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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 

Photographic Updates

I think we in KBU should review other Blogs , and ping the intresting updates.

in these Newroz days ,in Kurdistan ,we all smell a fresh air , new clothes, neat rooms , happy days...

  • this western photographer took some photos in iraq among them some Kurdish girl that he called them Hotties .
  • the kurdistan's lily, Susan ,has bought new nice clothes for her blog.
  • Iraqi Blogger central unlike their favorite president ,has sent a happy newroz message to the Kurds

  • in Amed in Turkish occupied Kurdistan , 1 million Kurds attended in the Newroz with Kurdistan Flags and Ochalan's Photo! (who can stop these Kurds , Kawa's soul is calling them...)
  • darbaz also added some photos .
  • simko has added an ugly angrey man's photo to his blog , the angrey man complaining about why newroz delays the start of shia government ,simko has aslo added a photoblog to his blog's sidebar using Flicker free photoblog hosting.
  • I myself (the pop John Mede II) added photos to my own blog.
  • there is a Kurdish Group blog called Roj Bash "means Good Morning" , we collect nice links there , today I saw this link posted, some photos of "zerewar lake" that is located in eastern kurdistan , i myself have taken some photos from zerewar but these photo are much more beautifull.
  • Kurdo's as always has intresting "news photos"about this time about Newroz.

I have designed a nice skin for Northern Iraq , and I will update it soon .
I am gonna start KBU TV section! , yeah I said TV,
I am gonna put some clips and video about Kurdistan in English , we can translate kurdish anthem and clips to english ,and some stuff about bloggers world, and share it with the world , may be oneday we make it a reall TV , and make programs about all of the bloggers.

do you know any small program to add footone translations to video files ? any suggestion and donation will warmly be accepted.

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