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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

Some news

1- Iraqi Blogger Cenetral has done another interview , this time another Kurd Blogger , Medya , you can read it here .

2- you just have 1-2 days to vote for your favorite photoblogs in the photobloggies contest ,
I voted for these blogs in the Best Africian / Middle Eastern Photoblogs, I wish you do the same.

3- the Froum discussion was created ,
most of the peopel use comment pages to discuss and it is not good because:
  • you usualy should comment for the writer about what she/he wrote not start a fight with another commentor there.
  • it is so easy to cheat and lie in comments , you can easily go and comment with My name on another blog but as you register in this forum you will have a unique username .
  • comment page is a small window not suitable for discussion and doesnt have any tools

Kurdistan Bloggers Union felt obligation to create a Froum, for Kurds Arabs Turks Americans ...to discuess with eachother .every blogger please feel free to discuss about Kurdistan , Iraq and World Issues there.

let see who posts the first topic.
I really ask all of you , Kurds Arabs Turkmen Assyrian Christian ... to be polite to each other and discuss there like Modern Humans .


northern iraq

we desigend a new logo Northern Iraq it is nice ! you can add it your blog .

have a good time .

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