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Saturday, February 26, 2005 

May God Bless Your Soul

unwilling to push medya's post down but this was really touchy to me!

Heard of Amnesty International? I had, but didnt know that the founder was British..and he started it after he heard that two students were imprisoned after in a Porteguese cafe raising their glasses "to Liberty".
The founder was Peter Benenson, and he passed away on Friday aged 83.
shots from his life....
"Born on 31 July 1921, Peter Benenson is the grandson of the Russian-Jewish banker Grigori Benenson and son of the notable Flora Solomon who raised him alone after the death of her husband, British Army colonel John Solomon. He was tutored privately by WH Auden, then went to Eton and Oxford where he studied history."
"To mark AI's 40th anniversary, Peter Benenson said: "Forty years on, Amnesty International has secured many victories. Its files are full of letters from former prisoners of conscience or torture victims thanking the organisation for making a difference. Torture is now banned by international agreement. Every year more countries reject the death penalty. The world will soon have an International Criminal Court that will be able to ensure that those accused of the worst crimes in the world will face justice. The Court's very existence will deter some crimes."
read more about this MAN!

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