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Sunday, February 27, 2005 

This guy's pretty cool

What do u do if ure village was razed when u were a child, had ure family deported and be sent to a torture prison all before u turned 15

1) Join the holy resistance and kill kill kill
2) Join the university circuit with your sob story and then explain why u need to kill kill kill
3) Leave the country, get a BA in film and start a dance group

I've mentioned the dance group shano before, well the guy behind it is Karzan Sherabayani. It stories like this that make u think wow we really are different, i mean now all a bathist (or any other racist turd) needs is to get an electricity or pay cut and out come those beheading knives
oh yes and guess who gets all the world sympathy and charity.

Anyway Karzan did a newsnight show a few weeks back about the elections in kirkuk (where he's from) and this is his first time back in 25 years
I didn't see it and I'm not sure if they showed it on the bbc world service anyway but the video is available here (need quicktime) with a summary of the entire thing.

The story starts with him visiting the graves of hos mother (who has recently died) and that of his brothers and father.
He also visits the ruins of the village that was razed to the ground by iraqi forces back in 1963 (and subsequently led to his fmaily being deported)

He even visits the kurdish refugees who live in the kirkuk stadium. These are the kurds that have been force dout of their home more or less 20 yrs ago by the arabziation process
A process which by the way no one is willing to reverse, of course as it is every humans right to kick another out of his home and defend that right

And by the way these people are fed up of reporters doing there interviewing them as pity cause and not giving anything to support them Can u imagine theres not one stable charity for them. But take the case of non-iraqi arabs who have become homeless after the war there's even university talks about that.

Now if those people weren't kurds and just happened to be fallujans who simply just wanted to allow foreign fighters in their home leading to iraq in chaos everyone would be shedding loads of tears and ink on news stories about them

And in case ure thinking, i couldn't even give a damn about them if i tried, they were saddam people who lived off at the expense of decent iraqis. The educated iraqis were forced out of iraq or kept beneath and tortured by these people who flourished, this is after all where most of saddams filthy secret police came from anyway. the only one i do respect are the ones who were forced out of their homes by the foreign fighters who took their place and the 7000 who went to vote in the elections

Anyway back to the article, another important moment in this interview is when Karzan is searching for a proper gravestone for his mother and the stonesmason ends up being the man who gave him in to saddams secret police 25 yrs ago.

Someone needs to tell this guy to set up a site well at least for Shano, the dancing really is great for people who did it as a part-time thing. Anyone else know of any other kurdish dance groups I'd love to link them up.

mini update:
Speaking of links here's a new kurdish blog called Shera Kichi Kurdistan (Kurdistan's Lioness)

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