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Monday, April 18, 2005 

"I might be absent"

Jalal Talabani has stated several time that he is opposed to the death penalty for Saddam Husein. But the death penalty being envisaged in the Iraqi Constitution,the court judging the dictator could pronounced the capital punishment. Evoking this possibility, Talabani has already answered that he would not sign this judgment if it were presented to him.

Then, is it possible to consider a future presidential crisis in Iraq? Nay ! This man is too crafty for that. In an interview with the BBC he has explained that 3 persons are at the présidency of Iraq, and that a such decision should be taken by these 3 persons. Then it could be possible that he is absent at this time. For example he could have been in holyday. So he would let his 2 Vice-presidents decide à his place.

This conjuring trick reminds the resignation of the king of the Belgians during 24 H, while a law allowing the abortion was adopted, because of his religious convictions. Perhaps Talabani is really opposite to capital punishment, perhaps he sees also the trap which could constitute the death sentence of a former Arab leader by the first Kurdish president of Iraq. If he let the initiative to both vice-presidents, (who are not Kurds) it could be a attempt to not involve Kurds more than necessary in the repression of Baathists, as much don't like that peshmergas could be used in attackes against Sunni insurecctionnists.

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