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Thursday, September 02, 2004 

How racist people can be?

I was searching through some blog links over A blog, and stumbled over this link these people whoever they are, they call themselves academic or at least an organisation which can tell you something about middle east!
and straight away as a Kurd and having had the link from A blog, I was looking for somthing about he Kurds...guess what all I found under the "minorities(!!!!) in the middle east" part was this: An Egyptian(might be a wrong spell) journalist justifies gassing the Kurds by the criminal Saddam!!(watch the clip!)
Hey Arab world...wake up! we are 25 bloody million people without a country, becoz of your racism and the Turks and Persian racism, backed by the western selfish policies!
9/4/2003 was the last day in which an Arab could humiliate a Kurd...I am not ignoring the Kurds in Syria but there isnt a long way for them to be liberated, too!
How racist a man can be!!?? where is Islam? where is the religion of respect and equality? where are the values you claim you have? or is it just applicable to an Arab? if yes then I am a Kurd get me out of Arab land coz I hate racism...
I hope our(kurdish) leaders just realise how racist these people are!

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