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Saturday, April 30, 2005 

And another mass grave found in Iraq

Bodies of 1500 kurds found in Iraqi mass grave
I've just read the story now, but apparently it's been mentioned here in the forums before.

Here are some excerpts to make
Experts have examined a mass grave containing what are believed to be the bodies of some 1,500 Kurds, mostly women and children, in southern Iraq

Of 113 bodies taken out of the ground so far, all but five are women and children.

It is thought they were lined up and then gunned down into the 18 shallow trenches found near the town of Samawa

The victims are believed to have been killed in the late 1980s after being forcibly moved from northern Iraq.

In case it wasn't clear they were first kicked out of their homes taken down south and then all killed execution style into 18 seperate trenches

Photos of the excavation can be found here under Kurdo's photos and here's the video

Now if only the civilians of that city beheaded a few ppl ,blew themselves up and screamed allahu akbar to no end then tv stations would be running for an interview with them, these civilians(or their relatives) would receive loads of compensations and the whole world would be "feeling" for them trying to defend their "rights".

But because they were just ordinary civilians the city they were originally from fails to have a mention in this article.
Andthere are still criminals claiming Iraq was better under Saddam

Talk about screwed up

Friday, April 29, 2005 

Hawler International Airport Finally Opened

And wat better to celebrate than a little dancing. Here is a link to the story in kurdish. Haven't seen any english ones yet.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

America's alliance with evil continues

Turkey signs $1.1 bln deal with U.S. on warplanes

Turkey said on Tuesday it had signed a deal worth about $1.1 billion with its NATO ally the United States to modernise 117 F-16 warplanes.
After the modernisation is completed, our Turkish armed forces' F-16s will attain the level of the most modern planes in the U.S. armed forces, equipped with the most recent systems.

The U.S. ambassador to Ankara, Eric Edelman, hailed the accord as "a great example" of cooperation between the two allies, which would bring benefits to both ountries.
Relations between Ankara and Washington have been strained since Turkey's parliament voted in 2003 to bar U.S. forces from attacking Iraq from Turkish soil. (reuters reported : )

I wonder why america should give that much milarity power to a country which refuesed to let america use it's land for iraq war ...

I wonder why america should give that much milarity power to a country which its peopel love hitlers book and its their ambition to occupy whole the wolrd, a country in which 80% of the peopel hate USA.

a country which its peopel are the most racit peopel in the world , a country which its peopel dont bevlive there shouldnt be kurd and kurdistan "EVEN" in dictonaries...

I wonder why America should give that much power when everybody knows they are oppressing 25 million Kurds in Turkish Occupied Kurdistan JUST by their millarity power...

Didnt Turkey warned Southern Kurds so many times that they will attack kirkuk , Southern kurdsitan ...?

Dont you read the news that EVERY DAY , in Southern Kurdistan , more than 1500 Turk Solider are being captured for sneaking into Southern Kurdistan ?
Didnt we heared in the news that one of these soldiers was captured for trying to terror Kurd Governor of Kirkuk ? ...

Dont you read the news that Turkish Racit peopel in Mersin and other cities attack to Kurds and tell them to go out of "their' cities and go to mountain?

Hasnt Turkey showed it's intrest to attack to its nighobours? Syria- Armenia- Southern Kurdistan , Greek , Cyprus ,Iranian Azarbaijan...

will these warplanes help Turkey to solve its problem with Kurds peacefully?
will these warplanes help Turkey to be more peacefull and do more reforms?

or may be it isnt' America will to slove kurdish problem pecefully ...
maybe itsnt America's will to make Turkey do reforms.
may be America dont care if she loose her Kurd friends...

so sad but true ... America's alliance with evil continues ...

Sunday, April 24, 2005 

Kurdish media story

The kurdish uni student/International day story discussed here has made it to Kurdishmedia, impressive stuff the more people that read it the better.

Same story mentioned here by Peyamner and dutch version by Vlad here in Halwest
Also a statement issued to kurdish media by the university's student union and reply from King College London's kurdish union

Another Update:
Check out this article posted by Dr Sabah Salih regarding the event

Final Update(if anyone is still reading this article):
Kurdish students at Loughborough have sent another letter to kurdishmedia explaining the situation

Saturday, April 23, 2005 

2 words i thought i'd never see together

New blog: Nashville Kurds Daily
I know its already in the sidebar, but who would have thought u could get the words nashville and kurds in the same sentence.

Somehow im imagining ppl walking about in kurdish clothes and cowboy hats and um listening to johnny cash maybe? yeah yeah i know i whinge constantly about stereotypes but im the first to use them.

Anyway read the blog, its pretty good.

Actually i have a technical question to the ppl in KBU, wats wrong with updates to the template, i keep adding links to the sidebar and adding the authors name to the post in archives (cos it doesnt display it) and the next day its all removed. Its like the thing automatically resets everyday.

Friday, April 22, 2005 

The diffrence of Kurdish Peshmergas and Turkish Police

National Public Radios reports about security in Mosul city:

The iraqi Arabs in Mosul say Kurdish Peshmergas bring peace to Mosul and they say if Kurds had come to Mosul at the begining now it was so safer and if they hadnt come to Mosul , it would turn to another Fallojah. Listen to it Here

and in the opposite here is a hot report from amnesty internnational about Turkey's proteceting the Turkish Polices who torture and rape to kurdish girls.

here is a bite about Dear Darling Nice Peacefull Clean Beauty Democratic Saint Mother "Turk" polices :

The police officers had been charged with subjecting Nazime Ceren Salmanoglu, then 16 years old, and Fatma Deniz Polattas, then 19 years old, to horrific torture including rape with serrated objects, beatings, suspension by the arms, and forced "virginity tests" in early March 1999. The women say they were also denied food and drink, prevented from sleeping or using the toilet, and forced to strip and remain naked in a cold room. Confessions regarding their membership in the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) obtained during the torture, were used to sentence both women to long prison terms.
Nazime Ceren Salmanoglu was released at the end of last year under changes made to the Turkish penal code. Fatma Deniz Polattas is still in prison.

This trial has already taken over four years and has been postponed more than 30 times," said James Logan, researcher on Turkey at AmnestyInternational. "For it to be dismissed at this stage over an entirely bogus technicality is abominable. Justice has not been served."
Read more about it here amnesty internnational.

Can you see the diffrence of Kurdish Forces with Turkish Forces? one brings peace the other... ? can you see who deserves power and who doesnt deserve..

+ by the way today was the 107th anniversary of the opening of the first kurdish newspaper in Cario called "Kurdistan"

Thursday, April 21, 2005 

Mr Everybody is targetted!

Mr Talabani
Mr Jaaferi
Mr Ex Interim Prime Minister Allawi
all are hot targets,
soft targets...unfortunately as always are the civilian people!
No matter who you are, you are targetted by the so called Sunni Militants. The latest story of the allegedly killing some 60 shias in Medain, as reported by dear Kurdish President Talabani is not as simple as it was reported to him.
They tried to kill Allawi, Mr Kurdish president is guarded by some 3000 Kurdish Loyal Special forces in the capital of Death Triangle.
The helicopter shot down, death of all the crew of 11, is yet another proof that, if you are not guarded VERY well you are under attack!
two years on...
more than 150K troops on ground...
some 40K Iraqi forces on ground...
8 million is in favour of some form of transplanted US democracy...
why are we still going from ill to dead?
I am not going to say anything about my feelings regarding the latest developements in Iraq as a VOTED Kurd. I would like to just express my feelings as someone who lived in IRAQ for some 19 years (well almost all in war and prisons and chemical bombs), about that specific incident and invite all of you to link to any strange reportings of this incident which does not seem to be a simple one this time!
Right now I am thinking, were all these included in the Iraqi Occuberation(echoing Kurdo) plan? or US, UK, new Iraqi gov and the rest are trying their best but ZARQAWI is (or Baathist remnansts are) more powerful than everybody else?! I hope neither is the right answer.
Is it not yet clear that this super glue-like borders of Iraq are not going to make a DEMOCRATIC country?
I wish I just knew who the hell first called this so called country "Iraq"!
p.s: I know I was supposed to say something about how the Turks saw Talabani becoming president. I promise I will still write about it. But at the moment this story is really strange!

Monday, April 18, 2005 

Vladimir a dutch friend of Kurds

he is so sensetive about kurdistan issues ,he knows so much about Kurds and history,he spends a lot of his time reading about kurds , he likes kurdish traditonal music , he argues with others over kurdish problem ,
Vladimir ss from netherlands, he is a friend of the kurds, within him burns the aspiration of Kurdistan .

Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
So, I will introduce myself, I am Vladimir, 19 years old and I live in picturesque country the Netherlands. What might surprise your readers is, that I am not a Kurd, but I am highly interested in the Kurdish history and culture.

How the life is going for you? How do you spend your time?
At the moment I am having my exams. Next to making my homework and learning for my exams, I am highly active in the news website called "halwest.nl". On this website I write articles about the Kurds in Dutch. Not only about the Kurds in the Netherlands, but about Kurds in the hole world. I am also trying to keep my body in shape and healthy with fitness and cycling.

Can you remember when you heard the Kurd word for the first time?
I am not sure, my mother told me I think when I was young I shouldn't use the word "Kurd" in Turkey. She had a Turkish friend and he warned her it was dangerous to name the word "Kurd" outside the house, because of that the Turks could get very angry. That was a long time ago.

Can you tell us what you have done for Kurds? How did you get interested in the Kurds' plight?
I got to know a lot of people in Turkey while my parents bought a house there(for vacations). When I was looking for a subject for a final "assignment" for my school I chose the Kurdish problem. After I read some books about the Middle-east I got interested. Also I noticed that almost all my friends were Kurds. I did some interviews with several Kurdish people from North Kurdistan, South Kurdistan , etc and in this way I gathered more information and got to know more people. And especially when I talked to the people I got more interested in the Kurdish question.
At home I arrived I also got in contact with the founder of a news site called halwest.nl. I've been always interested in news and after that I decided to join his website. And in this way I met more and more Kurds, attended to Kurdish weddings/parties/memorials etc.
And this is still going on.

Can you guess how many visitors your sites have? Do you have
none-Kurd visitors?
I don't know precisely how many visitors. We get about 1000 pagehits a day and maybe around 100/200 visitors a day.
There are ofcourse also non-Kurd visitors who are interested in the Kurdish issues. For instance people who want to know more about the Kurdish parties in North Kurdistan in Dutch or the election process in Iraq.

How many percent of the Dutch know about the Kurdish issue?
I don't think a lot of Dutch people know about the Kurdish issue. Maybe sometimes they hear something in the news, but they still don't what the Kurdish issue means. It's very difficult to understand that. For instance there was a news message about the PKK and a lot of Dutch people thought they were like Al Queda terrorists invading our country.
Anyway I've already read a lot of books, news, movies about it, but I still think I don't have the total view of the Kurdish issue in my head. You can't understand something unless you actually experienced the real Kurdish problem, for instance when you are walking on the hills in North Kurdistan or South Kurdistan . Like my uncle who had driven with his car through North Kurdistan, all the military posts, etc. Off course I've been in Turkey and I spoke with a lot of Kurds, but I've not yet been in Kurdistan.

I know there are many Muslim immigrants in Netherlands that recently caused some problems for your country; can you see difference between Kurds and other Muslims?
Yes, Kurdish Muslims are usually more moderate then Muslims from other countries. You can see that on Kurdish festivals, weddings and parties, less women with headscarves. Off course there are also exceptions. But you can also see it in the Kurdish parties; a lot of them are secular and not focused on Islam only. And in polls you can see a lot of Kurdish people of which the main part are Muslims rather have a secular democratic Kurdistan then one which is ruled with the Sharia. Religion should be something private in my opinion.

Do you personally partake in Kurdish culture? (Such as have you ever danced any traditional Kurdish dances? wore Kurdish cloth? ate any Kurdish food or listened to Kurdish music?)
I've been on some weddings and festivities. Off course like all one Kurdish parties there is dancing. Isn't it called Halay? Anyway, I danced some Kurdish dances and off course listened to Kurdish music. I often listen to music like Sirwan Perwer, Zakaria and Aynur.
I also ate some Kurdish food. But I don't think I will ever wear Kurdish clothing. In the Netherlands you have carnaval, that kind of like "Halloween" where you change your clothes, but not only horror related stuff. Everything you can imagine. Maybe then a Kurd can wear traditional Dutch clothes and clogs and I wear a Kurdish garb with a sash wrapped around my head!

Do you think there will be an Independent Kurdistan one day?
I think that's a hard question. It's really an option, but it really depends how it will go because it's a slow process. So if there will be a Kurdistan, it's going to take a long time. Off course the struggle for an independent Kurdistan already took decades. It's also a question of mentality of the Kurdish people. There are a lot of Kurds in Turkey who have forgotten their identity, don't speak Kurdish, talk Turkish and don't want an independent Kurdistan if these Kurds get educated I think the Kurdish society is a step further to an independent Kurdistan.
Also a lot of the main political parties for the Kurds make it look they aren't in favour of an independent Kurdistan, but stick to their own region and forget other Kurds.

You told me you have some critics on Kurdish leaders? Can you tell us a little about it?
A lot of people idealize the Kurdish leaders while they are humans and make mistakes. And we should learn and see those mistakes and stop following leaders blindly.
Also it's bad the Kurdish biggest leaders don't work together.

Vladimir how many books about Kurd & Kurdistan you have read and
where you find those books?

I think around 12/14 books and off course a lot of information on the internet. You can find those books in the local library, the library of universities (which I can visit next year), and on conferences. Like last week Derwich Ferho of the Kurdish Institute Brussels visited Amsterdam (Netherlands) he brought a lot of books with him which you could buy.

Too bad I had to do something else.
Also you can order Kurdish books by the internet. I've already ordered two books about the Kurdish people.

Ha ha is there any book about Kurds that you haven't read?
Yes, a lot of books. You maybe think there aren't a lot of books, but there are!
I especially want to read the older books like the Sharafname, Mem U Zin, etc.
But I can't read Kurdish!

Do you have any plan to start a blog in English ?
I don't know if I have time for that, but I don't think it would take a lot of time. Maybe I start one in my vacations if I have some time left. When I start a blog I rather want to do it about the older history of the Kurds then the news of today, because everybody got blogs about that and you can read columns at a lot of Kurdish websites.

Thank you so much for this interview, I am sure that Kurds are so
happy to have friends like you , I on the behalf of them , wish best for you . As the last question, can you tell us a sentence in Kurdish and another in Dutch?
When I meet a nice girl:
Mn tom xosh aweet – I love you - ik hou van je

When I am listening some music:
Mn gwee la gorani koerdi dagrm – I am listening to Kurdish music - Ik luister naar Koerdische muziek


"I might be absent"

Jalal Talabani has stated several time that he is opposed to the death penalty for Saddam Husein. But the death penalty being envisaged in the Iraqi Constitution,the court judging the dictator could pronounced the capital punishment. Evoking this possibility, Talabani has already answered that he would not sign this judgment if it were presented to him.

Then, is it possible to consider a future presidential crisis in Iraq? Nay ! This man is too crafty for that. In an interview with the BBC he has explained that 3 persons are at the présidency of Iraq, and that a such decision should be taken by these 3 persons. Then it could be possible that he is absent at this time. For example he could have been in holyday. So he would let his 2 Vice-presidents decide à his place.

This conjuring trick reminds the resignation of the king of the Belgians during 24 H, while a law allowing the abortion was adopted, because of his religious convictions. Perhaps Talabani is really opposite to capital punishment, perhaps he sees also the trap which could constitute the death sentence of a former Arab leader by the first Kurdish president of Iraq. If he let the initiative to both vice-presidents, (who are not Kurds) it could be a attempt to not involve Kurds more than necessary in the repression of Baathists, as much don't like that peshmergas could be used in attackes against Sunni insurecctionnists.

Sunday, April 17, 2005 

Opinions Please

There are bigger problems in the world, but i thought i'll go through with this anyway just to get a bunch of opinions regarding this topic

To those of you registered to wilat.com (well um.. yeah i register to anything that links KBU.. i am that curious and i do have that much free time, good site though)

Anyway so yeah wilat sent out an email a while back entitled "A letter from a Kurdish Uni Student"
A similiar email was sent out by the same student earlier asking for help setting up a kurdish stall at University's International day mentioned here on medyas blog. Saying that he really need alot of help because its taken him 3 years for the Uni to allow him to represent Kurdistan

Anyway i'll summarise the second letter, point is the Uni cancelled the idea of a stall again, as they've been doing this for the past 3 years and this after they managed to get dancers and a fashion show to come over and got loads of stuff from generous doners. Rude really
Usually they use different reasons each year, mostly stuff like sensitivities to arab and turkish students but this year they stated that since officially kurdistan is not a country it can not be represented as such

The problem is that they've used a water-proof reason, yeah we don't have a country. But wasn't the idea of an international day a chance to represent different cultures? And how else do u classify a group of ppl whose culture, music,clothes, beliefs etc.. don't fall under those of other countries
It sounds really lame to be arguing over a silly stall at some international day. But that's exactly whats annoying about it. Can people actually nitpick on somehting so simple anyway? are there laws against it? Wouldn't it be considered some sort of discrimination
How else can regular kurds represent their nation if something as simple as that causes controversy within a university. And this in a western country

So point is what is everyones opinion on something like this? Is it like that in other Universities? And whats the best way to go about it, and no please nothing to do with spamming the uni as it only makes us look bad

thank you all for your help, here are a few links that should help
Here is the International Student Association
Here is their forum

Here are the Kurdistan regional government representatives homepage (note of advice good luck trying to get a reply)
and I've posted the letter here

And to those willing to go the extra mile, apparently this can be considered a human rights violation (woohay finally human rights could have a point) here is the Foreign Offices Human rights contact page

There is also a kurdish cultural center in London but the email apparently is old and looks like they haven't updated since 1998

Anyway whichever way you go about it i think its important to get it across politely cos it makes our message clearer and has a more positive effect plus offensive emails could spoil it for everyone else

Thursday, April 14, 2005 

Turkey kills 21 PKK member

after recent racist attack by Turkish people -to the Kurdish students and killing some of them, the tension between Kurd and turkey is raising , now the Turkish government also kills 21 member of P.K.K . -it s the highest number of PKK members been killed in a clash since 5 years ago-

Turks president despite that America wanted him not to visit Syria , he "do" visits Syria - and also he "do" asks "Dear" USA to fight with P.K.K in so called "northern Iraq"

shame on Medias of the world (+Blogs), they are still focusing on DEAR POOR Palestine .... even the southern Kurds (Iraqi Kurds) are still cheering for their new Iraqi president and don't want to destroy their celebration for their brothers in Turkish occupied kurdistan.
(anyobody knows why Kurd Sat and Kurdistan TV never covers news about other parts of kurdistan?)

+ Today was the anniversary of the Anfal genocide. in which 182 000 Kurds been killed by saddam .

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

Interview with Jalal Talabani

From the French newspaper Libération, by Christophe BOLTANSKI - April 13thl 2005. so Kurds could control if MamJalal says the same things to foreign press than to Iraqi :)...

C. B : A Kurd, President of Irak. An historical moment!

J.T : It marks a new era in the history of our country. For the first time, its leaders are chosen with democratic elections, which are not imposed by a coup. For me, as a Kurd, it means henceforth a complete equality between all the Iraqis. The Kurds are not any more second class citizens.

In Iraq, isn't the function of President only honorary?

J.T : Don't you believe it . The Kurdish block claimed one of the leader stations, the presidency of the State or the head of the government, and had designated me as its candidate. The President is guaranteeing the sovereignty of Iraq, he is the chief of the armies and has a right of inspection on the governmental action. He can put his veto at any decision which he considers unacceptable.

So you hope to play a key part during the debate on the Constitution.

JT : It will be written by a committee elected by the Parliament, assisted by experts and not elected sunni personalities. I can use of my right of veto and the Kurdish block has 77 deputies.. We will thus play a very important part in this process. The text will have then to be approved by referendum. By the law, three provinces (autonomous Kurdistan is composed of three provinces) will be able to reject it, in the majority of two thirds of the voices. It should have a consensus between Sunni Arabs , Shiites and Kurds. Without agreement, it will not be adopted.

During this debate, which will be your red lines?

J.T : We will oppose all that contains in germ a return to the dictatorship. We ask for a system federal, founded on democracy and equality. We also want that the provisional charter (established by the American ex-proconsul Paul Bremer and the transitory council of government, ) is the principal source to this Constitution.

The ayatollah Sistani, the godfather of the Shiite list, requires that, in the Constitution, Islam be recognized like the main source of the Law.

J.T : In the provisional charter, Islam is one of the sources of the legislation, not its principal source. We recognize the Moslem identity of the Iraqi people in the respect of the other confessions, Christian, Yazidi or Sabean. But we will not accept that Islam is the principal source of the Law. All the parts accepted besides that the principles contained in the provisional charter appear in the program of the new government.

Do you ever claim t Kirkuk and its oil fields in an autonomous Kurdistan?

J.T : This question will be examined when the situation becomes normal, in accordance with the article 58 of the provisional charte. We are agreed that its (Kurdish) inhabitants which were expelled by the Baasist regim come back initially to their home. Those which were installed by the dictatorship, within the framework of its policy of Arabisation, must come back in their areas of origin. Once this process completed, the local population will decide itself if it wants to depend on the Kurdish regional government or not.

By a referendum ?

J.T : yes, by a referendum or elections.

When will the departure of the foreign forces occur?

J.T: They must remain as long as our own forces will not be able to maintain safety and eradicate terrorism. When it is the case, we will ask them to leave. Without fixing time, I estimate that it will not happen before the end of 2006.

How to integrate the Sunnis, who were largely absent during the poll, with the political process?

J.T : They were dissuaded to take part in the elections under the terrorist threat. They pay also to the tactical errors of some their leaders. Now, the majority of them regret this boycott and want to participate to the next poll, in one year. In spite of their reduced number at the Parliament, we try to integrate them into the democratic process. They obtained a post of vice-president. We strive to reserve ministries for Sunnis and to include them in the constitutional debate.

In your speech of nomination, you evoked an amnesty for the terrorists.

J.T : Not for all of them. All the terrorists all are not included in the same category. Certain Iraqis believe that, through the so-called resistance, they can force the Americans to leave Iraq and understand now that it is not possible. We can facilitate their rehabilitation in the democratic play. But the criminals of Al-Qaeda or Zarqaoui, which carry out a war of extermination against the Shiites and the Kurds, must be annihilated.

Does your election as the President of Iraq mark the end of the Kurdish dream of independence, which is the dream of all your people?

J.T : Dream is one thing, reality another one. The Kurds voted in majority for our list, which asks a federation in the framework of Iraq and not independence. Like any other people, they want the right to self-determination. But, confronted with reality, they understand that it is not possible. Because even if our neighbors do not attack us they have only to close their borders, and independent Kurdistan could not survive.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

Botany and Kurdistan...

A teacher of an Austrian college in Istanbul had been deprived of working permit by Turkish authorities because he used the word "Kurdistan" during a course.

Gerhard Pils, 50, was teaching biology in the Saint-Georges College, a catholic school of Istanbul. He has unwillingly caused the indignation of Turkish pupils and their relatives, when he evoked a family trip in "Kurdistan", in the east of Turkey. Two pupils rose while shouting : "We kill all those which want Kurdistan".

So the poor man has lost the right to work in Turkey for having "threatened the safety of State", though he explained that in his mind, the word "Kurdistan" had no political motives but was a geographical term frequently used in botanic.

Let's remember that the Kurdish fox, or Vulpes vulpes Kurdistanicum, has been renamed "Red fox" for the same nationalist reasons. So haughty defenders of Anatolian turcity might soonly hunt down Kurdish daisies, buttercups or bellflowers, if Nature still scoffes at the Homo Pantouranicus...

Monday, April 11, 2005 

One of the funniest headlines I've ever read

Not sure how true this is but here goes:

Ex-Officer commits suicide after Kurd named president

Who said the presidency had no value. To get an ex-mukhabarat animal to do that to himself is quite a feat.
Now if only others like him would do the same, save the rest of us the trouble.

I've tried fixing the link but if that doesn't work try here for english and to those interested here for dutch
thanx vlad

Sunday, April 10, 2005 

Spit on the Jew(!) bless the Muslim(!)

ok..now KBU is doing very well and we need every other Kurd to say what he thinks is the best for Kurds! we have to disagree so that we can argue and discuss otherwise life would be like computer programs!!(still some differences to be honest)
in my other post I was blamed for somethings, I have to deal with ONE of them here...here is the story...I will deal with other issues as well, only if time allows me!

place: a well-known village in Kurdistan-Iraq
location: by the narrow road, two graves, one is believed to be for a Jew (Gawr in Kurdish) or non-Muslim, and the other for a muslim martyr!!
action needed when passed by: evry body has to spit on the Jew and send blessings to Mohammed (Salallahu alaihi wasallam) as you look at the martyr...
who told them this? well we have been told by our ancesters, you must respect their advice!
actor 1(D): a well known Mollah of the village
actore2(K): an interpreter friend of mine visiting his village!
scene: D and K passing by the graves...and D goes mad when he observes K spiting on one and send blessings to the other...

D: so Momosta(teacher) why do we have to do this? who is the Jew and who is the muslim?
K: my dear son, he came to liberate this land and this bastard was resisting!
D: so you mean the Arab killed the Kurd and you want me to spit on the Kurd?
K: oh Astagfrullah, what are you on about? you have just come back from Europe with new ideas? who told you this? that is not the story, this is a muslim and this one is not!!! that is it
D: oh come on Mamosta, this man where was he coming from?
K: from Meca and Mdina, how am I supposed to know?
D: and this one?
K:well obviously he was from this area
D:that means my ancesters right?
K: WELL, probably!!!
D: that means, this bastard was coming to f*** my ancesters and both died,well as you tell me, now you want me to spit on my ancester and bless the occupier??

K:Fasubhanallah!! I never thought of that!!
D: spits on the Muslim, and blesses the Kurd!! damn you old heads!

next...from me will be about an essay by a Turk on www.zaman.com.tr about Talabani becoming president, and tell you how bastard he is while trying to be friends with the mountain Turks.

Saturday, April 09, 2005 


Ok as u are aware there have been a few posts on and off this site all day(oh look there goes another one). Lucky me ended u being stuck at home all day attempting to work so this was a great distraction.

The main topic here centered around "how kurdish are you" like there's some yard-stick out there that can the measure level of kurdishness... not sure what it's based on, a flat head that can be measured against a ruler maybe, eating enough dolma, owning lethally pointy shoes? (just the men mind you) or having a certain set of opinions.

Point is no one has a right to accuse someone of not having the correct amount of kurd juice, its no different from its religious or other nationalistic counterparts
Plus the point of having a group of bloggers here is to get various different opinions around one topic. It's ok to read something here that u do not agree with cos' at the end of the day its just their own opinion on the topic.

And to demonstrate I will squeeze in one of my own opinions here, I am a kurd and I'm glad as hell that talabani is the president of Iraq and that iraqis are more than happy to have him as so, that in itself is a huge step for kurd. Especially for people say from my parents generation where nowroz would be outlawed every now and again or the 80s where we had many declarations of "no kurds after today" or how most of us were forced to leave our country. Of course it would be great to have a country of your own but these things come a bit at a time. But for now savour the moment a kurd is the leader of Iraq and one our many murderers was caught in a humiliating fashion and is now in jail awaiting trial.

Friday, April 08, 2005 

Torture in Bagdad

Comment in picture in the French newspaper Le Monde, from April 7th :

I suppose it is quite easy to understand even if you don't speak French ?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

Election result reactions

Ok so I still can't view Kurdsat online so can't get photos, next best thing check what other people think about it.

Another case of look at how iraqis view the world and compare that to people who have nothing to do with the country. Some really seem to be milking the puppet, america, israel card

I'll use BBC's have your say section, though to be frank the contribution to the arabic ones are becoming much better than the english ones

Here are a few ones from the english ones:

I think Talabani will do a good job as president. PUK areas of Iraq are deeply supportive of human rights and personal freedoms. Talabani will give good direction to this emerging nation.
Jeff, Sulymanya, Iraq

A pragmatic, wise, moderate and a Kurd with love for life! I wish them good life and they always will remember the people whom have made it possible.
Saeed Naeini, Phoenix AZ, USA

I am so happy that we finally have a legitimate government elected by the people, for the people and accountable to the people. This is the face of the Iraqi people to the whole world.
Nuad, Iraq

and check out these people:
A US policy of "divide and conquer". The ground is being laid for possible creation of "Kurdistan".
James, USA

It is shameful that the puppet parliament installed by the Americans chose a non-Arab to be president of an Arab country. But I am happy, as it will only hasten the demise of this un-Islamic political system.
Mahmoud abu Bakr, Dijon, France

read more here

translated from BBC Arabic:

It is another victory for peace and brotherhood and another defeat to the powers of evil. The kurds today have shown a level of iraqiness that no one can top,the shia have shown that they are unopressive and forgiving, even though they won most of the
votes they ensured the inclusion of all other parties and the sunnis have shown that they respect democracy and whoever is elected leader. All the other ethnicities are welcoming of any leader that can safely take them to security. So congratulations to Iraq.
Harith Hisham, Iraq

From this day on, the election ballots elect the leaders and politicians not the other way around. Democracy is what distributed the govermental positions and it didn't neglect anybody and this is what encourages unity in Iraq. The new iraq will be an emblem of freedom
and democracy that the rest of the Middle east will aspre to. Congratulation to the Iraqi President Doctor Jalal Talabin and both his deputies.
Nowroz, Iraq

Congratulations to all iraq, how amazing you are after years of opression we still find democracy in you, I can't hold back my tears. Congratulations to arabs, kurds and all the ethnicities in our great Iraq. I swear the Iraqi people
deserve to have Mam Jalal as a president and finallly congratulations to us for our democracy and hopfully the other neighbours would follow

Its the peak of ridicule that the americans can come and Occupy you Iraqi with these types people who have no link to arabism. Most of them have spent most of their lives in the USA an couldn't wait for their country to be occupied just so they can get impportant positions
in their country. During Saddams time all Iraqis were blessed with security that they have all lost now. Everyday we hear stories about occupying soldiers and their iraqi traitors breaking into peoples houses for the excuse of searching for terrorists. What a joke and what follows is worse
Muhammed, Syria

Oh Uncle jalal, as our family in kurdistan like to call you, congratulations to you and us for this great achievement. May God bless you the sons of Iraq and all
of us our behind you, whether inside iraq or outside.
Ali, Sydney Australia

Congratulation Iraq, and we hope the enemies of Iraq will finally wake up to the glaring truth. If a nation wanted life, then destiny will always anwer
Jabbar Khalaf Issawi

Congratlations Israel on the the election of your collaborator as a president of Iraq. Lets wait for when the Israeli embassy will oppen up there
Majed, Baghdad

A page has turned and another has opened after the first ever elected president after the dissapearnace of election ballots for years. Jalal Talibani has fought against the
the baathist dicctatorship, and the kurds have suffered from torture and deportation. Its about time this man would rule Iraq for he is a son of Iraq. SO congratulations to them
for this decision and I hope ballot boxes would pass through all other arabic countries.
Marwan Tamimi, Melbourne, Australia

I hope that this can be the beggining of good or iraq and the entire middle east. I congratulate all Iraqis from the different backgrounds on this accasion and I hope
that we in Syria would one day see a dignified life and true democracy. Tahnk you USA and UK for what removing the previous repressive regime in Iraq and I hope you can continue you're pressuring
Syria for freeing its people.
Jano Mamoo, Halab,Syria

Congratulation to us, Our beloved kurds deserve this position. They have had a great role resisting repression and crime from saddam and baathists. I am a Shiaa arab and I am proud to have Jalal as my president
The news is speaking of putting a tv in front of saddam to watch the first election of iraqs president. Yes the people and personalities who fought saddam are more suitable to rule Iraq for we don't trust other
So congratulation to the victims of Anfal, Halabja and the mass graves and whomever saddam killed in his jails and courts.
Today Talabani is the president of Iraq and he is someone who saddam issued many execution orders to
Mohammed Khafajee, Al-Hilla , Iraq


Iraq's first kurdish president

Ok so now Mam Jalal is officially the president of Iraq. I thought with all this talk on independence and the presidency meaning nothing this wouldn't matter much to kurds but since they seem to have erupted into spontaneous dancing then I guess its ok.
Kurdistan(or at least parts of it) have taken a day off today (probably to brush up on some footmoves) but pity I can't seem to access the online ktv(dunno if they would show that wide a coverage but worthwhile none the less) and kurdsat links to at least get some photos of it.
I dunno if its just on my computer but anyone else know a way around it?

According to kurdo you can watch kurdSat live here

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 

Post-war middle eastern image

Usually movies or anything about the middle east annoy the hell out of me. And I know I've gone over this before but it really bugs me. I mean there's no way you would ever get them to perceive middle-easterners in a favorable light.

Ok why am I annoyed, well first they're-using a minority to generalize a majority and second well just being from the area would group you with them and please like you're average joe/harry/avocado would know the difference between arab/berber/persians or kurds, hell the indo-pakistanis are just happy that they've finally managed to be separated from this group.

Seriously no matter how advanced the ME ever gets the only image we're ever going to get in the media is a women in a burqa surfing the net

I lived in the middle-east, I've never seen a women in a burqa (abaya yes burqa NO)where do they find these people anyway? In fact the first time I ever saw a burqa was in europe

I mean for example there are loads of stories out there from those war-torn middle-eastern countries who've done extremely well for themselves whether iraqi, lebanese or palestinian but u never hear anything about them
No all that attention is saved for the easily generated dingy man who hasn't been introduced to a shower in his life surrounded by shrieking women who look exactly like him covered in cloth

Anyway up and until Sep 11 and subsequently the iraq war I thought ok they are just searching for degenerates to put on the news or movie
But then tables turned and the middle-east was providing ammo to enhance these stereotypes. Every single thing you could possible want to defame a cocktail of nations available at your fingertip: leader worship, sheep mentality, beheaders on command, tribe, liars, thieves, crooks, murderers, will spread for money leader types, uneducated delinquents by the shedloads

But at the same time I noticed all these people running to the street marching and squealing for the "poor people of iraq".
Putting aside the fact that they didn't give a damn about the "poor people of iraq" when saddam was in power
and totally overlooking the fact to what a bastard like saddam did to iraq and surrounding countries. Oh yes and then having the nerve to call his victims american puppets.
Yes so putting aside all that, maybe we should look at what they can benefit them people of the middle east.
Ooh maybe they could encourage dialogue with middle-easterners and show them in a favorable light.


If we were to separate the extremes into their two most used (and probably loved) names right-wing nut and leftist loony. The right-wing nut would think all middle-easterners are terrorist while the leftist loony would be pissed at middle-easterners for not being so.

That's pretty much the gist of all these many,many,many messageboards,forums, op-eds and chats I've visited the past 2 years, oh yes and a note on that the reason why murders happen on paltalk is cos they are filled with PSYCOPATHS
Sometimes I feel like I need to take a bath after visiting some of these chats (and subsequently being kicked out, nothing to actually do with the topic mainly font color change)

Point is none of these people (who hopefully are just a vocal minority) actually do care if things get better, they're just as blood-thirsty as each other.

Ok so lets look at countries that opposed the war, so yes they sit around cutting deals with tyrants, lecturing us about human rights for dictators, protecting the rights of mullahs that pledge death even to the countries own citizens, you would think it was cos' they've suddenly cared about them.
Unfortunately not true either, at the same time anti-semitic acts are on the rise so are anti-muslims ones (and unfortunate sikhs and anyone who happens to appear foreign). Yeah the leaders who encourage it are protected but more times than none its the ordinary are caught in the cross-fire
And yeah I've heard most of the arguments around that, but the most I hear (say from family of friends) can't blame them if they hate muslims, they check the news and we're there shouting death to them, they check our tv, books, newspapers and even communities living in their country ...the same thing.
I mean not everyone is going to check if what they say is true especially when there are those out there glorifying it.

The odd thing is that in the same family you would get members that are total opposites to each other, how can you possible paint a whole region with the same brush
And if they are obsessed with thinking everyone is a male arab muslim, then why not just at least ignore the extremist voices.
Instead of giving hours of airtime to some fatwa-for-dollars imam like qardawi why not Interview someone like bassam tibi , a syrian born muslim scholar who's documented political islam for years
or Tim Winters a muslim cambridge scholar , if you want muslim organizations why not concentrate on people like free coalition against
free muslims against terrorism or to some extent islamicanews (had to plug that in somehow)

To be honest the middle east is doing little to clear its name, the rate we're going there's enough material to defame generations to come.

Monday, April 04, 2005 

Turks VS Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II , The spiritual leader of 1 billion Catholics has died
for the whom like me that never read about Pope before, i recommend to read this about him,

"Karol Jozef Wojtyla" was born in Wadowice, Poland. and he was the first not-itailan pope , he was born in poland , and lived among jews , Pope always had a good relation with peopel of other relliogions and never wanted to impose catholic relliogion on anyobyd. Pope had a great rule against hilter and fashists.

on May 13, 1981, While circling St. Peter's Square, the pope is shot in the abdomen by a young Turk named Mehmet Ali Agca.
The Grey Wolves Group , who are a Anti-Kurd and Pro Turkish -SO WILD-Terrorist Group,had tried to assasin , Pope John Paul II read more about it blender's blog.

recently Turks has been so much more anti-jew anti-christianity , so fashist and so pro islamic...
they love hitler , and they
feel they are
the better nation of the world and must invade all of the world ...
and they think islam is the best relligion of the world and they make non muslems to be muslem... their fashist ideology makes them to belive that even mohammad the prophet was TURK !!

yeah Pope has gone but Hitler's soul is still alive ...and Turkish Bodies are hosting hitler's soul , I wish our world see another Peace Lover Pope against the world's new hitlers .
i also wish that the so called "great" sistani could learn something from Pope, instead of enocouraging shias against Kurds...instead of being greedy for power ..instead of having new temprorary wifes everyday in his room... instead of...aah.
anyobody knows how old is this Sistani ? isnt he too too much old?

PS : look at kurdo's photo about gratitude for The Pop in Kurdistan
PS2: we found a new kurd blogger ! but so late .... i wish he again start bloggging, but anyway his older posts really worth reading : here is the new blogger : Live a Day as a Kurd and suffer eternally

Saturday, April 02, 2005 

14 years on

these days, and just hours before the next meeting of the so called national assembly, I just had a chance to sit and write these lines about what we were going through these days in 1991 while our sunni and Shia "Brothers" were enjoying there Traditional Coffes, music and belly dances with black-eyed Arab dancers around them...or pardon me if not, then having peaceful and calm prayers at luxury mosques around the country!!!
what do we demand? why we demand so much? these type of WRONG formulated pseudo-questions...

first of all...there is NOT a single person whom we DEMAND something from in Iraq, there is no one to supply anything so that Kurds will have demands, what we ask for is how we want to live in Iraq, if there is anybody who thinks we shouldnt say these then we are so happy to have our own state and build a HUUUUUGEEEE wall, even bigger and thicker than jewish ones around it so that you wouldnt even hear our Kurdish songs when we celebrate Nawroz or mourn over our past tragedies!!!

14 years ago, I was just 12, only three years after fleeing the chemical attack by our Sunni Leaders, we were told that the returned Iraqi army has already Killed everybody in Kirkuk and Hawleer and they are coming towards Slemani as well...and we had some people from Kalar and other southern areas of Iraki Kurdistan came to Slemani before, the only refuge point was towards Iran and those who were close to Turkey towards Turkey, where as Sheri Laizer says "The notes dropped at the Turkish border by the helicopters were saying Do not try to cross the border or you will be shot dead, and this message was written in several languages and also in the Local Dialect; reluctant to quote Kurdish word for the Kurmanji they had written with"
in my part, we were walking hundreds of Kilometers in rain, mud, hunger, diseases and only Kurds seen difficulty, a mass of over three million people fled assuming that the Iraqi army would execute any living Kurdish soul!!
it has NOT been a very long time since YOU did this to us, and please do not (any of you guys) tell me to open a white page and all that nonsence, we have alot to count for, I cannot listen to singer A.Karim's song about the event without tears coming down just like living those minutes of exhaustion, hunger, rainy whether but still running faster less Iraqi jets or tanks would arriver soon!!!
who on this globe has seen a father who pulls his gun and shoots his head as he cannot any more listen to his children yelling at him, dad we are hungry and cold, any of you seen or heard about anything like this?

We are a nation persecuted by YOU GUYS, yes we hate Islam because we know that it is just used for the benefit of Arabs and Turks!!! look at them, they have brainwashed everybody to learn their language, to do trades with them, to learn their so called cultures and traditions, built up Museums and libraries by non-Arab and non-Turk brain washed people like me in my earlier ages when I used to even love a girl for the sake of Arab and Turk's Allah!! where was he when millions of Kurds were about to be slaughtered by the Allahu-Akbar bearing flag??!
where was Sistani?
where was Allawi?

i cannot call this a proper post, just mixed feelings inside me, pardon me if I have been abit impolite...
ps. I liked this poem by Khatu Choman

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