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Sunday, April 10, 2005 

Spit on the Jew(!) bless the Muslim(!)

ok..now KBU is doing very well and we need every other Kurd to say what he thinks is the best for Kurds! we have to disagree so that we can argue and discuss otherwise life would be like computer programs!!(still some differences to be honest)
in my other post I was blamed for somethings, I have to deal with ONE of them here...here is the story...I will deal with other issues as well, only if time allows me!

place: a well-known village in Kurdistan-Iraq
location: by the narrow road, two graves, one is believed to be for a Jew (Gawr in Kurdish) or non-Muslim, and the other for a muslim martyr!!
action needed when passed by: evry body has to spit on the Jew and send blessings to Mohammed (Salallahu alaihi wasallam) as you look at the martyr...
who told them this? well we have been told by our ancesters, you must respect their advice!
actor 1(D): a well known Mollah of the village
actore2(K): an interpreter friend of mine visiting his village!
scene: D and K passing by the graves...and D goes mad when he observes K spiting on one and send blessings to the other...

D: so Momosta(teacher) why do we have to do this? who is the Jew and who is the muslim?
K: my dear son, he came to liberate this land and this bastard was resisting!
D: so you mean the Arab killed the Kurd and you want me to spit on the Kurd?
K: oh Astagfrullah, what are you on about? you have just come back from Europe with new ideas? who told you this? that is not the story, this is a muslim and this one is not!!! that is it
D: oh come on Mamosta, this man where was he coming from?
K: from Meca and Mdina, how am I supposed to know?
D: and this one?
K:well obviously he was from this area
D:that means my ancesters right?
K: WELL, probably!!!
D: that means, this bastard was coming to f*** my ancesters and both died,well as you tell me, now you want me to spit on my ancester and bless the occupier??

K:Fasubhanallah!! I never thought of that!!
D: spits on the Muslim, and blesses the Kurd!! damn you old heads!

next...from me will be about an essay by a Turk on www.zaman.com.tr about Talabani becoming president, and tell you how bastard he is while trying to be friends with the mountain Turks.

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