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Sunday, January 22, 2006 

National Geographic Article

Well I finally got around to reading this month's National Geographic only to find that they had an excellent article about the Kurds in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. It spoke alot about hope amoung the Kurds and the efforts that they are making towards re-building. I found the article to be quite objective which is nice, sometimes main stream media protrayels of the Kurds are either too emotional or so dry as to whither away your interest in the subject entirely. The National Geographic website has some extra features about their article that are fairly interesting.

*And a quick note to some of the other authors on KBU, don't leave me alone on here, ok?

i loved the macromedia presentation!

Hi Delal and Hiwa! It is wonderful Kurdistan was covered by National Geographic. Many people read this magazine, and they can learn what they did not know before. Way to go!

Loved the presentation.

Lawk Salih

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