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Thursday, September 30, 2004 

Anti-democratic articles of the Turkish New Penal Code

Info-Turks, via Kurdmedia.com gives a list of antidemocratic articles of the New Penal Code, in spite of Commissioner UE's praisings. But I doubt that public could realize, without a deep knowledge of Turkish context, why, though US calls it "democracy" and though its possible entering in UE, Turkey is still that I call a "democratorship", I mean half democracy half dictatorship. So I am going to analyze a bunch of "democratic articles".

"Article 215 - Praising a committed crime or a person who committed this crime: up to 2 years (if committed by the means of media, to be increased one-half).

So it means that if someone does not condemn firmly and openly Kurdish guerilla, (if you say, for example, that Kurdish rebellion had serious reasons to start) you could be condemned for praising crimes.

Article 216 (new form of Article 312) - Instigating a part of the people having different social class, race, religion, sect or region to hatred or hostility against another part of the people in a way dangerous for the public security: up to 3 years (if committed by the means of media, to be increased one-half).

Practically, It means : if you pretend to promote another culture than Turkish, (Kurdish, or Assyrian, or Alevi's) you could be charged to instigate hostility between communities. For example if you say that Kurds are not Turkish moutainers, but a real nation, with cultural and national rights... Or if you say, like Assyrians, that they are not only a religion, but a national group.

Article 220/8 (new form of Article 169) - Propaganda of an organization founded for committing crime: up to 3 years (if committed by the means of media, to be increased one-half).

It could concern all Kurdish cultural centers, all private courses for learning Kurdish, all parties, all ssociations (there are a lot for caring of refugees and political prisonners). Just an accusation to have organic links with the PKK and it is enough for throwing everybody in jail.

Article 285 - Spreading confidential information on a legal investigation: up to up to 3 years (if committed by the means of media, to be increased one-half).

A very interesting article : since many years, Turkey is regularly condemned for extra-judiciary executions, unknown-author murderings, etc. Imagine a Turkish citizen, whose son, or father, or daughter, etc., has disappeared (mysterious disappearances is a real problem in Turkey). If that people tries to seek for the truth and interferes in the investigations absence of police investigation, if a journalist makes a report about that question (many disappeared people vanished in police headquarter, or after having been interrogated), then they could be condemned to have spread information on a legal investigation uninvestigation.

Article 301 (new form of Article 145) - Insult to the Turkish flag or to anything having the Turkish State’s symbol (crescent and star): up to 3 years (if committed by a Turkish citizen abroad: to be increased one-third); Insult to the Turkish national anthem: up to 2 years (if committed by a Turkish citizen abroad: to be increased one-third).

It has always existed, not interesting.

Article 302 (new form of Article 159) - Insulting the Turkish national identity, the Republic or the Grand National Assembly of Turkey: up to 3 years (if committed by a Turkish citizen abroad: to be increased one-third); Insulting the Turkish Government, the judicial organs, military or security institutions: up to 2 years (if committed by a Turkish citizen abroad: to be increased one-third).

That is the question, as said Hamlet... "insulting the Turkish indentity" : if you say that you are Kurd you insult the Tukish identity, if you talk about "Kurds in Turkey" you do it to... Or if you suggest that may be, Turkish judicial organs could apply iniquitous laws, or evoke some Barbareous acts committed by Turkish army....

Article 306 - Acting against fundamental national interests for directly or indirectly receiving benefits from foreign persons or institutions: up to 10 years. (According to the statement of reasons for this article, written by the Parliamentary Commitee of Justice, a citizen who demands the withdrawal of Turkish soldiers from Cyprus or declares that the Armenian genocide actually took place during the First World War, can be pursued by virtue of this article).

Or if a Turkish citizen criticizes a possible invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan by Turkey... or saying that Turks have nothing to do in Kirkuk.

Article 319 - Instigating the people against military service: up to 2 years (if committed by the means of media, to be increased one-half).

I you refuse to participate to the next "dirty war" in "South-Eastern Anatolia" mmmh ?

Article 324 - Spreading unfounded news or information during a war: up to 10 years (if committed as a propaganda campaign against the military and in accordance with a foreigner, up to 20 years).

For example, revealing that Turkish army burnt and destroyed near to 4000 villages, or has done crimes against humanity, and crimes of war.

330 - Unveiling the information that should remain confidential for the sake of the State’s security or its internal and external political interests: up to 10 years (if committed during the war or the preparation of the war: up to 15 years).

For example unveiling connexions between military power, mafia and PKK in South-Eastern Turkey...

Article 331 - Unveiling, with the purpose of political or military spying, the information that should remain confidential for the sake of the State’s security or its internal and external political interests: Life prison.

Idem. Or unveiling a gathering of troops at the Iraqi border.

Article 337 - Unveiling the information that is forbidden by the competent authorities and should remain confidential because of its nature: up to 5 years (if committed during the war or the preparation of the war: up to 15 years).

Idem. Or unveiling that members of Turkish secret services prepared some terrorist acts in Iraqi Kurdistan....

Article 338 - Unveiling, with the purpose of political or military spying, the information that is forbidden by the competent authorities and should remain confidential because of its nature: up to 15 years (if committed during the war or the preparation of the war: life prison). (Info-Turk, September 27, 2004)


So, as you can see, though Us call Turkey a democracy, and though it could be soonly a UE candidate, there's still hard work to democratize our good friends' institutions...

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 

Free at last

This would be the last in my post-athon today. I've hardly left the house the past few days thanx to an over-dramatic throat and this is how I kill time.

I am so relieved that the 2 Simonas, Mahnaz and Ra'ad are released and in seemingly good health, imagine how their families must feel. Honestly these kidnappers have no shame how they consider kidnapping and terrorising aid workers an act of bravery i'll never know. Saying that, we should also take a moment to remember the ones who weren't so lucky. I'm waiting for the day these criminals get what the deserve oh yes and it shall be Iraqi style no matter what 'human rights' and these people say.

Though 2 things crossed my mind today, how did the association of muslim terrorists and the king of jordan know about this before anyone else and second how come it is that if an iraqi official says its impossible to hold elections now he is a power-hungry american puppet while a jordanian dictator (lets be honest here, power is not heridetary in the 21st century) says so .. he is a considered a reasonable and wise man.

Just saw some jazeera footage of the women's release, was looking at the screen confused why they were showing two women covered from head to foot even had a 2 layer niqab (face cover) on. Later they uncovered their faces and ended up being the 2 simonas. At least that clarifies how the terrorists managed to take hotage around baghdad no questions asked (well that an heavy weapons). Iraq should make a law banning Niqabs, it's the same as shaded windows on cars at the time being, only for criminal use.

Also more tragic news of Iraqis being killed this time 9 workers 6 of which were chaldean christians in Baghdad. I heard of this on kurdistan tv and this is the only link I could find. Apparently 2 were even decapitated and tapes of it have been going around in Mosul. Look if Iraqi forces are unable to stop these animals commiting crimes the least they could do is stop the tapes being distributed or stop imams in mosques declaring fatwas to kill more people for racist reasons.

However there are also reports that a member of ansar albastards or as they like to refer to themselves ,ansar al sunna, has been caught in Kirkuk. I still don't understand why none of these caught criminals are ever shown on tv, is there a rule or law banning this? At least mention their names family names some sort of humiliation. You keep these things quiet everyone will think there's no punishment encouraging more to happen.



While we're still talking about movies, here's another one of those 'historical' movies that is going to be out next year

Kingdom of heaven

The plot of the movie says "During the Crusades of the 12th Century, Balian of Ibelin, a young blacksmith in Jerusalem, rises to protect his people from foreign invaders"

Yes a crusader movie,and how relevant a movie that takes place in the middle east about a group of religious zealots who thought spreading the word of God meant torturing and kill anyone who doesn't agree with them including ppl from their own religion. Every religion had its zarqawi days didn't it.

Anyway what's interesting is that according to this movie Salahaddin wasn't the one responsible for freeing people from crusaders.. actually his name isn't even mentioned in the top ten characters.
What we do know is that he is a king at the time, so apparently he just sits in the background and says 'u crazy kids and ure liberating'

I haven't seen the movie but I'm going to speak about it anyway. Plus how different could it be from other hollywood versions of history.

The one who does liberate jerusalem is a character played by orlando bloom, wonder how impotent crusaders must feel if they knew someone that scrawny was going to defeat them, hope they do beef him up a bit not like the white somali he was in Troy.

So basically what we have here is the one thing we're known for, that doesn't involve us dying, down the crapper.
It's bad enough we had to go through school earning that salahaddin was either egyptan of syrian (depending on which teacher taught us at the time) now we have it as he didn't do much at all.

To rub salt into the wound, the message board for this movie for a while went something like this: orlando's hot,orlando can't act,lol he's soooo cute, orlando's chest wig, legolas ruleZ and LOTR quotes.

Ok saving grace for the movie is Ed norton, but he's at the bottom so he probably just steals one hell of a scene and thats it. I think the only 2 more things could make this movie complete dumptaking on celluloid : a flog-worthy free spirit character and a certain pasadena born actress. Actually speaking of the latter i see someone else has the same affection for her as i do

Monday, September 27, 2004 

Damn blogspot

Or damn me, am not exactly sure what went wrong here so i'll say kbu has sold its soul to the devil and I purchased it right back.
The last thing i posted was early morning (but i pushed it above this message) and i just happened to check the site now and there's nothing here.
Ends up most of the template has dissapeared. Whats worse is that the last (and only) time i ever did a copy of the template was months ago before i added anyhting to the sidebar. So I'll just put the site up and add the links later.. if anyone notices anyhting missing feel free to tell me


Kurd wins top prize at San Sebastian

Well it's is not the world's largest film festival, but it is the biggest in spain.
Bahman Ghobadi's Turtles Can Fly won the "Golden shell" (every film festival has to have some weird artifact as the name of the main award) award for best film. His other famous movies include "Marooned in Iraq" and "A time for Drunken Horses". You can check his site and Evini Films (owned by another kurdish director ,Jano Rosebiani) under the media section in the sidebar. Also the sidebar is regularly updated for more links if anyone's interested.
I have only seen parts of all his movies, so I can't exactly comment on them but one thing you should watch out for are the kids, most are so natural that you can't say it's acting.

Ok saying that I almost feel guilty for going in the deepend now, but its only slight guilt cos i do have a large mouth and type-worthy fingers.

Look how its reported here under the entertainment section in BBC

Why am i annoyed? Well mainly because ever since the fall of the dictatorship regime last year , every thing that has gone wrong in iraq, iran, syria or turkey has been linked one way or another by the BBC as the kurds fault, and in most cases almost a jazeera like no need for proof method. A bomb can't explode in tukey, iran or syria without the reporter saying something like "but kurdish groups who oppose these regimes have reason to do so". The only reason they've quit with iraq is because these insurgents have been leaving video diaries, however anything that does happen in mosul or kirkuk or within a 50 mile radius of iraqi kurdistan is the kurd's fault as well.

And now a movie that's written and created by a Kurd from Iran, taking place in kurdistan of Iraq and whose dialogue is kurdish is labelled here as an Iraqi tale. I'm not anti-iraqi but if the BBC think that kurds are responsible for everything that happens in these 4 countries why can't it be consistent.

Saturday, September 25, 2004 

Allawi's speach!

Being very busy with guests and feeling that the ladies (Piling, Dilnareen and Delal) could write better columns than mines makes me hesitate but as Rosemary from iraqthefuture was very kind to send a link to the PM's speech, I will say my honest opinions as she insisted!

Well I dont know about you guys but recently I have started to apply this pattern when I listen to any speech: "bear in mind what I know about the topic, how well I know about it, waht I expect and what I look for specifically and some more!"
So as a person who at least have lived more pain than PM who kept telling ppl that he was exiled and have suffered alot, by a quick search I got this:
"In 1971 he moved to London in order to continue his medical education. Some have reported this as an exile, but some of Allawi's old counterparts have claimed that he continued to serve the Baath Party, and the Iraqi secret police, searching out enemies of the regime. However, he fell out of favor from the Baath party for undisclosed reasons in 1975 (http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?040628fa_fact)." link
I leave that for u!
I was looking for these words from the PM (I will never call him my PM unless he calls me an Iraqi Kurd, and not mention me only when he wants to show how tyrant saddam was, and not call Kurds; my Kurdish brothers! coz in UK if u get decieved by word BROTHER u might not recover!)so these words: federalism, unified, equality, minority rights, the Kurdistan Regional Goverment, a goverment to serve the nation! no more war, keep away from terrorism and other war related words, change everything!
But I heard alot of: we stand by you, you stood by us! you fought for freedom of Iraq! never the above words!
I would also make the first part of my speach as: we are succeeding in Iraq BUT just when I really mean it!
If I were him(I know i would never be!), I would have made my first part of my speech: "Thanks America!" coz that is why he is standing there, otherwise he would not be standing there! After the election, I believe he will be thanking someoen else!!he said he is realistic, if he is so how can he say "on behalf of Iraqi ppl" while the Iraqi ppl; i mean the Sadr guys and the mojority of Shia in south listen to Sistani! not Mr.PM!
I must say I am not a politician nor a very good Kurdish mind representer but I am saying all this from MY point of view of course!
I DO NOT LIKE PRAISING, whatever is excellent is excellent already, lets talk about what is not OK, what is going badly, what we have to do! yes we need to thank and be grateful but that must not start and end his speech! everything is not as excellent as his life and his suit and his smile as though NOTHING is wrong in wrongly mapped Iraq!
I opened my eyes to this world by the chemical bomb by a prime minister whom Mr Allawi supported for a while, and I will never trust another Iraqi pm unless he can prove himself to be the Prime Minister of the people of Iraq not an arab leader democratised slightly by american marines!
finally, dont u think he was quoting too much, just like me?
updated 2 times, if still mis-spellings please pardon me!


Think about it

Which unelected governing body working with illegal foreign forces is chiefly responsible for the chaos and terror that is spreading in Iraq?

Click here to find out

Friday, September 24, 2004 

Is Turkey ready to invade Iraqi Kurdistan ?

Since the beginning of the war, Turkey repeats constantly that it wouldn't accept any kind of independant or autonominous Kurdish political entity, that it won't accept any kind of discrimination for Turkmen in Iraqi Kurdistan, etc. Or, it threatens to... what ? That is the question, precisely : what could do Turkey to prevent a Kurdish state (if it happens) ?

Everybody, of course, thinks of a military invasion : Turkish army entering by force in Northern-Iraq, occupying the Kurdish region, and... and what ? Will it stay in Northern-Iraq, as another occupied power, and cooperate friendly with the American army in the same effort to build a democratical and unified state ? hum... could you imagine Turkey building a democracy out of its own borders ? So it would be a hard occupation, like in Cyprus, with a minority of Turkmen ruling a large Kurdish area ? I am sure that most Turkmen would not be so stupid to accept a such deal... So it could only destroyed the Kurdish forces, and give back Kurdistan to the central government in Bagdad. But in that case, if Turks abandon all control on Kurdistan, they probably have to invade it each year, as in 90s against the PKK....

More seriously, I wonder if Turks shout and threaten that they'll never accept a Kurdish state even in Southern-America, just because they know that they could not prevent it without great dammages for Turkey itself. I wonder if the more they complain the more it means that they could not do anything. Because they know that a military intervention in Iraq would be a black scenario for Turkey, more than for Kurds.

In a such violent action, Turkey has much to lose and a few to gain.

Firstly, if Turkey enters in Iraq and starts a new war, it will lose probably all its chances to become a EU member. And Turks want badly to become European, especially economical and trade circles, that are already furious because of its comedy of Law adultery... Secondly, Turkey is in an very very bad economical situation, like a puppet in the hands of the International Monetary Fund, and breaking all hopes to enter in EU could make a little Black Thirsday in this country... So the government that could decide to make war in Iraq should face a strong opposition from its own buisenessmen and political opposition...

But each Turk has been educated as a potential war-winner, as the greatest race in the world, as a Gengis Xan's son, etc... so they could decide to make war, all the same.

The problem is that the myth of an invincible Turkish army, derives from the War of Independance, when Ataturk was victorious agaisnt foreign invaders. Since that time, the Turkish strategy is based mainly on an attitude of defence, against external and unseeing ennemies acting inside the country... I mean that they use to fight in their own state, more like jandarma than like real soldiers sent to a foreign country where nobody talks Turkish, and without any safe communications, roads, infrastructures, etc... Even when Turkish batalions invaded Nothern-Iraq to eliminate the PKK, they did not go very far out of their border... And even in Turkey, army has been never able to oppress definitively the Kurdish rebellion... Though it had done everything for that : burning villages, displacing or murdering civilian people, starving the country, etc... All the same, guerilla is still a problem in South-East, and this time US or NU could not tolerate a second Kurdish genocide in Iraq, just because if you make a genocide against your own citizens inside your own country (as Saddam or Turkey had done in 80s and 90s), it is only an internal political problem. If you do it out of your political borders, you could be bombed like in Serbia. This is a question of savoir-vivre...

So the Turkish army could not burn so easily 4000 Kurdish villages and displacing millions of Kurds... But it could have to face a strong resistance from Kurds (and other Iraqis I guess). And a strong hostility from neighbours countries. And bringing war to Iraqi Kurdistan, will oblige it to face hard reprisals in its own country, like a boomerang effect : borders are not open only in one direction... And a such intervention could make enter Kurdish guerilla as terrorist groups inside Turkey... Öcalan's tactic was ever to struggle in the South-East only, never in Turkish regions (probably because he was afraid to be expelled from Syria). So that only Kurds suffered because of guerilla, Turks did not realize what is war in their own city, their own region. In that case, they would do.

Then a Turkish victory is not certain, not at all. And if Turkey is defeated, it would make a general collapse in this state. Since its fundation, its nationalism has been built on the legend of a victorious and proud army, and the prestige of Turkish soldiers is still very great in the country. Thus, army has always had a great impact on policy and politicians (not for the best, btw...). A shameful defeat could put an end to this balance of forces.

So in this black scenario, after an unsuccessful invasion, Turkey could have lost a EU membership, and gain a bad, long and bloody occupation in a foreign country or a piteous retreat...
So, for all these reasons, and because I know that Turkish military staff is often barbarous but not stupid (they are even clever Barbarians), I am not sure, not at all, that Turkey has the real intention to invade Iraqi Kurdistan, whatever happens.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 

The Kurds' Burning Questions

Another brilliant post by Adnan Hussein in Asharq Alawsat newspaper today

If you haven't read any of hisd article before u can check my translation of qawmachies and fundamentalists I feel kinda guilty pushing down Piling’s calming post with this one. But this article really caught my attention. Also the benefit of having it written by a non-kurd is that it can't be refuted by being called self-glorification and victimization.

So read the translation below and then read Piling's refreshing post as a remedy. Also if u haven't read it before check Delal's (another new contributor) review of the kurdish human rights conference in San Francisco

The Kurds' Burning Questions
by Adnan Hussein

With pain, condemnation, shock, anger and disappointment the questions flooded from kurdish intellectuals, politicians and civilians alike in the cultural Kurdish-Arabic conference on friday and saturday in Hawler (arbil)

It has been the first time I have seen iraqi kurds in this this state of worry and panic towards their relation with arabs. Even in situations where they were chemically bombed, 4000 of their villages and towns destructed, half a million forced deportation and the loss of 180,000 of their ppl (and the search for mass graves in the deserts still continues on leg and limb) - the kurds haven't asked questions with such a confused and shock filled tone.

The kurds are asking about this hate-campaign against them that has spread from baghdad to the capitals of the western-most arabic countries, and the goals behind arabs insistence of fighting them and the constant accusations, without any evidence or proof, that they are allowing israel into iraq through their front (some think that mossad started the rumor to poison relations between arabs and whats left of their allies). They also want to know why defending their rights has been portrayed as separating from iraq even though they are the ones that decided to re-unite with iraq in a federal state after being separated from Saddam hussein for 12 yrs

The kurds are asking about the fatwas coming from certain mosques demanding the spilling of their blood, whether civilian or military, and their echo of what happened days ago in mosul where 3 kurds were killed, causing extremist kurds to retaliate against arabs and therefore starting a kurdish-arab war in Iraq.

Can we convince the kurds by saying that the ones behind these campaigns are a small minority of arabs that want revenge for themselves instead of facing the reality that their 'historial' projects have failed and can not be rebuilt again on its old unequal foundations

Can we convince the kurds by saying that this small minority don't want to bury its dead of 4 decades ago . They don’t want to admit that arab nationalism, created by turkish 'intellectuals' at the beggining of the last century, was fatally stabbed when the guillotine unity between a democratic syria and dictatorship nasserite egypt (1958-1961) was severed, and by not providing the victim (arab nationalism) with the correct remedy it died in june of 1967. Instead of burying the victim his corpse deteriorated and its pungent smell and disease spread throughout the middle east.. who under nationalist governments ruled egypt, iraq, syria, yemen, sudan and algria in the most oppressive and violent manner and where iraq was its complete embodiment

Can we convince the kurds by saying that this small vocal minority stand against any non-chauvinistic modification to arab nationalism and have found nothing else to hide behind except extreme fundamentalism that has kidnapped the islamic religion so that the 2 can meet in a devilish communion to destroy the best of what’s left of the arabs and kurds, as well as the muslims and the entire human race.

"But why us specifically?" the kurds ask again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 

Why I love Kurdish villages

Last week I watched Abbas Karostami's movie, Wind will carry us. It remembered me how much I am fond of Kurdish villages. Some of villages are exceptionnally beautiful but in general, Kurdish villagers (gundî) say : "my village is the most beautiful in the world". And I answer authomatically : "Did you see ALL the world ?" ; "No, but my heart knows it" is the frequent conclusion... Well some villages are situated in mindblowing landscapes, some others are modest in appearance but life in villages is the same, in any part of Kurdistan : still, time passing like a river, not so quickly, no in a borrying way, but with the good tempo, especially in summer... Slow mornings, lunch, sleepy afternoons, lively nights... Of course, peasants are working hard, but if you are a foreign mîvan (guest) you are spoiled like a goddess... good deal... the other side of the coin is that you are a mîvan, so it means that 150-200 persons want to see you and it is quite impossible to refuse, or there will be a war between them and your hosts for twenty generations... Then "sleepy afternoons" become often "visit afternoons." : you lay down on the flat bed, in the saloon, ready to close your eyes, and suddenly everybody jumps on their feet, announcing : "mîwaan (visitors)" , and arranges the room in order, and you get up, welcome people, everybody sits down around you, you make a turn for greeting (if there are 10 persons you ask to each of them "çawa yî ? - rinde, tu çawa yî - spas dikim, bash im" and so on... so on)...

Then after everybody has greeting everybody, presentations begin. Your host designs a woman, absolutely similar to the others (same dress and scarf) : "Here is Fatma (or Nazlé, or what you want). She is the aunt-of-the-cousin-of-the-nephew-of-the-father-of-Mustafa-that-you-have-seen-yesterday". Silence. I guess that I should say something : "Aoh...Merhaba, çawa yî ?". Your host, (very willingly to help you) insists : "You remember Mustafa-the-son-of-the-uncle-of-the-cousin-Rêbwar ?" Of course you remember. After all, this Mustafa is just the 15th Mustafa you have met in the week. I give an advice :Never confess that you don't remember a guy. Never. Because this guy remembers you (of course you are the ONE stranger to visit him for the last 20 years and he is the 500° visitor you see, but it is not a valuable objection). So after all these preliminaries, you are ready to answer to their questions. Not difficult, always the same questions : You speak Kurdish, where did you learn, how is Paris ? what is the most beautiful place, their village or Paris ? and the funniest : Do you miss your mother ? What do you miss the more, your beloved or your mother ? (they laugh a lot when you answer NO to the first and "your beloved" to the second). Well, after you have made them laughing, they begin to talk each other about their own buiseness, marriages, diseases, children, etc., above your head without caring of you anymore (but you have to stay there and listen patiently, because, as your host recalls you, they are coming to see YOU). Ok. So after one hour, and two or three glasses of tea, people get up, hosts protest, with a mask of indignation : "Where are you going ?", or "Do you leave so soon" ?, visitors explain that they are busy (in general they have another visits to do), so you get up too, "merhaba, xitrê te, etc." , your legs are quite numb and you would like to walk a bit, but five seconds after the leaving of people, you hear another cry : "Mîwaan !" and the second batch of visitors is coming... (now you can read all that passage again, because it is the same scenario and the same dialogues for each visit)... and it goes on until evening, where you have a few time for eating, just before the first visitors of evening :))....

Sometimes, in a crisis of revolt, you could exige to make a walk because you NEED to move your legs. And as people around you are ready to kill themselves for your comfort, they accept of course. You go out of the house, you walk five minutes, then neighbours call you, you have to enter in their house, to sit down, and to drink tea... In average, you could steal 10 minutes of walking for 1 hour of sitting-and-drinking...

One of the finest time I have had in a village was in Rêzan in 1994 (under the village of Barzan, where I would like to stay firstly, because they have a guesthouse, but I was kidnapped by Peshmergas' chief, who blocked the road because I should stay in HIS house, with HIS family... ). So I stayed in Rêzan, a nice place near to the river. It was the civil war, but the village was quiet and peaceful, built around a road leading to Iran. Pesghmergas watched the road all the day, and may be the night, though I have never seen a car nor a truck passing on this road, just a tractor, going at morning to fields, and coming back at evening. But they watched the road as a strategic place. Probably their life was quite dull, so they were very happy to have a French tourist with them. I was invited to eat lunch in their small blockhouse. Rûber (the chief) said with solennity : "Sandrine ! Men have cooked for you !" And they brought a huge marmit of rice and meat. "Very nice men, thank you" I answered, thinking that if I had to eat all that meal, they should carry me in a wheelbarrow, after... So 10 peshmergas sat down around me, and we began to eat, legs crossing and their kalashnikov (or another specy) targetting the roof and me sometimes.. "Would you be so kind to not kill me by mistake ?" (I adore to tease them). So they jumped and tried to explain me all together that no, I should not worry, guns were not put on, well, they showed me how to do... Moreover, they were really good shot, and they practiced by fishing. Yeah, fishing with a gun seemed to be a national sport. They shot trouts from a high bridge. I tried to fish in a more classical way, with a rod, but I've never caught one. Vexing. Should have better to learn shooting.

But in villages I learn beautiful Kurdish. I mean there are the places where language is very pure, (zimanê paq û zelal, as we say), more than in cities, and I am proud to speak like a gundî :)). In 2001, I was in Diyarbakir, in the shanty towns around the Great Walls. There are refugees from everywhere, Mardin, Mus, Bingöl... Young people spoke often a awfulf Kurdish, full of Turkish words, I hardly understood them. But when I talked, there was like a light on their faces, a sunrise of surprised happiness. They said, slowly, like watching the awakening of their memories : "You're speaking like my grand-father.... " "You're using the words I heard when I was 8, in my village..." as if I were a magician sweeping the dust of the past, bringing the picture of things that had diseappeared, and will never come back : the burning villages 's voice, the memories of these exiled peasants... their songs, their tales, their trees, the mountains and their shepherds...

So Kurdish villages are one of the places I love the more, with bazars and otogar stations, where you're waiting your bus and when people, all around you, comment your travel, your nationality, and explain what you are doing there, without knowing that you understand them... but this is another tale :))...

Monday, September 20, 2004 

Hello everyone, I'm Delal and a new contributor. I should say outright that I am not a Kurd, but I am in my heart. In 1999, I began living and working during the Summers in Amed (Diyarbakir in Southeast Turkey or Turkish Kurdistan depending on your preference) as an archeaologist. All of our workmen were Kurdish, and in trying to know them better is how I became involved in things Kurdish. When I returned back to the states I started doing volunteer activist work with The American-Kurdish Information Network (AKIN) , I spent a total of 3 weeks at the "Cell of Atonement" a replica of a Turkish jail cell that was erected in front of the Turkish Ambassador's home in Washington, DC. The "cell" was protesting Turkey's treatment of Kurds, especially their political prisoners such as Leyla Zana and friends. Delal is the name that the Kurdish community here gave me, and I proudly use it. That's enough about me.

Now on to something slightly more interesting, I attended a Kurdish Human Rights and Statelessness conference in San Francisco earlier this month. The below comments on the conference are from the original post on my personal blog.

"First things first, the Kurdish conference. Now I am not going to detail every speaker, but give you general impressions and comments. The Institute that held the conference is planning on making the conference proceedings available to the public, so check their site for updates. Also, on Kurdmedia, there is a nice write-up on the conference that I definitely have some comments on, so read the article first so you know what I am talking about. If you read the article, it makes it sound as if it was a wonderful conference and a lot of issues were, in a way, resolved. Far from it. There were 3 definite points of view that came out: the west, Turkish-Kurdistan, and Iraqi-Kurdistan. All of the American panelists made the point that the west really can not be trusted and that the Kurdish movement is dependent on the Kurds themselves making the difference, the Kurds doing the work, and not getting the free ride that they hope to get from keeping alliances such as the United States. The Turkish-Kurds were of the mind-set that alliances like the US couldn't be trusted, and that Iraqi-Kurdistan was absolutely wonderful and they were looking to them to pave the way for future Kurdish freedom. And the Iraqi-Kurds were adament that alliances like the United States were vital to their survival. I consider myself "seasoned" in Kurdish politics-especially in relation to Turkey. This conference just barely touched on some rather explosive issues, and didn't delve in further. Now seeing that this was the first conference of its kind-or at least that is what I keep hearing--you would think that we could get past the basics and move to the meat of the issue. But we didn't.
My own personal opinion is that the Kurds need to depend on themselves, and themselves alone. Alliances are fine and dandy, but there is such a long history of getting burned. How many times does one have to burn their hand on the stove before they realize that they shouldn't do that. This also brings me back to the analogy from the movie Marooned in Iraq that I mentioned in a post from July. To me the Kurds are the guy that was making a lot of money on the war, who then gets robbed and sits in the snow in his undershirt bewailing his plight. When help is offered to him in the form of a coat he turns it down because some one is coming with a mule. And when the people leave him he wails and ripps his shirt. What the hell is that? You are cold and freezing, someone offers you a coat, and you turn it down? What good is the mule going to do you, take you to a coat? Why not walk? An American would have taken the coat (but probably would have gone off in search of one, before the help was offered) and gone down the hill and gotten the mule himself. It is all about missed oppurtunities.
The article also mentions the "cultural" education that the conference attendees got. Bull. There was 5 minutes of live music and an hour's worth of dancing, but those who were supposed to be teaching others to dance, kept insisting on complex steps that look really cool, but no one can learn. So you had one or two good people and a whole mess of others falling over each other. If you knew the steps you really couldn't enjoy it. Why couldn't they just focus on the 3-step simple village dances. Forget pretty, it is the dance that is important. There is a certain feeling of elation when your heart, your feet, and the beat of the song move in time. That is what makes Kurdish culture so wonderful, and the attendees of this conference were completely denied that.
The film festival was great even with me being sick in the middle of them and missing 2 films. I also got the oppurtunity to meet other students who were trying to work in masters and phd programs in Kurdish studies. Since there is no standardized programs, it is extremely difficult to accomplish anything in the field. And that is a true crime. The conference talked about politics and reminding everyone that the culture is under fire. My question is...why is no one trying to save the culture? Where are the projects to document Kurdish folklore and traditions, songs and literature? There should be a project working side by side with the political movement to document and perserve Kurdish culture.
Now on to the friends that I made, which is really what made the conference wonderful: The contacts made. Besides buddying up with Robert Olson and Micheal Gunter, I also made friends with Kerim Yildiz, founder of the Kurdish Human Rights Project who is a completely "smashing bloke"! If you want to read his statement for the conference you can find it here.
Kani's (Kani Xulam is the executive director of AKIN) speech was typical pull-at-your-heartstrings stuff, see it here. "


On a much lighter note i think my hope for muslims standing up against extremists may come true well kind of

Sunday, September 19, 2004 

Update... 3 hostages

Here are the final photos of the three hostages... ends up they were just uni students whose car broke down on the way back from baghdad.. ah the 'brave' islamic front

I read the report from the mouth of impotence.. ansar al sunna and seriously the whole damn statement looked like a spoof.. brainwashed and usual referral of najis (filthy) and dirt, this coming from ppl who havent been introduced to bar of soap or water at any point in their lives and whose hearts and minds are even filthier.

Those three young men have more decency than all those islamic/resistance groups put together will ever have

Actually i don't feel comfortable insulting any religion letalone my own, so i wont offend it on that basis but why not fight fire with fire. They use the Quran to claim that death is too good for us then why not turn the tables.

I'll take this oppurtunity to clarify a few points to the modern messed up muslim/arab who for some reason or other are brain dead enough to think this is some help to their religion or 'country':

1. The last person to do anything good for islam was a KURD yes pronounce each of those 4 letters carefully a kurd not the same as an arab.. Salahaddin ring a bell?
The arabs were dumb and money-hungry enough to get themselves occupied again and that has nothing to do with us. Even the ones responsible for studying the Quran and Sunna like Bukhari for example weren't arabs as well. Same applies for ppl who studied islam along with other religions thoroughly like Yusuf Ali and Ahmed Deedat.

2. Arab muslims have not done any glorious or victorious act in the name islam over the past 1000 yrs... alot of 0's i know. So any joke groups like ansar al 7aywan and sunna and tawheed and jihad or muhajereen might as very well be doing their jihad in the name of prostitution , drugs, paedophelia or foot fetishes. Remember that scene in fight club where tyler durgen says 'putting feathers up ure ass doesn't make u a chicken', thats exactly what it is. If you want to be more specific simply replace the main words with beard,face and cleric.

3. The ppl who were responsible for the innovations and improvements in islamic civlization were caled the Mu'utazilas. Now they were brainy ppl who believed in using ure mind alot (i know heresy) and letting ure belief just be one of the tools u use in ure life. Anyway then Ibn Taymiyah released a fatwa that said 'alwilayatu lil walee' (basically loyalty to the leader) and innovation became a sin. All mutazils were killed and we're still on this pattern till our present day

4. The Uma Islamiya (islamic state) we keep referring to started with the murder of the Prophert Muhammed's own family.And alot of them in Mecca. Also 3 out of 4 of the elected caliphates were murdered by muslims.
The Ummayid caliphate came along and the transfer of power from father to son to son to son pattern and dinasaur leaders who live forever came along with accompanying 'shriek for ure leader if ure a muslim' campaign.
The prophet's own grandchildren and subsequent family were murdered by so called islamic dynasties (leading to the establishment of the shias) Andd there are many stories about Caliphates saying things like "there was no prophecy and no muhammed" or "i won't give up my throne up even if the prophet himself asked me to"

5. The Quran itself says the A'arab are more heretic and hypocritical.. this was translated to either bedouiin arabs or pagan arabs or pre-islamic arabs.

These are just 5 points and I don't claim to know much about islam, imagine wat would happen if more ppl who know about islam started standing up against them. Then there would be a chance of putting an end to these group of people who are acting like God's sole contractors on earth.

Final Note

I was hoping to include a link from kurdish tv showing scenes from the funeral of the 3 men. It was very moving and much more meaningful than those unnecessary links to terrorist snuff films. The only kurdish channel that showed it was kurdistan tv.. unfortunately when they finally updated their news downlaods from their site, it only included a speech from Barzani to the families of the victims. Have no idea how we'll ever get our voice heard with the sorry state of out party-owned tv stations. As for the other channels.. euronews and hurra mentioned it as a news article, cnn just had it in scrolling text and bbc didn't think it was worth mentioning anywhere and instead dedicated even more time to the killing of 2 members from their poster-child organisation 'the association of muslim juveniles'... surprised it hasn't become genocide or massacre yet
Guess there's nothing to do about but hope they rest in peace.


oh thank you glorious arabs and islamists

Just heard breaking news... ansar al-sunna have just beheaded 3 kurds who belonged to the KDP party And apparently there's a tape.
Just another reminded of the 'love' we will receive from our arabic and islamic brethren. They're probably resentful cos' there are still methods of torture that weren't tried on us over the past many decades.

Apparently these islamic groups have been beheading kurds like flies as described by scott taylor here

Where is the international community when all this happens.. probably following and orgasming over a story of some baathist jamming his nuts in a drawer or a hearth-wrenching tale of how militants and excutioners deserve to be loved or something equally 'newsworthy'.

You know whats even sadder... they are the ppl of kurdistan and unfortunately of Iraq who are getting murdured in their own home but no one thinks it worth mentioning aren't they worthy of airtime even. Kurdish blood is cheap in the new iraq same as they were in the previous dicatorships. The only difference is that before we were killed in the name of arab nationalism now we're killed in the name of islam.

Do we have to repeat again... why is kurdistan forced to be attached to such backward countries. I know there are good ppl but in these countries the strong beat the weak and the good ppl are always week. The ones running the show have a familiar motto that goes along the lines of they want death (and that death to everyone inluding themselves) we want life. Why are these ppl allowed to exist in the 21st century.. oh wait i forgot human rights, im just really angry at the moment so I think ill stop typing now else i might end up saying something i regret

Ill just end by saying my deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the 3 murdured men.

Saturday, September 18, 2004 

KRG to take security of the Sunni triangle!

KRG : Kurdistan Reagional Goverment (Federal state of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq)
In very brief(dont want to push down the Kurdish-French view :) ) : peyamner.com says:
Ayad Allawi was in Hawleer(so called Arbil) capital of KRG in a semi-secret visit to ask the Kurds to take the security of the sunni triangle (i had suggested this in a comment), and it was refused by Kurdish leaders (most probably Barzani side).
Allawi suggested that Kurdish police and peshmarga to handle the terrorists and other security activities in a broader role!
All these were refused by the Kurdish leaders, as peyamner.com's unnamed source says.
In his visit Allawi has told the Kurdish leaders about his visit abroad and informed them about the details of his visits.
A saudi newspaper has said that Allawi and Ibrahim Al-jafari are in dispute over the allegation that Allawi in Aljafari's opinion is about to give more roles to the Kurds in the Iraqi Gov than the Shia parties, and the PM wants to give back power to some ex-bathists in order to calm down the riots in Falluja like places! I want to add something, the other night there was a program on KurdSat tv and I heard sentences like: "It is early to decide whether Allawi's goverment has literally failed to achieve any of its objectives and so we can say he has totally failed!" I think it would have been stronger if they had the program after today's explosions!


In France, we have only Turkish Kurds...

Hello ladies & gentlemen, here is my first post in KBU, I thank Dilnareen, Hiwa and Kurdo for my nomination, I thank my scenarist, my manager, my mom and dad... (hush, not this one).

Well this first post will be just a way to get in touch with my new readers (and to accustom them to my rotten frenchie's english language), and to give a general view of French point of view (not mine, please) about the last events in Iraq. I won't talk a lot about France or Europe, but in the blogopshere much people seem to be American citizens and it was just for showing that people in Europe are so ignorant of Middle-East issue as in America, no need to be jealous...

Concerning France, precisely, the public opinion get worried about our French hostages. Or at least, French media are disturbed because two confrères have been taken like hostages, and they present it as a national drama and say that people are worried a lot. Journalists mix often their own preoccupations with the street's one. I could hear this week on radio : "USA might realize that they let the power to an Iraqi government which was not still ready for it". Well I roared with laugher... because I remembered, last May, last June, all that pressure, that insistance, a real campaign in fact, making by our politicians and our media (and Kofi Annam too if I don't mistake). The leitmotiv at this time was : US should leave Iraq, they should let the power to Iraqis, only to Iraqis, and let them ruling by themselves... But now that 2 (only 2) French journalists are in trouble, our public opinion makers are ready to accuse US for their laxism, hum... Well, perhaps after 20 French hostages, they will claim for another American occupation in Iraq...

Some huge demonstrations have been organized in Paris, calling to their liberation (I wonder how they believe that Islamist killers would be impressed by that : "Oh... thousands of French people made a walk in Paris and tell that we are bad guys, sorry... we release our hostages immediately"). Some Muslim associations or institutions should state that they condem such actions, (so that's a relief ! our own Muslims won't rapt us between Republique and Bastille), but as the President of a French Muslim representation kissed a Hezbollahi imam in Lebanon, there is a polemic now, and French muslims call each other every name under the sun... Muslim or not, they are French, you know, and we adore internal polemics and slanging match...

And Kurdistan in that play ? Well, indeed, a very few people in France know where is Kurdistan on a map. And nobody talk about Kurds in media. Quite surprising, because at least, the Kurdish area is safer for Western journalists than Iraq. But Kurds seem to have disappear in our media... for many reasons I think. Firstly, in Kurdistan, if we compare to the South, life is not bad, and if we except Kirkuk, it is desperately quiet and still... and the official position of journalists is that Iraq is a chaos, since the falling of Saddam. An absolute chaos. Hardly better than under Saddam. Then Kurdistan is not so chaotic enough to be shown. The another problem is our guilty conscience because of the Kurdish genocide. Not because our governemnts had strongly and constantly supported Baathists until the end (in our democracies, simple citizens have in reality nothing to decide concerning Foreign policy), but because the anti-war attitude was in a large majority, and Bush is often presented as so bad as Saddam, etc., but mass graves of Kurds or Shiits are quite embarrassing... so Kurds hardly exist in Iraq.

In France, Kurds exist only in Turkey, as a way to refuse Turkish membership in UE.

Thursday, September 16, 2004 

Typical hypocrisy

I was reading this old article regarding the capture of the two Simonas (I know its getting worrying how there’s almost no news of what happened to them for a long time). When this part caught my eye
An Iraqi woman resisted, but they dragged her by her head scarf, threw her into a car and sped away, witnesses said

I’m thinking wait a minute isn’t this scarf pulling what that other terrorist group is allegedly pissed off at france about.
Oh the glory of islam... wonder how long we'll have to wait for the day when ppl will finally wake up from their imaginary world and see what ppl are doing in the name of islam, but with the mentality in these parts... don’t bet on it happening any time soon, underdeveloped brains take a few lifetimes to evolve.

Though u know the other thing that crossed my mind was wouldn't it be great if these hostage taking groups used that as a reason kidnap other hostage takers. At least that way we could get rid of this scum without the need of human and animal rights activists belching the geneva convention all the time.

Of course that’s just wishful dreaming, the causes for any of these acts are anything but piety and seeking forgiveness of the lord... it’s the simple language of the amreeeky dollar. At least now slowly the true face of UNELECLTED association of muslim scholars is becoming clearer to rest of the world. Just money making ex-mukhabarat and ex-cons in religious garb. Almost every hostage taking crisis ended with a large amount of money 'donated' to muslim scholars, is it any wonder that all ransoms or demands to release hostages go through them. Weirdly enough very few news sources mentioned it. Understandably the arabic ones cos' well let’s face they don’t live in the same solar system as the rest of the world does. But again western news is equally disappointing.

I really would like to know how they personally benefit from handing us half-baked news. Is it arrogance or what, I mean thinking of it they're always willing to interview extremists when discussing iraq but never seem to interview ppl who do honestly want what’s good for iraq.
They somehow present these kidnappings as a case of "oh well it’s because of their cause" and because the cause is religion they don’t seem interested in going into more detail about it like that’s enough explanation. Well surprise they're using that factor to rip you off royally. How many times is this association muslim scholars going to be paid of because of "it's their cause nothing we can do about it".

It reminds me of all these tourists who visit these old souqs in the ME and end up being cheated heavily by the shop-owners who make them buy crap that no one in the ME uses through making them believe that there's something mystical about being an underpaid worker in a cheap cornershop or those who believe any dude with a beard can come forward and bless them (like ppl who have to do cheap magic tricks for a living have the power to bless). You know all in the name of "oh that’s how they do things around here, that’s the way they are"

Well I think its ignorance or even racist really to think that ppl who have certain features or speak a different language don't have the basic knowledge of what’s right or wrong and the fact that they do certain acts is because its natural to them. They can’t understand that criminal from falloujah, for example, is the same as a criminal in any part of the world, different languages and costumes don’t change that fact.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004 

Updated links (Causes & Donations)

Decided to add a new section in the sidebar for organizations that deserve attention. So far I've just put 3 but will add more soon hopefully. If anyone has any please let me know, the should be related to iraq or kurds and must be non-political. The only exception is the Iraqi pro-democracy party but thats because we know what type of people the Fadhill brothers are. You have to admire their will-power to be optimistic and actually be doing something at the time when Iraq is at its worst

I know this is a small site but I like to think I could be doing something useful apart from whinging all the time. As for the numbers in case you were wondering we get around 90 visits a day and that’s including the ppl that ended up here by accident, u know the ones that show up here cos they clicked on next blog from an unrelated blog but don't have the decency to stay more than 0:00 sec... i see you

KWAHK stands for kurdish women against honor killing, its more an awareness site as it doesn't accept donations online yet. They can be contacted and it’s worth reading

The other one is for the Popular University from father Yusif. Currently all the information is available from fayrouz's site and donations can be made through her. If you've been reading her blog recently you can see that it’s a really important cause for the christian community. Its funds help create a university that preserves and teaches ancient christian heritage. This definitely isn't some shady group based in anakra (again thanx fay for the heads up and that link) for those of you who are worried. This is a genuine case of good people helping other good people.
The attack on the christians was just a reminder of how vulnerable they are and what’s worse is that there's only 600 -800,000 of them left in Iraq. If, God forbid, iraq does become a fundamentalist state they will be one of the first to go. We've already lost one race from Iraq in the past century because of this senseless hate and they were the jews, we don't want to lose another one. So if you want to keep iraq ethnically diverse and give yourself a pat on the back at the same time please consider donating to this cause


Special thanks

Special thanks to these 2 wonderful ladies, Sandrine Alexie , and Delal for dedicating their time to talk about the plight of the Kurdistan people.

Ladies, I will go on my knees and ask you something, please don't say no.

Would both of you, ma..... (oh sorry not this one)..

Would you both accept to be members in Kurdistan Bloggers Union ? It would be a great honour to have you in our small union.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 

Everyday 100 Iraqi Children die!

Yes the whole world stood up when the children were taken by the militants at the school in beslan...Yes the picture of the naked children were everywhere in this totally biased mother earth!
My mother earth is not rotating fairly anymore, it still allows the sun to rise from east but most of the time gives more time to the sun before it sets from west while shouts at it to rise from east as west is in need of enerhy and wants east to burn abit by its strong noon lights! Oh well she never remembers Africa, I dont know why, she might be angry with me saying all this but I just dont know who to blame! at least I can blame the universe for the horribly written fates of those children who couldnt make it to even start schoool today!why them?
Koran says: "Bi Ayi Zanbin Qutilet?" ..."for what reason was killed?" I am pretty sure that Bible says something about them as well!
Oh no I am sure that the same pain is felt when an Iraqi child's soul flys to heaven(if there is one!) as that of the Beslan school children! and just like the Chechen childrens' ones! the same as those of the stone throwing children in Palestine, same as those Israeli (Jewish) children blown away by human bombs!
100 children a day means, something like: 20 future doctors, maybe 15 architects, arond 30 nurses, about 25 teachers and 5 genius Iraqi minds which might later be activists in different human rights agencies and about 5 Muslim scholars who might preach to thousands of stupid minds like their Killers'!
Great stuff resistence guys, you are just about to expell the whole 150000 US troops! go for it stupid selfish enemies of peace you will get no where but kill more and more Iraqi children while injurying soldiers who will cure possible by the time you are dead which is around the next day morning or late evening!
Now you have two Simona's the two ladies on the other side of "the Bridge to baghdad" then just fight on one side, protect the children on yourside if you care for Iraqis at all! Oh I am sure you like your brutal dictator are aiming at killing people on both sides of "the Bridge to baghdad" and intending to destroy the bridge itself exactly the sameway your pirate head Saddam used to destroy Halabja and Fao inside Iraq and Abadan, Tehran and Kwait city on the other side of the war!
I am sure that you care about Simona's and the Iraqi children just as much as you cared about the Family of the Turkish driver you executed today!
I do not understan how on earth these people acount for facts, a poll on aljazeera.net asks whether the explosions help expelling the occupiers and 85% of the voters (non Iraqi Arabs of course) say YES!!!!!!! I leave this for the Arab Leaders to comment on it!

Monday, September 13, 2004 

Turkish Gov Racism, Invaders and more

i hope I wont push down my dear Dilnareen's hot tpoic I just wanted to make some links:

Anfal, a word borrowed from Koran that describes a religious edict which granted the Muslims during the Islamic conquest a divine right to annihilate the infidels, and true to its definition was applied to the Kurds during the late 1980s by the world’s most vicious regime, would look like a picnic compared to what the Turkomans write about their suffering and tragedies. by Baghdadi

Ex-Kurdish MP Leyla Zana is not allowed to go abroad.

The reason to travel abroad is not for a political reason or a holiday or trade, it is to receive a Human Rights award and another European Parliament Sakharov one!


What nationality hasn't been kidnapped yet?

Australians 'kidnapped' in Iraq
another terror tape has been 'made by'/'sent to' the MGM of terror Al-jazeera

i think this time the guy ran out of words… just a repetition infidel, occupiers, 24 hours

I seriously hope this doesn’t end up to be true but i highly doubt it
Every time I begin to think that we have hit rock bottom with the depravity of humanity, a story like this pops up to make me reconsider
Funny how according to them foreign aid workers are considered to be destroying Iraq (hm by escessive aid work or what) while these other group of non-iraqis (and unfortunately some pathetic iraqis) are holy saviours. Yes to their demented space between the ears holy means stealing, raping ,mutilating, murdering by the thousands, attacking places like the UN, Red Cross, NGO's and places of worship. And they think by throwing the word Islamic into their cause gives it some value, when in fact they’re just a bunch of pets fueled with state sponsored hate while their owners reap the benefits

Honestly wake up there was NO SUCH THING as IRAQI resistance, get over it. If there was they would have stood up and fought the troops in the beginning of the war. Just cos the TV calls it that doesn’t make it legitemate. What have the 'resistance' done to protect iraqis , i would really like someone to explain that to me. Do you really think a group of ppl who suffered 35 yrs of torture want to get thrown back into the world these animals want to create. And really turning the entire world against iraqis won't make iraqis turn to you... I was watching fay7aa (a recent iraqi channel which ill discuss later) and this caller on the show was saying don't these ppl know how Iraqis kurds and arabs alike laugh at the tapes the 'leaders' bin laden, zawhiri and zarqawi make they think they're a joke, apart from ppl who benfeitted from the previous regime no one takes them seriously.

I was glad to hear somebody say that cos' that exactly what I and alot of other iraqis think

Is there no other place for jihad apart from Iraq, how about retuning to ure own countries for a change and take ure ex-baathist friends with you... maybe ure own countries could appreciate this type of ‘saving’

Such a bunch of hypocrites the arab world has 22 countries whose life support depends on the US, in fact if the US stopped trade with them for one day they would all go and rot as they should. (ok apart from the good ppl.. im playing safe).. yet somehow iraqis aren’t even allowed to receive aid from them. What do u actually think any of those countries who are blessing us with resistance have sent anyone to iraq to help, believe me this won’t even happen in anyone’s lifetime. They're obviously just worried that if they do help iraqis then iraqis might stop dying and will finally be able to live off their rich resources, yes the resources those same countries have and still are shamelessly stealing from iraq.

Sunday, September 12, 2004 

Life is such a ruthless substance!

I was about to write on the events in Khanaqeen between Mala Bakhtiar (special delegate from PUK leader talabani ) to talk to the Diala(one of the Iraqi governorates where saddam made Khanaqeen to be governed from instead of Kirkuk governorate) so called governor about the arabisation he was about to resume in the arabised Kurdish city of Khanaqeen!
This story tells the governor to shut up!!
I was touched by his story, Yousuf, an 18 year old Kurdish guy who had lost his family when he was only 5, as he vaguely remembers at the time of the mass flee after the 1991 uprising when the coalition forces let down the Iraqi people for saddam to kill everyone from the uprising areas!
At that time he was taken by another family to Iran and stayed with them for 5 years then one day he plays with their little girl while an argument breaks out between them and when the father returns in the evening and they tell him about hwat happened he lashes Yousuf twice, for the next morning he leavs the house while he was only 10. He then heads to Tehran working in a tea shop and sleeping on the streets as he was not allowed to even use the hotels as just like his Kurdish friends in Syria he was an alien without an ID. imprisoned 3 times!
Then a family from Sardasht (again a Kurdish family has to act, well you dont exect persians or Turkmens or arabs; all muslims to do anything for him, do u?) tell him that the best thing to do is to go back to Kurdistan and look for your family...now he is back in his town looking for his family while staying at the house of one of the security officers!!
he says: Find me someone from my family or find me a grave!

Oh lord, wherever I look I find more and more grief about this nation!just last week the massgrave in my town, and now Yousuf reminds me of the mass escaping(in kurdish korraw= mass migration) day when we where all walking towards the border to get out of Iraq as we where looking behind to see if any plane or any military vehicels are following us?
The roads where all packed with ppl as the border wasnt yet opened officially by the Iranian authorities!
You, Diala Governor as you were told the other day, we had enough from racism and arabisation, it is 21st century for heavens sake, kurds are still demanding a peacefull life!

Saturday, September 11, 2004 

Stories that didn't make the news this week

Mass grave found in halabja.
This is one of those stories that u don't see or watch on the news but u find a couple of days later on news sites under archive. Apparently the bodies were
discovered by accident while doing some roadworks, But shhh we shouldn't say
that about a poor old man who likes gardening eating muffins.

Head of education speaking for the italian hostages

This is one item i wish i saw all of. I came across the end of it by chance on diyar and the head of education was saying "these 2 girls were against the war and came out of good will and on their own money to help us. They were helping our schools, is this how we pay them back what do these terrorists want if they want to take me iinstead ill change places with them"

It was great to hear someone say that on tv (even on unknown channel) I wanted to see it again to catch his name, but they didn't repeat it. I wasn't expecting to find it anywhere because everywhere else we are meant to believe that iraqis hate foreigners and are bloodthirsty enough to enjoy and encourge kidnapping while foreigners hate iraqis and want to steal their money and oil.

People of najaf demonstrate against sadr

They showed it on hurra and from the looks of it this wasnt the first demonstration against sadr, the best banner i saw there was 'we demand news stations out of najaf' funnily enough a while later i saw scroll text on jazeera saying 'supporters of the interim government demonstrate in najaf'

Its pathetic that most channels are doing the best they can to make sure iraq ends up lising everything.Noticed how much hate they have created between everybody.
I only know very few proverbs in any language but this one i think applies to
those who quietly support such these actions 'Saketun 3an il 7aq, shaytanun
akhras' which loosely translates to 'someone quiet against injustice is a mute
Rick from Inside view has really good report regarding that.

I have been checking on sep 11 articles in the newspapers, I have come across a few good ones from elaph.com but they tend to drag on for a while so they'll probably lose meaning through translation.
However wonder what most people thought of this article from freemuslims.org We are sorry for 9-11, do americans feel that this is it too little too late or worth saying.

Thursday, September 09, 2004 

Free Simona Pari and Simona Torretta

I always blame the wrong political decisions and attitudes for most of the casualities and grievous results of any explosions or clashs in Iraq. But this time I really feel I have no one in mind to blame but those people(it is hard to call them people!) who have captured these two young ladies!
In kurdish tradtions we say Man fights Man not woman, if they really are brave enough to fight the well-equipped marines and soldiures then just leave those golden hearted ladies alone and let them go back to their families!
If you (captors) have an ounce of honor and humanity in heart just leave those who are trying to create a bridge to baghdad!They are trying to help even after their fellow countryman journalist was beheaded by your devil heartless so called Isalmists (I am sure Allah will burn them in the Hell they know very well as they are defacing Islam).
These people the website were in Iraq only to help!
Free them and let them continue creating the bridge they have started to create which you (barbarians) know nothing about it!These have NO connections with neither your cause nor the american one!You (vampires) deserve nothing but death and those ladies deserve only love from every Iraqi!


Racist Fascist Anti-Kurdish!

N.Barzani head of the Hawler Administration of the divided Kurdistan Reagional Goverment and J.Talabani head of PUK made a formal visit to Turkey and were able to meet some of the officials and as I really do not want to see the faces of the Turkish officials I do not know details about the visist but I do know that they had met Abdullah Gul the deputy PM and Foriegn Minister.
One of the issues to discuss was that Turkey should recognise the federal Goverment of Kurdistan and should do all the official relations with the KRG and of course they have so far refused to so and insist that Baghdad is their side of talks!
The shocking news which made me give you this update was this:
We all know that Iranian Gov is a smart one(among the Iraqi,Syrian and Turkish Gov's) and have a very different method of handling the Kurdish cause it has, and we know that within this methond they have named one of the cities as Kurdistan and that is how to minimise the cause overall and tell the people that waht else do you want? You have somewhere called Kurdistan...anaywas...in 1980's again within this smart way of oppressing Kurds they have had created a business plane which had the name of Kurdistan on it....and this plane was supposed to do an international trip and the destination was guess where? Ankara! where the cursed body of M.K.Ataturk lies! so as soon as they had learned that there is such a writing on the plane they had refused the trip!! and they have recently said that if any trip from Iraqi Kurdistan would start and there would be a Kurdish Airlines they will not accept any such plane trips and would even not allow it to fly over Turkey!!

what else I can say apart from:
The Turkish Goverment is our main enemy and we must be prepared for them!I know we haven't got much choice as we surrounded by abit better countries but we have Baghdad to use why should we insist on using the cursed Turkish air?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004 

Someone shut this woman up

Madonna Dedicates 'Imagine' to Russia

Instead of trying to get more ppl to visit ure shows by showing that u have a deep thinking side, how about donating some money for a change.
And since when was spreading ure legs while displaying a screen showing dying iraqi children a show of humanity.
Put ure knees back together and go home to ure kids. Your music was great in the 80s but I don't wanna ever hear a menopausal woman attempt rap again. And enough with the 'I write songs for myself no one else',fine keep them to ureself.

I'm fed up of trends and the mass following they get, first it was the in thing to get knocked up (i think that was meant to mean tough single mother defying the world), i don't need a man, im gagging for a man, have the token whatever is fashionable friend, dating older men, dating younger men, eating paper, anti-fur, pro- plastic surgery, anti-plastic surgery or carrying shit looking dogs in designer bags. Now its a bunch of irrelevant ppl shoving what they temporarily believe in up my face everytime i switch on the tv or flip through a magazine. U are just meant to entertain fullstop I don't care if ure an 'individual' or how u've 'discovered ureself' and 'come one with the earth'. If its a tough life keeping ure opinions to ureself then quit, its dull, boring and changes & contradicts itself constantly.

Let's face it there's only a few bands and actors who do care what happens out there, these ppl clearly don't. Anyone seen that 'ladder to heaven' episode from southpark where alan jackson keeps coming in to capitalize on other peoples tragedies. Thats exactly what it is.

Monday, September 06, 2004 

Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim

I was planning to post this article a few days back but was too lazy to translate. It is another sharq alawsat article called ""The painful truth all world terrorists are muslim"". I'm really beggining to warm up to this newspaper, I know the site needs a bit of work but there some great articles there I wish they could publish an english edition.
Anyway just found out that most of this particular article has been translated here in reflections from Canada the original arabic article is available here
It also discusses Qardawi, jazeera's resident cleric who declared a fatwa allowing the murder of american civilians in Iraq even though 2 of his daughters are living in the Uk.

Another translation is available here from the telegraph

Sunday, September 05, 2004 

Islam.. what i've avoided posting about

I was about to start writing one of my angrier posts but decided this time to take a different approach.
At least I am hoping this way I could clarify why I hate this new wave of criminals that have emerged in the ME. Bear with me till I finish writing before passing judgement (or water, i have to remind you that this is one of the long posts that no one reads). Think of this more as an attempt to get an ethical blank check to vent as much as I want about clerics and religious figures later.

Take a look at last weeks headlines
Twin bus bombs rock Israeli city
12 Nepalese workers executed in Iraq
Beslan school seige

Doesn’t take much to figure out that the common link between all these stories is muslims and horrible methods of death each being worse than the other.
I usually hate discussing beliefs and religion because first what you do or do not believe in is a personal issue and second everything about it is schizophrenic. But the mullahs/clerics showing up on the Arabic news channels and ‘islamic experts/analysts’ showing up on the western ones lecturing me on what they think about islam is really getting to me. I don't understand how two totally different views can be equally wrong.

It’s a pretty nasty situation to be in when you can see both sides, I feel my blood boil when I see ‘ppl’ manipulating the Quran to justify what they do and yet I also feel like I’ve been pinched (quite hard and with long fingernails) when I see Quran manipulated to be used against us

If you read islamic history, on one hand you find a great civilization, religious tolerability with ppl living side by side working together and a group of ppl that improved everything from architecture to medicine to science on the other hand you can find oppression, racial hate, torture chambers(some under mosques) and the mass murder of Mu’tazils (the ppl responsible for all the improvements and research)

I know there can be great muslims, take Fuad Ma’soum for example he is one of the most open minded ppl in Iraq that everyone seems to be complimenting, his children are all western educated and one or 2 of his daughters have phD’s. Not someone you would expect to have studied sharia (theology) at Azhar university (where he did his MSc and phD) and was once a lecturer of theologyin Basra, his fatherwas the biggest cleric in Koysinjak (fyi a city that was reduced to a village in Saddams time) all families from different religions and even class A atheists would turn to him. Actually speaking of Koya there was another cleric before him called Mallay Gawra (big mullah/cleric) in the 1920’s he put his daughter through school just so other ppl would start doing the same. That may not seem like a big deal but think of it the 20s that would have been a big step especially in a secluded town in the ME, also there was theory back then that girls couldn’t go to school because they could learn to write love letters but helped change that. From this view they look like decent ppl who want to improve lives
At the same time I am painfully aware of the other side, the Anfal for example an operation whose name is taken from the Quran (Anfal = spoils of war) where no age range stopped the mass murder of 180,000 ppl and not one cleric in the entire ME spoke out against anything even when ppl were being butchered in Mosques. Or how bodies of the dead were’nt allowed to be returned to their families because kurds were considered dogs and not allowed to be prayed for (an Islamic tradition at funerals), or more recently the suicide bombing on the 1st of February during Eid... again not one mullah spoke out against it, instead many came up supporting them. And in lot of ME countries it was difficult for kurds to post orbituaries in the newspaper regarding that.

Not one cleric spoke out when Saddam tortured and murdered other muslims (in iraq or neighbouring countries). Not even when the shias in the south who were murdered by their 10s of thousands in the Imam Ali shrine.

These actions have hit on a worldwide level from 1998 onwards and the latest tragedy in Beslan is a reminder how sick they can be. I doubt anything can comfort those families who had their children snatched from them so young. Death is a tragedy no matter what but parents burying their children is so wrong.

I also hate the fact that ppl who try to defend Saddam say well at least he had a secular state. Seriously wake up, the only reason for that was that he was scared ppl will start worshipping God instead of him, its only in the 90s that he discovered wahhabism and how it centered around ppl worshipping that he started with the islamic awarenessin schools (thats where all the current clerical farces showed up from)
Once a leader transforms into a religious leader he automatically associates himself with God and acts like God's owner on earth, so anything negative attributed against him will be thought of as blasphemy because my default he is insulting God.

I always thought that if u were going to believe in God you would also have to believe God gave u a brain. Yet that last step is always missing.
Now excuses for these ppl who kill by the thousands in the name of religion always somehow changes to ‘But they are oppressed and want independence’. How about not ever having a country of ure own and being oppressed for as long as u’ve existed like in the our case. Or how about the Armenians, the tibetians the ppl of Darfur, or the afghanis under the taliban and many other nations living under oppression. Are you telling me their cause is less important because they don’t commit mass murder?

I only began being really interested in religion the last few years of school, mainly due to having this really good Islamic teacher who students could discuss anything with. The years before that involved huge amounts of guilt that could make catholics think they have it easy.

One particular saying that struck me was when the Prophet told his people that one day muslims will become a weak state where other nations will join together against it so his ppl asked whether it was because muslims were fewer and he replied 'No, you will be large in number, but you will be like the froth scum (ghutha'a) on the surface of a body of water'.
Actually that saying is usually used to justify jihad but it definitely looks the other way around because now due to 'jihad' muslims are large in number and like froth scum on water.
That’s one of the reasons why a few yrs after school I started reading more into it,like reading books about islam, other religions and re-reading the Quran except this time reading the Quran explanation by mainly non-arab writers because the Arabic ones evolve and change meaning depending on who is ruling at the time. A good English one I discovered was Yusuf ali, he’s an Indian scholar who studied islam along with history of other other cultures. This book is one of the best explanations i read as it was written in the early 20th century, pre-israel so all those anti-jew explanations for certain texts were non-existant also i like the way he refers certain texts to certain periods of history, like the case of the greeks and the pharaohs.

I am very aware of the amount of Islamic hate literature that is out there but u have to bear in mind tha not all of it is true, the same can be said about the books defending islam. You have to select your books carefully. A really good author I've been referred to recently (thanx again Barrosam) regarding islam and fundamentalism is Bassam tibi. Now this guy looks what a muslim role model should be, he’s highly educated a harvard guest lecturer and not a preacher. I've checked his background nothing on him (and wow no S&M history as well, isn't that relief to find at least one scholar without that). In this book he goes into great detail explaining the history behind all the elements that have led up to the terorrst at this stage.

See my problem is, where do the rest of the normal muslims (even the term sounds like a joke now) stand on this issue. There are lots of ppl here who are just as disgusted by the way these animals have prostituted religion but can't do anyhting about it.

Alot of muslims would like religion staying personal and out of politics (the ones who do want it involved obviously have something to benefit). At the same time it is difficult to say you renounce your religion, there are things about Islam i like, like the way you are meant to believe that 'don't do to other what u don't like done to yourself' (all religions and beliefs have this) or how to treat your parents or charity and how every single good and bad thing you do is recorded so u become careful and more conscious of ure actions i also like the feeling of ramadan when u sit with ure family waiting for the Athan, the family visits involved. Also the shallow things like how everyone is out late at night and it still feels like day, i even in strange way like the below par tv shows that show up at the time (except the stuff with Daud Hussein in it , they're usually good especially the older ones). Eids i'm not fond of almost the same way i don't like picnics

I also like it when I hear good muslim stories, like Indians muslims who raise orphans based on the religion they were born with (whether hindu,christian or sikh) instead of forcing their own upon them. Or the stories about the muslims in uganda who offered protection and security to the tutsis in their mosques when they were being murdureed by the hutus.

The reason why I'm saying all this is because this is the Islam I believed in, I knew there were people who hated it but the first time i discovered why was when I went abroad and saw why other ppl resented muslims and how many muslims living in the west were tarnishing that image, i am not generalizing but there are many many muslims out there generating hate in the name of free speech. For some reason the rest of us in the ME are shielded from this. Yes I know the media loves focusing on the negative side of stories instead of the positive ones but I think muslims aren't helping change the image either

And I know how easy for everyone on the other side to refute the religion say why do ppl believe in this joke, but it won't work because there about 800 million to 1.2 billion muslims out there (depending on which source you believe) Making them all renounce religion wouldn't work.
Change should happen from the inside, the teaching structure should be changed, keeping it as belief system (as it was meant to be) not a hate-fueled political tool. A cleric's job is simply to tell the truth and guide ppl, if they can't do that basic act then their religious rights should be taken from them. Its that simple, if they can't denounce ppl 'misusing' their religion then whats their point. Other ppl are more needy of the money anyway.
At least if the structure is changed, they won't harm anyone, ppl who don't believe in it and think of it as a backward religion wouldn't care as muslim actions wouldn't affect them because through teaching islam minus the politics, terrorism would be officially a crime and banned by law (no loopholes) and more ppl would be able to stand up against it.

Of course that doesn't seem likely to happen very soon. On my part since I can't do anything, I'm happy just sitting here bashing and bantering nonstop , i know it doesn't change anything but just makes me feel better, especially when i find out that there are other ppl who feel the same way.
Read more

Saturday, September 04, 2004 

Good decision Sir go for it!

Just read in a kurdishmedia.com from a local newspaper that KDP leader Barzani was due to resign from the so called National Assembly becoz he is too busy managing his works in Kurdistan rather than traveling to Baghdad to keep up wiht the works at the interim Parliament!very wise, if every one goes down to Baghdad who will look after Kurdistan?

We need Dr.Masoom and the rest of the Kurdish politicians, too! Even if you dedicate your times to it, please make sure you dont do the mistake of bringing together the scattered forces, who are very well united against against the Kurds when it coms to our cause!
A very good eye also should be kept on the Turkmans, the Turkish agents who do everything they can to prevent any kurdish progress, we need smart people to fight them too!

Another good news is, a source says: over 150000 kurds have so far returned to Kirkuk area!
once more...weldone Barzani! stay in Kurdistan


alien infiltrators?!

kurdlandNo I am not talking about ET's or other galaxy-mates to be found or not!

This is a about a nation's fate and I do not give the permission to myself to be able to even give you a glance about the situation of a portion of this unlucky largest nation without a land who live in the racist fascist Bathist ruled Syria...let me allow hrw to tell you a little:i mangaed to copy several of the most striking paragraphs, however every word of it is an evidence:
here is the title again:

(In 1962, an exceptional census stripped some 120,000 Syrian Kurds --20 percent of the Syrian Kurdish population -- of their Syrian citizenship. They were left stateless, and with no claim to another nationality. Decree No. 93, issued in August 1962, ordered that a census be carried out in Hasakeh governorate in northeastern Syria for the purpose of identifying "alien infiltrators.")

This is how our children are classified.Oh well they are foreigners from the land where the racist Arabs are buried:
(To the best of our knowledge, it appears that Kurdish children are categorized as maktoumeen when one of the following three conditions apply: if they are the children of Syria-born Kurdish "foreigners" who marry women who are Syrian citizens; if they are children of "foreigners" married to maktoumeen; or if they are the children of two maktoumeen.
Unlike the Syrian Kurdish foreigners, the children born of these marriages are not only stateless but, as a matter of government policy, they are not provided with special red identity cards and are not listed in official population registers.42 Like Syrian Kurdish "foreigners, however, they too are not issued passports or other documents that can be used to travel abroad and re-enter Syria. The policies applied to these Syrian-born Kurdish children contradict the assurances provided by the Syrian government to the U.N.)

oh yes they had a more savage version of this in their (Baath) Iraq:
(Suppression of the ethnic identity of Kurds by Syrian authorities has taken many forms. Restrictions have included: various bans on the use of the Kurdish language; refusal to register children with Kurdish names; replacement of Kurdish place names with new names in Arabic; prohibition of businesses that do not have Arabic names; not permitting Kurdish private schools; and the prohibition of books and other materials written in Kurdish.)

for a very short second put yourself in the place of this Kurdish Girl student who was given this notice:

To Secondary School [space for school name]
The female student [name blacked out], was born in Qamishli in 1988 took the preparatory certificate examination for the school year of 1995 with registration number [blacked out] and passed with a total score of [blacked out].
Because she is unregistered [maktoumat al-qayd] she has been granted this notification in place of the document which is maintained at the Bureau of Examinations. She will only be granted that document after having been registered [ba'd tasjeelihaa] accordingly with the Bureau of Civil Affairs.
Hasakeh 31/7/1995 A.D.
Head of the Bureau of Examinations Director of Education
in Hasakeh
Muhammad Hayjal Ahmad 'Awayd al-Sa'eed
...I know you will not read it all, but just skim over it.it is time for the Bathists to go to hell wherever they are.
We still can smile and bear enormous hope that one day we can answer this simple trivial question of "where are you from?" by a very innocent cheerful answer of "- I am from Kurdland"

Thursday, September 02, 2004 

How racist people can be?

I was searching through some blog links over A blog, and stumbled over this link these people whoever they are, they call themselves academic or at least an organisation which can tell you something about middle east!
and straight away as a Kurd and having had the link from A blog, I was looking for somthing about he Kurds...guess what all I found under the "minorities(!!!!) in the middle east" part was this: An Egyptian(might be a wrong spell) journalist justifies gassing the Kurds by the criminal Saddam!!(watch the clip!)
Hey Arab world...wake up! we are 25 bloody million people without a country, becoz of your racism and the Turks and Persian racism, backed by the western selfish policies!
9/4/2003 was the last day in which an Arab could humiliate a Kurd...I am not ignoring the Kurds in Syria but there isnt a long way for them to be liberated, too!
How racist a man can be!!?? where is Islam? where is the religion of respect and equality? where are the values you claim you have? or is it just applicable to an Arab? if yes then I am a Kurd get me out of Arab land coz I hate racism...
I hope our(kurdish) leaders just realise how racist these people are!

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