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Monday, April 04, 2005 

Turks VS Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II , The spiritual leader of 1 billion Catholics has died
for the whom like me that never read about Pope before, i recommend to read this about him,

"Karol Jozef Wojtyla" was born in Wadowice, Poland. and he was the first not-itailan pope , he was born in poland , and lived among jews , Pope always had a good relation with peopel of other relliogions and never wanted to impose catholic relliogion on anyobyd. Pope had a great rule against hilter and fashists.

on May 13, 1981, While circling St. Peter's Square, the pope is shot in the abdomen by a young Turk named Mehmet Ali Agca.
The Grey Wolves Group , who are a Anti-Kurd and Pro Turkish -SO WILD-Terrorist Group,had tried to assasin , Pope John Paul II read more about it blender's blog.

recently Turks has been so much more anti-jew anti-christianity , so fashist and so pro islamic...
they love hitler , and they
feel they are
the better nation of the world and must invade all of the world ...
and they think islam is the best relligion of the world and they make non muslems to be muslem... their fashist ideology makes them to belive that even mohammad the prophet was TURK !!

yeah Pope has gone but Hitler's soul is still alive ...and Turkish Bodies are hosting hitler's soul , I wish our world see another Peace Lover Pope against the world's new hitlers .
i also wish that the so called "great" sistani could learn something from Pope, instead of enocouraging shias against Kurds...instead of being greedy for power ..instead of having new temprorary wifes everyday in his room... instead of...aah.
anyobody knows how old is this Sistani ? isnt he too too much old?

PS : look at kurdo's photo about gratitude for The Pop in Kurdistan
PS2: we found a new kurd blogger ! but so late .... i wish he again start bloggging, but anyway his older posts really worth reading : here is the new blogger : Live a Day as a Kurd and suffer eternally

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