chance ull have an SUV named after you.

I know that there is more but these are the only ones that came up to mind at the moment. If anyone knows anymore along those lines Ill add them in.

Btw this was written last night so a quick update to say waytago catching those 520 criminals I don't care if they were 'small' criminals but what a start, apparently one of the iraqi channels showed them as well... aah iraqi justice. Also theres news that the peshmerga caught 15 militants including a senior al qaida leader in kirkuk.

Lets hope things keep going this way.

Saturday, July 10, 2004 

anti-war people?

I think this has been gone over before, but you just can say it enough.. there are some really screwed up people out there.

Now see I used to think that the ME had a monopoly over this destructive form of sheep mentality. But since pre-iraq war, I’ve discovered that it has crossed borders.

Who am I talking about… the ‘anti-war’ coalition and those damn demonstrators. How people who wanted peace ended up on the other side I’ll never know.
Don’t get me wrong but these people have lost the plot
I mean first of all the war was over in 3 weeks and they never bothered changing their name to anti-post war collation, and second they’re either directly or indirectly offering support to the same terrorists that are causing chaos in Iraq. Look I’m no fan of bush’s policies either, mainly cos they usually tend to lead to unnecessary death of people on both sides, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and support a group that causes even more senseless deaths.

Before the war, I thought these demonstrators were just good-willed people who didn’t know what iraq was like under saddam. Of course when you tried explaining what saddam did to his ppl all you would get is ‘oh that’s horrible’ but no change of stance. I think it didn’t hit them that just because Iraqis weren’t dying on their tv screens meant that they weren’t dying at all.
But when the war started I began to get really annoyed at the fact how these flip-flop wearing tree hugging neo-hippies ( I don’t tend to generalize but those are the type id see) who couldn’t find Iraq on a map would tell me what’s good for iraq.

Look I have nothing against these peoples lifestyles, opinions or their choice of inappropriate footwear but when its comes to saddam, all Iraqis (and by that I mean non-baathists) agree that he had to go… he didn’t seem to by getting any weaker and even if he did die we would be left with the masochistic duo, uday and qusai, who were considered psycho even by saddam himself. And we would have just had generation after generation of husseins ruling iraq. I do wish that he was removed by Iraqis and I often wonder how iraq would have been and how many people would have been alive now if the US let Iraqis get the job done back in 91’ where there were only 3 districts left. But fact is , this is how things went and now at least the US got rid of saddam.
Yes the US made mistakes, but these weren’t before or during the war it was after the fall of Baghdad. These mistakes were due to the fact that they didn’t depend on iraqis at the beginning, some disastrous decision making skills an the sadistic choice of interrogators. I can safely say that it what squandered all the good will they showed in the beginning.

Now a lot of these more vocal anti-war people have ended up to be the most anti-iraqi people around. They’ve let their anti-americanism blind them to supporting even the most hated of groups. I mean you find them supporting these animals (the poor resistance fighters… resistance against whom? Iraqi civilians!!) saddam (oooh his trial is not fair poor thug) and radical clerics. These people don’t care how many Iraqis die as long as america fails and go all bitter when something good does come out of iraq.
I mean lately when I read the guardian the articles could be coming from the jordanian ‘dustoor’ or the egyptian ‘ahram’. The only reasonable columnists left are david aaranovitch or salam and gaith who comment every now and then and they just joined recently. How come its people from the ME who seem to be more tolerant now

This war has made very weird partnerships, who would have though that the west’s extremely open-minded left found common ground with the ME’s extremist right (suicide et el) , or how ,vice versa, the ME’s most liberal minded folk have found themselves agreeing with the wests right-winged groups.

One stereotypical example of what I’m saying is this bbc have your say topic 2 weeks back regarding the Handover of Iraq There were good posts but the ones I posted at the bottom really stood out. Its like the countries have switched populations. Maybe I should make a template for the bbc when it comes to posting in English

(insert anti-coalation/Iraqi comment here)___________________________ . puppet puppet puppet


From BBCArabic.com: The transfer of power to Iraqis is a proof of the good intentions of the coalition and their commitment to towards achieving their promises for an independent Iraq. Unfortunately this aspect was not touched or mentioned by the Arab media. I am surprised that the terror attacks have increased now that Iraqis are celebrating the handover of power.
Abdel Aziz Ahmed, Saudi Arabia

From BBCArabic.com: Congratulations to all Iraqis who suffered so much, in the last thirty years. There is no doubt that the security issue is one of the most important issues and should be a priority for the government of Iraq at the moment. I believe that the forces of good will prevail over Al Zarqawi and his followers who terrorised civilians and beheaded innocent people. I am confident that Iraqis will turn there situation around will create a peaceful and transparent country. I call upon all the Arab world and all the world to support Iraq for creating a better future for all Iraqis and the world.
Gahsan Ibrahim, Syria

Sovereignty has been handed over by the USA like a thief in the night, scared by the kidnapping.
Tim, Belgium

Does it really matter when the puppet government is still in the hands of the puppet master!
Clive, Dartford, UK

How emblematic! Like thieves in the night. The performance of handover takes place in private, behind curtains of security and beyond the view of the Iraqi people. A disgraceful sham. Sadly it will change very little on the ground other than now it will be a puppet government that will be the face of the repression and pacification.
Robert, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thursday, July 08, 2004 

Kirkuk is Kurdistan's what?

if you have read the start paragraph of Dilnareen's post, then almost the same thing happened to mee,too!
back to the title,
different south Kurdistan political parties have different slogans trying to tell the nation that they care for every inch of Kurdistan. The most well known slogans among those (still thinking about south Kurdistan)are the two said by our two leaders(که‌رکود دڵی کوردستانه ::Kirkuk is the heart of Kurdistan)and (Kirkuk is like (Jerusalem)Quds(can be interpreted it as the holly city)of Kurdistan :: که‌رکوک قودسی کوردستانه‌)
Me just like millions of others love Kirkuk just because it is a symbol of Kurdish resistance against the enemies who are trying to shrink our map!just because they have done everything to take whatever Kurds have and let us die or live in the mountains as we have no better friend!forget about some good voices among the Arabs,Persian and even Turks(veeeery rare)Those 3 nations never ever been friends to Kurds == Mountain Turks == Akrad(plural of Kurd, in arabic grammar broken plural of a name makes it feminine and also is a sign of to be a foreign word etc)== KORD(by persians..when they say it, they kind of think we were involved in Killing Ali!)
so..are we prepared to lose what we have been fighting for for decades to any of those guys around us? don't we know that with Kirkuk to be ours we can be a very rich nation and can easily lend money to the Turks charging them interest cheaper than Yapikredi bank or ISH BANKASI? ...gee how can that happen? Kurds lend the bankrup Turkish goverment money? Kurds help Layla Zana speak fluent sorani? or God forbid do her PHD in politics at the University of Kirkuk? hey wake up! that was a nice Kurdish dream! it is not that easy, the cursed M.K.Ataturk did his best not to allow the British goverment to grant the Kurds anything useful when he signed Lausane treaty!
I am sure our leaders know much more than I know! I am sure they are aware of what people like: TERT TV(tv not much different than the Turkish TRT state TV) and TURKMEN CEPHESI(Turcoman front..fuly supported by MIT(Turkish Intelligence Agency)) are trying to do in Kirkuk!...read paragraph 3 line 3!

we Kurds have a serious problem...i mean this guys! we think others are better than us all the time we have these in hearts and most of the times shouting it out... WOW TURKEY LAND OF OTTOMAN EMPIRE...WOW IRAN LAND OF PERSIAN EMPIRE...WOW ARABIC AND KORAN...WOW USA...WOW UK...WOW MARINES...WOW PAUL HARVEY...WOW BAGHDAD THE ABBASY CAPITAL...WOW BLONDES!WOW ISTANBUL NICE FOR HOLIDAY!
when we unite and believe there is no hiararchy in humanity, then we will be faithful to Sheykh Mahmood,Qazi,Sheyx Saiid,Barzani and the rest of those who never gave away an inch of Kurdistan even if it was THE TOILET OF KURDISTAN let alone its HEART OR QUDS!

Monday, July 05, 2004 

Blame shifting

With a push from a certain kurdo, I have decided to give this a try. Hopefully all the commentators can join in here at some point because there are some really good voices out there.
Anyway this works better cos I do want to comment on the Halabja topic from Kurdo’s blog without having to cut everything into 1000 word chunks, especially for something as detailed (and often dull) as this. So here we go.

I’d hate to start with death as a first theme but this Iran-Halabja thing has been going on for a while, I’ve been ignoring it but it seems to have only have gotten stronger. It is same garbage that saddams ‘lawyers’ (use this term veeerry loosely) are going to use to defend him.
And to be frank it’s very offensive, especially for something like Halabja which we know happened and a lot of Kurds have seen with their own eyes. It’s like telling holocaust survivors that the holocaust was ‘a little nasty thing’ by the Russians, get over it you cant blame everything on poor shitler.

Halabja was not an isolated event it was part of the Anfal campaign (February-September 1988), in fact it wasn’t the only city gassed. The ever trusty US state department mentions in 2001 on the 13th year anniversary of Halabja that:
“Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons attack on Halabja was not an isolated incident. It was part of a systematic campaign ordered by Saddam Hussein and led by his lieutenant, Ali Hassan al-Majid, the infamous "Chemical Ali," against Iraqi Kurdish civilians”
Halabja has now become more a symbol of the Anfal campaign because it was the only event that was widely documented. The actual gassing started the year before

The chemical agents cyanide, mustard gas and nerve gas were used by saddam against the Iranians as early as 1983 but he started using them on the Kurds in 1987, the most noted city was balisan valley a village with a population of 1750. This was followed later by Sheikh Wasam (which was later dynamited and bulldozed), Goktapa, Askar, Qalat Diza and later Halabja.

Now what I don’t get is that the Anfal campaign is the envisionment of the Baath party’s twisted ideologies and all its actions had the similar bloody signature, how did Iran manage to get into this for just one city. Did they just show up for the day, do their little gig and leave. Hell their army were no angles and they did seize the city of Halabja before as they did with other bordering villages, but how did they manage to get hold of exactly the same chemicals saddam used on other cities, get on a plane and gas the place. Also we have no details available regarding names and procedures leading up to the event from Iran, while in Iraq we probably have a bio of the pilot of the plane, chemical ali's statements and official files regarding how to achieve the 'final solution' Plus why would saddam’s generals send him telegraphs of a job well done in quelling the ‘enemies of Iraq’’ or why would saddam glorify this moment for himself, a little low on self esteem was he. Anyway one benefit form the Baath party was that they were bureaucrats galore; everything was documented on paper and video, hence the tons of evidence available against saddam and his regime.

What else would explain the mass slaughter of civilians, the destruction of 4,500 villages, the deportation, ‘processing stations’ and the concentration camps. I won’t go into any detail regarding those as I doubt I will be able to go through them but a summarized version of all that is available here and detailed report from human rights watch

And now the cretin and his fellow cretinettes that committed all this are at the docks. I was disappointed with the way the trial was reported but now I’m thinking let all his supporters from wherever they are speak and scream all they want for their beloved leader it is not doing them any good. The truth is bound to come and if the trial is able to show the story through the eyes of saddams victims then it would definitely be a success.

Sunday, July 04, 2004 

Scenarios (aka about the site)

This blog is dedicated to finding a cure for the side effects of answering this one question. 'Where r u from?'.
This site should provide u ,among other random things,at least some info that could be used when talking to or about kurds
Dont get me wrong I like talking about it especially if u r genuinely interested and catch me on a good day ill give u facts,figures, statistics everything. But its the blank people who provide the following scenarios that are the main target
(the comments in italic are the ones crossing my mind)

Scenario one
-a kurd? wat is that?
-they're aliens from planet mog that come at night and suck the blood of ure children

Scenario 2:
-oh u mean like halabja, what do u think of saddam (this particular question is said with a smirk cos the person in question thinks he's discovered the peak of wit)
-i sleep at night with his posters everywhere what do u think?

Scenario 3 (every single damn year at school.. usually with new teachers or sometimes old teachers with bad memories):
-Ure name's funny where r u from
-funny? funny!! screw u like ure name is a treat on the ears
-(after explanation)Why don't u speak arabic
-cos im a kurd which ive just explained to u 5 seconds ago
-but kurds are arabs arent they?
-no seriously wats wrong with u
-then wat are they
-um...almost like iranians (just to cut down the questions)
-but ure muslim right
-wats that got to do with anything
-hmmm..ok say something in kurdish
-gooy bkho

scenario 4:
-hmm kurdistan, is that like pakistan, afghanistan, kazakhistan
-um... no this is going to take a while isnt it

scenario 5:
-kurds.. dont u guys like pray for fire or something?
-yeah and we start these fires by throwing idiots like u in it

Saturday, July 03, 2004 

Establishment Post

Dear friends,

Kurdistan Bloggers Union is a blog where it gathers information to help the Kurdish bloggers and their friends.
This "Union" is established by Kurdo in an attempt to increase the number of Kurdish bloggers who blog in English so that interactions between Kurds and the world increases.

So far the Kurdish bloggers who blog in English are :

Kurdo's World (Kurdo)
Land of Karda (Karda)
Medya our lovely boy from Iranian Kurdistan
Free Kurdistan (Roj Walati)

If you want to join the Kurdistan Bloggers Union, contact Kurdo at kurdo2000@hotmail.com

P.S. There are some good commentators at Kurdo's World especially Safin, Dilnareen, and Hiwa (Hiwa already blogs in Kurdish but why not upgrade to English ?!!)
I urge them to start blogging in English about life in Kurdistan..It is fun... :)

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