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Friday, February 25, 2005 

Should Kurds love Killers?

look at his face he was just 11 years old , can you see him ? his name is ugur kaymaz .
but he is dead. he was killed by 4 Racist Turkish Police.
yes ladies and gentleman , in Turkey , the country that USA calls it "The Model of democracy" , 4 Big Men, with gun and and batum, killed this small Kurd boy , these Racist Turks say "we thought he is terrorist" Congratulation to Mr.Bush .
When USA calls P.K.K freedom fighters "terrorist" just for being a Left party , then these Turks dare to call a boy terrorist just for beging Kurd .

some days ago a Turk Blogger asked himself and others , why Kurds hate us ?
and the Kurdistan Bloggers answered him , Kurdo , KBU and Simko and others.

I commented on the turk blogger , and I wrote for him "please read our answer , here is the link , to see why we hate your government "

but this Turk blogger deleted my comment containing the link , I re-wrote my comment , again and again and the Turk blogger, deleted it again and again ...
and I saw this on his commment page :

If you write bad words and lies about me and my nation, i will delete it. If you
write again and again, it isn't a big problem, i will delete it... This is my
weblog, not a place for your foolish propaganda...

oh my god ! I just posted a link to reply to your question "why Kurds hate Turks..."
ofcourse it is your blog, but you asked a question and we replied you , you questioned us ! you wanted to show that we are some Racist peopel , the word propaganda is suitable for your post not ours , we wont delete your comment if you answer to our "Propagenda" but you do ! you looser .

These Turks used to delete every thing that they don't like .it isn't a big problem for them ,they mark them a bad word , like Terrorist and in this case "foolish propaganda" and then delete them .

as they deleted "Uguer Kaymaz" the 11 years old Kurdish boy on the earth.
If Uger Kaymaz wasn't in Turkey , and was killed in Palestine , in any other place of the world, the Medias would paid attention to him . many Kurds have done protest in Turkey , against this crime against humanity ...but no media covers it ... I am sick of these Medias.
when a poor israeli slaps a real terrorist everybody shouts at him and condemns it ..but nobody even mention killing a Kurd boy .

unfortuantely because they have the USA's FULL support they dare to continue being racist and being evil .
but no matter, we will continue fighting for the sake of our peshmergas , for the sake of "Uguer Kaymaz".

please all of you repeat with me :

Uguer Kaymaz we wont forget you

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