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Thursday, August 26, 2004 

I speak Cleric!what is your language?

Language extends not only to electrics, this machine which I am using right now, but also to the out of control states of human being. There is a little joke saying (translation of jokes doesnt make much sense but i will come to my point):
"a mad guy climbs up to an electric pole (in our countries like light poles which holds electricity cables) and threatens the crowd below him that he will commit suicide!The crowd tries everything they can, they offer him everything they think of but he still refuses them, suddenly another crazy person passes by and says: what is up? they say to him'do u even understand, it is a mad one like u who says he will throw himself down' the mad guy says, I can get him down!
so they say go ahead u crazy! he gets a razor blade and tells the one on the pole...if u dont come down I will cut this pole you crazy b**'showing him the razor'... the mad man says HOLD ON I AM COMING DOWN...!!
when he comes down the crowd asks him: why u didnt listen to us but you came down when he threatened you with that little razor?? he replies: (HE IS MAD HE WOULD DO IT I KNOW HIM) "
with all my respects I am not being rude to his honour "Mr Sistani" by mentioning that joke,but I don't know what to say about this idea: if he is such a great man how come a stupid person like Al-Sadr listened to him and this huge conflict will be over by an intervention of a sick cleric? while they might have not even met (according to bbc)
I am now thinking about somthing else "are all these horrible events then a kind of a planned scenario by some parties?oh God forbid, I hope they are not encouraging peole to get killed for some stupid religious tactic!"
Another side of this language barrier is, lets say if this will really happen and what we hear is what is really happening on the ground then I was telling myself: Does Bush needs a stronger message that IRAQIS can understand IRAQIS and when in crisis IRANIANS hardly? but NEVER american Tanks and Military, REMEMBER Mr Bush the man you most hated and feard is now cleaning his cell YOU are now fighting the Iraqis!!!may be Saddam (given being a good friend of your defence secretary) was able to speak your language but THE PEOPLE DO NOT!!!

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