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Thursday, December 30, 2004 

The first time I feel happy to be a blogger

I am not sure if I am one, but I can say I am a contributor,
after reading this, I felt so happy that I am doing something "might be" useful oneday regardless of the fact that I do this for the sake of my nation's fate, but that news is directly related to a humanitarian disaster which needs immediate action!

those who can and are willing to send even a pound (or dolar), please do not hesitate, they can direct you!

anything you can donate, even clothes! those in UK please check that part of it out if you are struggling to find a place to contact, make sure your read the comments!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

Building a Hospital they found a Mass-grave

Now this would be very good for ppl like Mr.Al-Obaidi who enjoys the freedom by the UK authorities while backbiting them on al-jazeera, claiming that Saddam was a hero and Bush is the bad-guy: here you are sir, you had no son,daughter, wife or parents been burried alive right? so you shut up and continue charging ppl 25 Sterlings for 100 arabic words you translate in stockton on tees and pray for Tony Blair not to kick you ass and send you back to the camels...
"SULEIMANIYAH, Iraq, Dec 29 (AFP) - 16h30 - Labourers digging the foundations for a new hospital in Kurdish northern Iraq uncovered a mass grave on Wednesday containing an estimated 60 bodies, local officials said"


a Letter from me to Mr M. Al-Obaidi

I will send you a Link mr Obaidi..lets go personal if you like

Mr.Mohammed al-obaidi or I should say Mr. Knows Nothing Al-Jazeera Drugged, writes on Al-Jazeers probably thinking that Kurds are still sleeping in the mountains and will not be able to read what he writes about them, here he writes about My Town's genocide before saying anything else I should say that Dr.N.O.Karim is going to sue you legally for your allegations on him in your article on the antiKurdish channel Al-jazeera.
Mr.Al-Obaidi lives in UK and just like other Arabs he is here to exchange his arabic IDs and passports to the breeze of freedom in UK. That is why he can speak english, too. I wil study his background and will write more about this Chemical Ali supporter.
Mr. you are not the first person to say this and we all know very well that you got those information from your imprisoned dictator Saddam. Let me just tell you without any proof, just by looking at your writing how you cant fabricate the story:
first of all, why going all the way round to Israel and coming back to the war on Iraq, you should have had it in your dummy mind that we shouted this genocided but no one heard us as soon as it happened and we have cassettes and voices proving the attack's launching order. Talking about Kurdish leaders has nothing to do with the order from the Council of Command in your previous regime, they knew nothing about it, and the israeli Kurdish organisations and any links between us if there are any, were all formed after the world was shocked (except arabs like you) by the chemical attack on Halabja.
Linking our cause to your coward attitude against Israelis and your incapableness of fighting them changes nothing of the fact that you guys killed 5000 people of my nations, go on and get objective evidence Mr.Translator, as your colleague I am sworn to say the truth not to fabricate anything!
"Pelletiere's report also said that international relief organisations that examined the Kurdish refugees in Turkey failed to discover any gassing victims." you wrote..
For Arab Leaders Sake, just tell me where did you get this? where there any Halabjaeean fled to Turkey? or there was no survival route apart from going up on to the mountains or flee to Iran, Turkey for your information is hell away from Halabja and there is no way to get to Turkey unless you might have thought that Iraqi army helped us pass through the mountains by jets or through the cities by super confortable buses and took us to Turkey Mr.Aljazeera Drugged!
...look at this comment Mr:
""And it is an especially crucial issue right now. We say Saddam is a monster, a maniac who gassed his own people, and the world should not tolerate him. But why? Because that is the last argument the US has for going to war with Iraq.""
you are dumb, clumsy and knows nothing, USA's last argument has never been that and the wold knows that they went in to Iraq because you guys needed a lesson and that is why it was launched, dont you still get it that your butts must be kicked then you behave humanly?

I am not a professional in gasses and stuff, but I survided it by the coal we used as soon as we started coughing, but if you dont believe the HRW reports then continue your arabic translations and if you have time take your professionals and you personally go to Halabja, ask the people to direct you to where C.Ali is going to be tried at, may be you could defend him, as you seem to be a very good solicitor.
CHAK will be in contact with you soon!


Letter to Mr. Tony Blair about Turkish EU membership

Happy holidays and a very happy new year in advance to each of you, and I hope 2005 will be the year when ..... (this needs a post lets read the letter)

This was forwarded to me by my dear friend&Kurdish avtivist Hiwa,I am sure some of you have already read this, but just in case you havent yet

Letter to Mr. Tony Blair about Turkish EU membership
Kurdistan National Congress - KNC

Mr. Tony Blair
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
Dear Mr. Blair,

On behalf of the Kurdish people and many Kurdish institutions and organisations,we would like to present you the following memorandum regarding the decisionabout entry talks for the Turkish EU membership:
Your Excellency said that a deal bringing Turkey a step closer to EU membership would be of "fundamental importance" to the peace and security of the world. But the fact is that the European approach during the recent talks with the Turkish delegation was very disappointing and even shocking for the Kurdish people, because the European representatives didn't mention the fate and the rights of 25 million Kurds living in Turkey with one single word and in this respect didn't make any demands to the Turkish government.
This means a heavy setback for the European idea of freedom and equality, which has been signed and promoted by so many European governments and representatives. This approach of your and other European governments is very similar to the British appeasement policy versus Nazi Germany during the agreement of Munich in 1938 when Czechoslovakia was sacrificed to the German aggressor, and Chamberlain's "peace in our time" led directly to World War II.
Likewise it's a very short-sighted policy always to make concessions to Turkey and always to tolerate the permanent oppression of the Kurdish people. For example, as you certainly know, the Kurdish Member of Parliament Mrs. Leyla Zana was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 years because she spoke one sentence in Kurdish language in front of the Turkish Parliament. That's Turkey as it is just now, and they are longing to imprison Mrs. Zana again.
No European government seems really to concern about the fact that Erdogan's so highly praised reforms exist on paper only up till now. We are deeply afraid that Kurdish human and political rights might be ignored in future, too, since at this critical moment of decision even the mere words Kurds and Kurdistan were not allowed to be mentioned, in order to avoid Turkey to be offended by the mention of these words.
This way the European Union will no longer be a stronghold of human rights and liberty and equality of nations. In contrary it will be conquered by the Trojan horse of Kemalist Fascism.
As long as Turkey will not recognize the existence of 25 million Kurds within her frontiers and will not recognize the culture and the human rights of these 25 million Kurds, there shouldn't take place any negotiations about Turkey's entry to the EU. And Turkey will be able to do that only when there will be a new and really democratic Turkish constitution, respecting human and political rights of all nationalities living in Turkey. Likewise the Turkish military has to be deprived of all its political, economical and social power.
Because it is the military always defending Kemalism and fighting Kurdish culture, language and national rights.
As long as Europe is wearing a muzzle ordered by Turkey and doesn't even dare to use the words Kurds and Kurdistan, Turkey's and Europe's problems won't be solved, and they won't be any better than the European representatives who sacrificed Czechoslovakia to Hitler.
We are hoping very much, Your Excellency might share the Kurdish worries about European policy with Turkey, and might do much more in future to defend the human and political rights of the Kurds in Turkey.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Jawad Mella
Kurdistan National Congress - KNC
Representatives of the following institutions and organisations:
- Western Kurdistan Government in Exile
- "Referendum for All Kurdistan" Commission
- Friends of Independence of Kurdistan
- Kurdish Academy of Science and Arts
- Western Kurdistan Association
- Kurdish Human Rights Commission
- The National Union of the Kurdish Students and Youths
- Kurdish Women Union
- Kurdish Writers and Intellectuals Union
- Kurdish Medical Association
A copy to:
- European Union
- European Parliament


Terrifying, indeed...

Syrian Prime Minister, al-Otri, quoting a recent speech of the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, about the fact that a Kurdish state would be a "red line" for Turkey, stated that it would be a red line for Syria, too... Well, we shoud be seriously afraid if we remember the numerous battles that Syria had won since its foundation... Especially during the glorious war of Kippur, when Syria should let a part of Golan, but proclaimed in all its official media that it was a victory, and decreed a national holyday for it... We should add that a very few number of Syrian batalions don't use to bolt at the first Israeli shot ... and even Arabian batalions sent against Kurds by Saddam had shown more often their back than the white of their eye to peshmergas...

Friday, December 24, 2004 

Joyeux Noël
Cejna noel pîroz be
´Edo briko w-shato brikto
Merry Christmas
Iyi Noeller
Miilaad majiid

Thursday, December 23, 2004 

Seasons Greetings

Odd title for such a horrible year, but I'm weird like that
So how about using the holiday season as an excuse to add a light touch to all this. This traditionally could be done by posting pictures or stuff written by kids who can't spell, wont do that.. partly cos dyslexia isn't cute. Or by exploiting a pet... u know dress it up in something u shouldn't and put it into something odd like a basket or cloth liner or something.. like this site for example am not even sure if it's real, check out that second pic.. the "cat" needs exorcism and fast

No instead humor... humor is good, humor doesn't steal ure food and it doesn't necessarily hurt your eyes so here are few links that are bound to get a laugh

John Fanzine:
Definitely has the funniest stuff I've ever read on the web. Though the funniest ones I found are thrown in the drivel barn section. Like "Page the Oracle"... pure genius, memories of so many wasted hours trying to follow shows of that caliber.

But check the other sections out like the TV wonder and Gloopy Minstrel.

as for visual, group x have finally released a new video (well kinda new, wasn't aware of it till brothers forwarded it)

also homestarruner:
an ace animation site , especially the sbemails (like the japanese cartoon and video games one) and the "teen girl squad" cartoons in the toons section, the most random animation ever made.

Other site are available under the really funny but not relate section in the sidebar

I may not be able to post for the next 2 weeks so an advanced merry christmas, happy new year and according to hallmark kwanzaa and national mentoring month

Monday, December 20, 2004 

Do Kurds control Mosul ?

... because it seems to be the case according to AFP, as a statement tells, concerning the killing of 5 Turkish policemen in this district :

"Turkish leaders denounced monday "despicable trap" where 5 Turkish policemen lost life friday, in Norhern Iraq, a region controlled by Kurds. They promised to enlighten all the circumanstances of the massacre, during an official ceremony for the victims. ."

Well until today, I believed that Kurds have an authority neither on Mosul nor Kirkuk, precisely because Turks did protest immediately after the fall of Saddam, and refused Kurdish presence in these regions. So if Mosul is now a dangerous chaos they have not much way to do for finding the guilty persons.



The Turkish Daily News published a quite sarcastic news about the Village guardian system, showing the steep addition that it had finally cost for Turkish state. Village guardians are Kurds recruted to fight and kill PKK members. The old system : "Let kill Kurds by Kurds"... But at the end, except some atrocities done by rival villages (and which were not allways direct guerilla operations) what is the balance of that system ?

"The village guardian system that the European Parliament asked Turkey to abolish in its Oct. 6 progress report has cost the country TL 227 trillion to date. Furthermore, 4,933 village guards among approximately 85,000 assigned in the Emergency Rule period in the 1990s to help the gendarmes fight terrorism have been involved in the commission of 2,640 crimes in the last eighteen years that involved aiding and abetting the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), drug and weapon trafficking, abduction and rape."

I find the last sentence so juicy. Militias, armed and financially supported by Turkish state, acted like double-agents and check-points for drugs, weapons trade, sharing with the PKK, and above all made rapt and rape, absolutely like any kind of brave "patriot and resistant " from Fallujah...

So, what is the lesson ? Arming private militias, by shouting"fire !", covering all that under the Emergency Rule State coat, letting local super-prefects absolutely free to withhold their own part from trafics, for what result ? A state step by step corrupted by mafia. Since the Susurluk event, everybody know the links between politcian circles and mafia (the AKP seems to have been elected because of its aura of honesty)... So remains after the war Kurdish mafia, half-composed by militia men and PKK members or ex-members, a well settled mafia, for which war was a good thing and for which peace is not yet a trouble, a mafia that could even survive a long time after the PKK... from Iran to Istanbul and until EU, we have not ended to pay the political mistakes of the generals from Ankara.

Sunday, December 19, 2004 

only getting worse

Is it just me or are these elections as ominous as how iraq was just before the war. thinking of it things were actually more relaxed than this pre-war, I mean then we could call iraq and we would get the usual "no Biggy" talk from relatives (my relatives in iraq and kurdistan are the type that usually minimize anything and everything), but now its more "we don't know to be honest". I am all for elections but somebody provide these ppl with safety. Look at the level its arrived to.. look how in control these animals are when they can pull election workers out of their car on a busy street and kill them execution style without anyone doing anything about it. Its sick and its pathetic.
And you know how ppl go on about these secret organizations that act like a cult and rule the world.. like zionism, freemasonry and that odd yale group they kept talking about during elections that both bush and kerry belonged to (I'm not even sure it was yale but something around this idea). Ok here's one which I think is more vile that the other... human rights organizations. Ok laugh.. u done. Now here's my explanation... these human rights laws... when and where have they actually protected innocent human beings...they didn't protect the Kurds under saddam (or iraqis for the matter) the kurds in turkey syria or iran, they didnt protect chileans under pinochet and now they're not protecting the ppl of darfur from the sudanese government, so what exactly is there point there. On the other hand look at these ppl milosovic, pinochet, saddam, the ba'ath and the criminals in iraq. Could they be any more protected. And these ppl have the nerve to go on about how the court is not legitimate. If I was judge in the saddam trial i'll just give each of them a chance to play russian roulette with a loaded machine gun, though that would make their death too easy. I know its not the organizations exactly that are responsible (well partly) its the way they allow other ppl to use their laws.

For example Qassim Daud at a press conference was asked how come you can't at least execute these ppl, he was like what can you do we catch them red-handed doing the act and all the EU countries come up to us with all these human rights laws threatening us to not write off our debts if we even show a picture of one of them.

Sometimes its just better to forget the entire thing, you know leave iraq for a bit... like today we were watching this show on Roj Tv about Shano, a kurdish dance group, who were trying to make it to the edinburgh fringe festival. (To those interested here is some info about the troubles they had getting there and here is a mini-bio of the guy behind it )... and seriously it was really good and when they finally showed them dancing it was great... According to my dad they do more through their dancing for the kurdish cause than any political party can. I wish I could find a video of the thing. So basically it was one hour of a really good show then it finished and we switched on to other channels and we get the news of kurds being killed in kirkuk (kurds again being treated like sub-humans in their own city), kurds not being allowed to vote in kirkuk (yeah and 70,000 as well), iraqis dying on the street and in mosques, iraqis getting beheaded and iraqis getting kidnapped. These are the times when you see how different kurdistan is from the rest of Iraq... I mean in kurdistan a music festival just wrapped up in iraq its just death,death,death ok i know kurdistan is not perfect but its heavenly compare to that. And you wonder why kurds aren't even willing to integrate... honestly if this was your country would you?

Friday, December 17, 2004 

Banaz Ali

Emmunah's posted an interesting post about Banaz Ali , the kurdish woman who ended up being interrogated by the FBI because of a computer glitch. Also another good read is this article (via kurdish) called Kurds at the Nexus of Global Politics

Thursday, December 16, 2004 

Halbaja Anthem -- updated

I was searching for kurdish songs to post on kbu a while back when I came across this site that had a song from a concert in the anniversary of the halabja massacre. Now it has been a really long time since I've heard it and honestly it is one of the most moving songs I have heard

To those who aren't exactly sure what halabja is but keep hearing it thrown around for the past two year's here is a flash file that summarizes it very well. And remember that this was just part of a campaign that systematically destroyed 4,500 villages and cities and taken over 180,000 lives all at the hands of a government that everyone is scurrying to defend at this moment. Wonder how our new found lovers of freedom (only for criminals mind you) will defend Mr poor victim of imperialism once the bastard's on trial next week. Though actually at this point I won't be surprised if acts like this happen again and again since the ppl with this mentality are to this day are taught that they can kill as much as they want and still be considered victims. And at the level that brainwashing is spreading there is very little chance that these people will ever evolve.

Now this is what is great about this song, it is the total other extreme of what these beings stand for. Even with all the injustice and oppression inflicted by the baath and its supporters, there were no suicide bombings , no constant calls for death, no live-link beheadings none of that... Just a concert with a beautiful and haunting song and that is the huge difference between them and us.

Check this song out for yourself ... it takes a few seconds to become clear. Also anyone know the full lyrics of this song (or where to get them), that link above was for the 1999 med tv concert, the original one was performed back in either 1991 or 1992.


The Kurds, the PKK and intellectuals

(continued with the affair : who represents Kurds in Turkey ?)

During her journey in Paris, Leyla Zana has answered to 195 signatories of the Appeal's critics : For these people felt themselves stabbed in the back when Zana had at the end disowned the text, by maintaining that she has signed it without reading (sounds quite unreliable... next time if Erdogan ask her to sign something, will she read it before ???)

According to Zana, Kurdish intellectuals play only for themselves (she means not like herself, which some people reproach only to play for Öcalan's interests...). And these "intellectuals" are "being detached from the people", as is right and proper for intellectuals, and "each of these are playing a different instrument"... (not like the DEHAP which changes constantly its line because of directives and counterorders and purges and internal settlings of scores in the PKK...)

So, according to her : "Kurdish intellectuals were not together with the Kurdish people, before or during the war". Historically, it is wrong : the PKK was indeed founded by a group of students in 1978, and the first troops in guerilla and political cells were mostly recruted among students and middle class, while peasants were considered by Öcalan as "subservient" and absolutely deprived of revolutionnary mind... It was only after the exactions of Turkish army and the blindful oppression in Kurdistan that lower classes began to join guerilla... We can see that the best recruting agents for the PKK had always been jandarma...

Leyla Zana criticizes diaspora too, these Kurds who "have not come to Turkey for 30 years but demanding that the Kurdish people to wage a war and die." well, it is not exactly the truth. Indeed, there is - as always in these situations - a big gap between diaspora and the Kurds staying in the country. But it is not at all a gulf intellectuals/popular class. The largest part of the Kurdish migration from Turkey in France is composed by workers or former peasants, and there is the same gap among them and their compatriots in Turkey. It is not intellectuals from diaspora who call to the end of the ceased-fire, but the "hard" branches of the PKK, from Cemil Bayik to Murat Karayilan, the first being in the guerilla, the other staying in Europe that's true, but it would be very exaggerate to consider Karayilan as an "intellectual"... By the way, the last is the man that Öcalan wanted to replace by Leyla Zana at the head of the ERNK in Europe...

So presenting the conflict - that is only a conflict of interests - as a "defense of people against Kurdish intellectuals" is not exact, and it reminds ina pernicious way the hatred of the PKK against Kurdish "cultured" persons, when in their ranks, no one should speak in a too much "rich style", when executives rathered hide their diplomas for not being attacked because of them in meetings, when they did not use more than a basic vocabulary in newspapers (in Turkish of course, Kurdish was banned by Öcalan) for "making popular". It was no more than a revolutionnary demagogy and it does not suit very well with the line "let's defend Kurdish culture" that they claim in Europe. They must choose : without intellectuals, a culture could be no more than folklore and traditionnal cooking. In that case, it did not deserve 15 years of war to preserve it.

But, since the beginning of the Kurdish national movement, intellectuals, unlike what tells Zana, were always at the first rank of battles : from brothers Bedir Khan's time, to the republic of Mahabad (Qazi Mohammad was not an illeterate worker as far as I know) or during Mustafa Barzani's revolutions (he was himself quite uneducated but has never ousted educated executives from his party), Kurdish intellectuals had always been a part of Kurds' national struggle. In Turkey, these intellectuals and peasants (called "underdevelopped traitors" by the PKK), had preserved Kurdish language : Mehmet Emin Bozarslan published the first Kurdish ABC in 1968 (forbidden in Turkey), Musa Anter, chosed to write in Kurdish and was murdered in Diyarbakir in 1992... In fact, if we look at the history of Kurdish writers in the 20th century, a few escaped from exile or death... Not exactly a cushy job.

And at last, does the DEHAP represent the people ? The AKP had had better results among Kurdish votes than it, so we could doubt of that. As for Leyla Zana, only a legal election will give her the right to pretend "represent and defend" Kurds in Turkey.

source : Hurriyet/ Dec 15, 2004.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

Save Layla M from Butcher Ayatollahs

This might not get to anywhere, and given I have very little time to even read my emails, but I was listening to BBC Radio2 telling the terrifying story of the unlucky Iranian femail "Layla M.":
at 9 she was forced to be pregnant,
she was forced to work as a prostitute for the last 10 years; guess by whom? (HER MOTHER!)do you call her a mom?
she was sold to an Afghan man(physically, I would not call him a Man),
she was pregnant again in 14,
she was sentenced to 100 lashes by the Ayatollah courts; she Survived,
Layla now with mental problems is facing execution on grounds of "Adultry"!!
she is on the verge of execution now, callers were saying:
"Bush should have gone to Iran not Iraq!"
"where are those men who malested,raped Layla"
"In iraq, thousands like Layla died no one cared for them"
"What shari sentences an innocent girl to death after 19 years of horrifying life"
.....I say:
I just couldnt keep my tears, THIS IS AWFUL, I wish I was living in a small village and would not be able to hear all this happenign on this small world!
If the world has an ounce of mercy....someone Save her!


For those who died

New Iraq Mass Grave May Contain 500 Bodies

Every day more victims are found, and I hope that they receive justice.
I would say more, but words fail me in the face of tradegy.

Monday, December 13, 2004 

One year

Has it already been a year since the great arab hero was found in a hole that was way too clean to accommodate his filthy carcass.

I can tell you that day was great, a giant footprint on the face of everything he stood for and the people whom he represented. Unfortunately it just didn't last too long.

Rumors about his capture came in the morning and we kept switching between all the news channels for any update, unfortunately we landed on jazeera on they had some guy on in a calling screaming while probably foaming at the mouth " its was the kurds, the kurds we know what their plan are"... cool we've now been upgraded 2nd only to jews for all the problems that face the average brainwashed arab.
And then I think arabiyah (or probably it was jazeera again) called a member of the ex governing council in his background there were sounds oululation and he said yes it is true. We still weren't convinced but we waited till the press conference that followed. Yes the "we got him" sounds corny but it did wonders then, We kept watching and waiting thinking where they would pop saddam out of, would he be sitting in the crowd, would he bought on stage, would he show up in a cage, where? the talks by bremer and pacahachi just seemed too long

But then the pictures of Mr lice himself were shown on the screen, at this point i was scared we were going to be reported as a nuthouse... the outburst of screaming and jumping that came with it was intense, and it would stop for a while to hear what the ppl were saying then start all over again.
If april 9 was all about phonecalls this day was manily sms's. Phoneacalls came a close second though. All those cheesy "we got him" messages going about, even when we were watching the thing i was getting msgs like "just woke up to the news" , "check us out... kurdish intelligence" , "did u hear those journalist shouting... aah happiness" , "hey someone even called bremer his brother...great stuff".

And again ppl started being hopeful again that things may get better, everyone was saying now security will be better, maybe as a bonus electricity will be fixed and ppl will get jobs... maybe maybe…

So wow what an anti-climax that followed

Unfortunately electricity never sorted out, no new jobs were created (for iraqis that is) and the security situation spiraled out of control. Massacres like the 1st of february and 3rd of march followed. News out of Iraq sound like plots of really bad slasher movies, mass graves are still being produced to this day.

The joy we had out of saddams capture was constantly being sucked out by shameless neo-baathists in the east and west about "afterall he was a president/muslim/arab he shouldn’t have been treated this way" forcing us to encounter all new forms of low among humanity

The fact that saddam was found cowering in a hole like a coward somehow transformed into more arabic hero moments. a leader who defied the americans till the end (um i must ask... how?)

The americans didn't soothe things either, the hole saddam was found in was cemented up a few months later... fueling more conspiracy theories and missing the iraqi ppl out on a goldmine of a tourist opportunity.. I myself would have paid loads to see the place.

And what about saddam, on last weeks episode of barnamay barnama (a pretty good kurdish sketch show that sometimes tends to drag on a bit) one of the characters was going on about how saddams cell was the safest place in iraq. Which is what I already believed in anyway, think of it the only person in iraq who doesn't have to worry about waking up alive, his health is constantly monitored by the red cross whom have decided to cease all work in iraq and solely be on operation saddam douche-watch or his preferred mailboy
His menu seems to be getting more and more elaborate
He ha s a daily shower of Human rights protetion, while none given to iraqis.
He can rest easy that his family who have stolen most of iraqs money are living in luxury in jordan (not sure how far luxury in jordan gets u but luxury nonetheless) where his gruesome twosomes children are attending expensive private schools all coutrtesy of our ever bloodsucking neighbors (forget bad neighbors we are living in a neighborhood of crooks and thieves)

His family don't have to pay one cent for the debt and backwardness they’ve put the country though in fact are allowed to continue stealing more money, while the paybacks are left for the iraqis
There you go, the best ad for dictators... you can kill as much as you please using middle eastern rights but be protected by all forms of western rights when you are caught.

This year has been another year of hell for iraqis and heaven for saddam and
his sort lets hope next year this situation would be reversed and multiplied.

Sunday, December 12, 2004 

Who represents Kurds in Turkey ?

Since a week, a petition coordinated by the Kurdish Institute of Paris has been published in the French newspaper Le Monde and in the Herald Tribune : What do Kurds in Turkey want ? 200 Kurdish personnalities call the European Union. (Good idea, later is better than never to ask the advice of the most concerned people), with rather consensual and reasonable claims, conciliating "hard line" and "diplomats", diaspora and Kurds stayed in the country (I have not the Herald Tribune with me so I translated the French paper :

  • a new and democratic Constitution, recognizing the existence of Kurds, guaranteeing the right to have a public educational system, to have media in their own language and the right to found associations, institutions and parties in the aim to promote the free expression of their culture and their political wishes ;

  • a general political amnesty in order to found a climate of confidence and reconciliation and to begin a new chapter and let violence and armed conflicts ;

  • Starting, with the support of Europe a vast program of economic development for the Kurdish area, including especially the rebuilding of more than 3 400 Kurdish villages distroyed in 90s and inciting measurements for the return to their home of the three million displaced Kurds.

  • The requirements to the Turkish candidature in EU are in fact summed up in this paragraph :

    To integrate this family of democracies, Turkey must itself become a real democracy, respectful of its cultural diversity and its political pluralism. It must especially guarantee to its Kurdish citizens some rights comparables with Basques, Catalans, Scottish, Lapps, South-Tyroleans or Walloons' rights in European democratic countries, or the same rights that Turkey claims for Turks in Cyprus.

    The text is signed by Kurds from Turkey as from outside, (names here), and among them, Leyla Zana.


    As we could expect, Turkish reaction was furious : ministers, political leaders, newspapers and intellectuals did fly into a rage with usual accusations of separatism, plot, etc. ; Erdogan stated that former DEP deputies and all these Kurdish intellectuals want to sabotage Turkish candidature with foreign supports...

    So, for the Kurds who signed it in Turkey, more or less willingly, things are a bit difficult...

    As for Leyla Zana and his small group, they retracted immediately and broke distinctly with the else petitioners, with an excuse that we reproduce as it has been given : She was not awared, she did not know the content of the text, the proof it is that she did not read it.

    Other petitioners stingingly retorted : "All the people who signed this appeal have red it and knew its content."

    While former DEP say : "May be a few number of Kurds wish that the resolution of the Kurdish Question in Turkey take for model Spania, Ireland or Italy, and may be they ask for Turkey that Kurds in Turkey have the same rights than Turks in Cyprus, but the majority of Kurds in Tukey, that we represent, don't want presently a federalism or an autonomy in such conditions."

    We have to object here that the MPs of the former DEP are not the legal representatives of Kurds in Turkey, no more than DEHAP party, which has seriously failed during the last elections (the reasons of this failure are explained here). And sadly, if we consider only the result of polls, AKP is paradoxically the legal representative of these Kurds, that is too bad for the balance of negociations...

    But, in the desire to prove the good will of the DEP/DEHAP after a such scandal, this party organized today in Diyarbakir a demonstration with 50.000 Kurds, claiming that Turkey should be accepted in EU. Hatip Dicle, one of the MP imprisonned with Leyla Zana, has even stated :" "EU should give an unconditional date to Turkey and begins to negociate its adhesion".

    In an absolute contradiction with the "200 representatives of Kurds in Turkey" 's appeal...

    At the end, we don't know what Kurds in Turkey want... and who represent them in reality... Or perhaps have they TOO MUCH self-proclaimed representatives ?

    Friday, December 10, 2004 


    There is a new link on the page to a site called "There is no Northern Iraq", can someone let me know you made that up? Kani from the American Kurdish Information Network (in which the site links to) would like to thank that person personally.



    No not the japanese dish that sometimes doesn’t even contain fish (california roll u confuse me) but a spoof nickname for ppl who are half sunni half shiia, the first time i heard it I thought it was a euphemism for something. And I hate when something comes up that’s obviously new but ppl go on about it as if they've had it all along "c'mon u don't know sushi?", and its funny with ppl going about saying "I'm a sushi he’s a sushi she's a sushi"
    Trust it to be iraqi since its related to food, more of a case of ah so u want us to segregate fine but leave the decision to our digestive system.
    I wonder if there are other dishes to be made of all the other mixes of ethnicities the country has been divided into so far :Assyrian, Chaldean, Kurdish, Sabei, Shia, Sunni, Turkmen, Yezidi (apologies if I missed anything out here)

    The thing is alot of iraqis are half and half, though much fewer during this generation cos' some ppl came along and decided even marriages could be used as political bonus points. Just thinking of all the Iraqis we know, we definitely are a mixed bunch. I remember my mother telling me in her uni years there was this indian-movie love story between a sabei and shiaa, unfortunately it didn't end like an indian story and they couldn't get married... no major fight scenes either or dancing on hilltops... why did i use this metaphor anyway.

    Though until the last few years I wasn't aware of this deep split between the others, I mean yeah we know they are different for example like the kurds and arabs but thats not from a racist point of view, genealogically speaking we have more in common with german and finns than with arabs. But what I mean is that recently its got to a point where I hear ppl saying any fault there is with an iraqi is due to his ethnicity, "yeah but he's a *insert race* what do u expect, they're all like that you see". And it was only few years back that ppl were asking oh are u shia or sunni. And how each person from these groups have silly beliefs and how they are conjuring plans against each other. What is it with these ppl when they wanna feel proud of their origins it should mean humiliating others. I mean from my perspective yes I am very proud to be Kurd but that doesn't mean I should go find a group of people who have done nothing to me and start picking on them… hmm maybe this a method used for people who have nothing else to be proud of then.
    And to add to it there's talk of a civil war starting, though the ones still talking about a civil war now are the ones who have been dreaming about it since April 9. And as far I'm aware there’s only one group causing all the problems in Iraq yes the majority of this group are sunni arabs but more specifically saddamites and islamists who don't care if Iraq is wrecked as long as heir hero isn't in power. And if a civil war means everyone turning against them then be it.


    And i thought I was the only one

    I'm not making this up

    Concussions Kept Tintin Forever Young -- Study

    This was first brought up in the comments section on Ladybugs post about comic books

    Check this part out
    "Cyr, who wrote the study with the help of his two young sons, noted that Tintin had been knocked out 43 times by serious blows to the head."

    Find anything strange there?

    A. There's a guy out there who actually wasted time and effort publishing this work
    B. Tintin only passed out 43 tmes? Thats way too little, the guy (if u can call him that) would collapse at sudden wind change

    It even gets better........

    We hypothesize that Tintin has growth hormone deficiency and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (a disorder of the pituitary gland) from repeated trauma. This could explain his delayed statural growth, delayed onset of puberty and lack of libido," Cyr wrote.

    Among the main reasons for Tintin's injuries were blows from a club, bullet wounds, explosions, car accidents, chloroform poisoning and falls

    Wednesday, December 08, 2004 

    Oh, come on, pleease!

    Normally I am a very optomistic person, sickeningly so, but every once in a while I come across an article that just makes me want to slam my head into a wall..like this one...
    As World Human Rights Day approaches, Reporters Without Borders calls on President Bashar al-Assad to respect press freedom
    Yes, I know that in the past I have always been an outspoken advocate of freedom of the press, speech, etc (it is all of those silly American ideals I have) but honestly, can we really expect the Syrian government to care? How many NGO's have called upon this country and that to change their ways, with little success for the most part? How important is public awareness over various issues, when those that are directly affected remain the silent majority.
    There is your morning tidbit, take it for what you will.


    For feet's sake jail the monkey

    Mullah Krekar could be linked to Allawi attack plot

    How many times time are they going to let him free , he's a co-founder of ansar al islam, what are these ppl doing protecting him

    Somehow these countries who've assisted turkey (and previously iraq) in stripping away the basic human rights from kurds are suddenly crapping out all types of rights in order to protect this simian

    It's not like the git's even grateful; even though he's lived in one european country and obtains the nationality of another he comes up with compost like this:

    In an interview that took place in June 2001, Mullah Krekar described Osama Bin Laden as the "jewel in the crown of the Muslim nation".

    He has also described democracy as "heresy from beginning to end".

    Oh and like every other dingy islamist he traffics drugs to fund his cause
    Instead of complaining why muslims and foreigners don't mix into their culture why can't they at the same time stop defending garbage like this

    What it is with mullah title that makes them so lovable in europe, I mean yes they exist elosewhere but they don't get away with half the stuff these european versions do.
    I mean look at this Sheikh Hamza, Caliphate of Cologne (until earlier this year) and Omar Bakri all have impending death and arrest warrant in their home countries are yet are protected by millions of dollars worth of security and even more amnesty laws.

    If norway needs to do some cost-cutting why don't they just send Krekar to kurdistan. I'm pretty sure keeping him in any kurdish city town centre for more than 2 mins would do the trick. And the kurds don't have this "oh he’s one of us so we must protect him" the same way the others do this is more "unfortunately u are a kurd that’s exactly why you'll be getting this treatment"
    And to adapt it to his mentality, he can get the Islamic punishment as well, since anything democratic is heresy

    How come kurds without the mullah title get lampooned constantly in these countries (ok fair enough there's was a shamreful amount fraudsters and black market/"eeshy rash" workers from the last generation of refugees) but even they don't get discrimination act protecting the mullahs.

    Take the Ay family for example; they were kurdish asylum seekers from turkey. What democratic treatment did they receive? They've spent 15-16 years to get any sort of asylum in europe. The family with children where kept in a detention center in scotland for over a year, the father was deported to germany then to turkey where he subsequently disappeared (as most kurds in turkey do), where was the uproar then
    How many people have heard of their story anyway?
    Though there is a sorta happy ending ... after they were deported to germany a court was kind enough not to send them back to turkey

    Back on the topic of islamists, the attack on the US embassy in jeddah. Look how the terms change when you switch the word iraq with saudi.
    These people were criminals instead of legitimate resistance against a puppet government, no cleric came up to sign a petition for more jihad on american targets, not one human rights peep over the killing of the jihadis, families of the criminals didn't receive their little congratulatory telegram on their martyred son, no newspaper articles and op-eds showing us the view from a poor disheartened jihadi, the policemen killed were considered dead because they were doing their job, instead of rightfully killed dogs who serve the american purpose.

    And this from the country who created all the ideologies, funny world.

    Tuesday, December 07, 2004 

    One of a total of God Knows Howmany!

    The genocide mentioned in the bbc news article as "alleged" is renewed every time I walk by the tree in Manchester City Center, glancing at the writing "in the memory of the 5000 people died in Halabja by chemical weapons in Kurdistan on the 16th Of March 1988".

    "Controversial giant media corporation" BBC says a dutchman will be charged for Supplying the Jailed Arab Hero Saddam Husain with weapons originated from USA and Japan!

    read it here

    remember there is no Northern Iraq


    Good news

    Shiites in Iraq begin to think seriously on the way to constitute a federal region according to the Kurdish model, and want to debate it in a Congress.

    Good news because shiits being majoritary in Iraq, if they promote federalism, Kurdish positions would be strenghtened. Moreover, we could foresee a kind of higher bid after each new step like : "If neighbours have this right, we too" and so on...

    Good news because if shiites become enthusiastic partisans of federalism, Kurds won't only appeared as bad Iraqi citizens/separatists. And if Ankara shout a lot, our beloved jandarma could invade Bassora if they wish... good luck....

    Monday, December 06, 2004 

    DEHAP banned the oldest Kurdish publishing house in Turkey

    The city council of Diyarbekir has organized a book-show, from November 30 to December 5. If a such exhibition wanted to be international and not only Kurdish, the mayor of Diyarbekir, Osman Baydemir, estimated all the same that it was better to forbid the presence of DOZ publishing, though were presented books from all the ME and even Balkans, etc. But the exhibition closed its doors front of the oldest Kurdish publishing house in Turkey, created by Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, in a time where printing, reading and writing in Kurdish was considerably more dangerous than nowadays.

    DOZ should be presented by a bookshop of Diyarbakir, which had to withdraw it from its list, for representatives of the council warned that they would not give a place to this bookshop if it keep DOZ among its choices. After a long and hard discuss, the representative of the bookshop, Murat Bey had finally obeyed, and than kept his place in the show. Some Kurdish politicians are pkay, indeed : no need for Turkish authorities to forbiden Kurdish writings, they do the job themselves.

    (source : kerkuk-kurdistan).

    So, do you want to know the reason ? It is just because the mayor of Diayarbakir, Osman Baydemir, is a DEHAP member. And DOZ, created by Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, is a free publishing house, which had always rejected the intellectual Turkish terrorism, as much as the PKK's one.

    photo Roxane.

    Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, we remindit, is presently a political refugee in Germany. He was a lawyer during a long time in Turkey, and a publisher of Kurdish books. He was always opposed to the PKK, wich he consider with disdain as brainless morons, who distroyed the Kurdish culture and killed its writers, exactly like Turks did. So Ahmet Zeki was put on the PKK black list. But it did not prevent Öcalan (who is never stupid concerning his own interest) to call him immediately after his arrest in 1999 February to defend him. At this time, everybody in Turkey trembled by hearing Öcalan's name, but Ahmet Zeki, for the cause of Kurdish people, accepted to be the first lawyer of PKK leader. So he was the main target in Turkey, many times threatened and attacked by Turkish nationalists, while in the same time, he had to face the PKK, especially when he dropped the case, being sick by his client's cowardness, who thought only to save his head and in that aim, beg pardon to Turks. Then, Ahmet Zeki, because he refused that treason, faced a campaign of the PKK, outraged that someone dared to criticize its divine president, who, a hand on his heart and tears in his eyes, prayed Turkish mothers to forgive him...

    DOZ has ever had a pro-kurdish and even pro-kurdistani reputation, with a bit partiality for Barzani. A nightmare for both PKK and Turks, of course. Last year, because it has published Masud Barzani's book, "Barzani and the Kudish national liberation movement".DOZ had some trouble again with Turkish justice .

    So what about the DEHAP ? Well this kind of acts shows one more time that DEHAP members are either puppets manipulated by Turks and the PKK in the same time, or goodwillingly Kurdish politicians, rescued from the HEP, DEP, HADEP parties, but boxed between their "comrads" and Turkish authorities.

    Moreover, always in the DEHAP/PKK political line, this sunday, in Istanbul, several Turkish parties made a demonstration against US, with slogans dedicated to the glory of Palestinians AND Fallujah militias. Among them was the DEHAP, shouting : "Fallujah, Gaza against US", "Long live to our president Ocalan's resistance" (which resistance ???? he refused to greet one of his guardians when this man privated him to TV ?), "we are all in Fallujah" etc., so nothing about Kirkuk, the main problem for the DEHAP is Fallujah, do you understand ?

    Source amud.com

    Sunday, December 05, 2004 

    Turks are our MAIN enemey!

    It is not the 200 BC,
    It is 2004 nearly 2005,
    as far as humanity remembers we have been in contact with earch other for a total of 2004 times 365 or 366 days, but the Turks, they just feel like they have just been thrown on mother earth... i dont know why they hate us so much?!
    Mr Turk! the commentor on Kurdos blog would be able to tell without swearing at me, well even if you swear I wouldnt mind because yesterday it happened to the EU president with someone far more educated than you my fellow turk-man:
    guess what happened when he mentioned this to the Turks?
    a man whose surname means a grocer, a man whose mind means nothing but Turk, a man whose heart beats only when the racist national anthum is sung, a man whose foot cannot walk when he walks towards non-turkland, a man who hates Kurds, a man whose mind-mates killed thousands of us, a man whose soldiers do not accept the word Kurdish, never ever Kurdistan but Lehce(the dialect) and Guneydogu (south east).
    That man attacked Mr. Borrel telling him: "why dotn you go and visit bask region instead, there is no Kurdistan!" this is the fella:
    He is the head of some organisation stuff in the Kemalistland, he was forced to leave the hotel as a grocer doesnt know what a civilisaton is, he proved that he is stubborn, stupid, racist and against the Kurds even if their name is mentioned, moreover even if that mentioning was for the sake of the kemalists benefit!!!

    You Mr Bakkal, you have a long way to go with the peshmargawoman and peshmarga , you better pack up and go back to your village so that you wont see us anymore! and I assure you Mr Kemalist, that you wont die like your president, but your mind will be blown by chanting Ey Raqib (the national anthum) and one day there will be a land called Kurdland or Kurdistan, and Diyarbakir (AMED) will be its capital and will never be called Diyarbakir, it will be Amed without racist Turks, Arabs or Persians.

    Other nations did their independence battles hundreds of years ago, well we were not that lucky but that doesnt mean that in years to come you will not have the Peshmarga to fight you! our battle is not over yet Mr.Bakkal. Just as you were forced to leave the hotel your jandarma will be forced to leave Amed, as it is just the right place for people like Mr.Borrel to meet our First Lady Mrs Zana!

    Mr.Bakkal we know that any reform you do is not becauase you started to feel as there is something called Kurd, but it is because your country is starving and your big mouthes are swallowing the heards of the poor in your "touristic" country! We know it is because you are ready to stripe of everything you have to become a member of EU so that you have a better life, but I am sure that Europeans are not working at least 50 hours a week to feed your racist mouthes!

    someone get me out of this hatred! i hate this hatred!

    out of topic, dest xosh kurdo & Medya, check this out guys, and if you have an ounce of love towards Kurds in your heart lets tell the world that there is No northern Iraq but it is Kurdistan, link this please: http://www.northerniraq.tk

    Thursday, December 02, 2004 

    Just what we need.. more 3rd world products

    i was reading kurdo's post about airports.
    Seriously what the hell. Is Iraq ever in a situation where countries like turkey and jordan don't benefit. Iraq pre-saddam they benefited, with saddam they benefit, iraq gets sanctions they benefit, war-time they benfit again aftermath benefit GALORE.

    I thought Iraq was meant to be liberated not thrown at the mercy of these glorified theives. Seriously can an iraqi take a dump without paying something silly like a toilet paper charge to one of these countries.
    I thought we would get capitalism galore starbucks, costa, virgin, hmv, mmm applebees. Not these over-charged underthought products these guys are pumping in.

    At least during the sanctions it was bearable, because iraqis had to pretend that no one knew about these smugglung rings and that it was OK to turn a blind eye to expired food and medicine that were throwing in along with their other useless products.

    Now whats their excuse for allowing them to take advantage of iraq like that. Why do we have still pay turkey and jordan just to get to iraq there many many other transit places. Like instead of turkey how about cyprus.. Larnaka has decent size airport or what about athens.. it's pretty much the same as Istanbul's aiport except I remember the last time i visited there seemed to be a lot of people cutting their toenails about the place but hey that was before their airport was revamped so probably now these toenail cutters get caned or something.

    Oh and jordans airport , I'm telling 2 experiences both horrible, once i even saw a nun there grumbling about the service while taking her luggage (i was shocked to see a nun outside a school or hospital but hey an agitated nun muttering under her breath ... a treat).
    If they're so keen to please regional countries why don't they choose other middle-eastern airports whose business models don't revolve around what pisses the hell out of travellers : lets not tell the passengers or even give an indication about which baggage carousel their bags would end up in or even better let all the battered luggage from different airlines get thrown out of one baggage carousel the stampede part is great, or how about chaining the trolleys to the ground that has to be pure genius and to top it all off the guy who decided lets be more efficient we have 6 passport checks, how shall we work around this... I know lets make 3 rows for jordanians and 3 for the REST OF THE WORLD (a jordanian friend was like don't take that away from us its one of the few special moments we have in jordan)

    Actually the trolley thing i remember i was really annoyed cos for some reason i didn't see the chain and I pulled back pretty strong pull only to get really bad backlash so i said -insert mumbled expletive- "why are they chaining trolleys now" and this equally annoyed man with alot of luggage behind us who was standing with his wife and was like "so they don't fly".

    And why was suleimany's airport given to the turks to fix? have u seen the state of their constructions in turkey... and how their buildings fall domino-like at the simple tremor of the ground. Why is it that Iraqi owned construction companies abroad have a million obstacles in their way to get started in iraq but these ppl are given a blank card.

    It's not likle they're bringing anything new into the country it's just leftovers they have. Take iraqiya tv ... supposedly an iraqi channel yet all it contains is re-runs from lebanese tv channels sold to iraq at a price-tag of upto $28,000 an episode . And these things are old... i mean if say LBC had miss gonorrhea 2005 we would be getting miss gonorrhea 85. Every other satellite channel is talking about chaos and destruction in iraq and when then switch back onto this channel there's some old lebanese cookshow or fashin show, how is that even relevant. I think now they've moved to old egyptian shows now.

    I'm trying to think what exactly is it that these countries produce that is probably useful... so far nothing. Oh wait the produce some brand of chocolates, turkey has ulker and jordan has ghandoor. Of course its just rips off of chocolates already out there.. ulker has this fake mars bar even mascarding in the black and red outfit while ghandoor has this wannabe lionbar i think its called safari. And is there anything more heartbreaking and dissapointing that a chocolate that could have been.

    Wait actually they do have a world-renowned export... terrorists, the rest of the world manufactures products they manufacture terorrists. I wonder if there's way were we can send them back, u know a refund policy. We don't even want the money for them. You pack them up in a van or cage (or whatever jihadis are packaged in) and drive them into the countries they came from and let them loose. Oh wait the good part don't let the authorities know where that is, so they can have all the fun and joy of jihadis holy war firsthand, automatic feedback. Terrorism out of Iraq without human rights shoved up our face all the time cos' as you know huuman rightas abuses don't exist in those countries.


    Dan Brown rant

    This book is out to get me. Don't you hate it when u say that ure not interested in something and it keeps getting rubbed in your face. I mean i heard of this book while back and just ignored it and since then its everywhere... everybody's reading the damn thing. Ppl i speak to have to mention it at some point, news stories about its "controversy" were afire, the blogs were talking about it a while back, the kid i pick up with my brother from school was reading, the receptionist at my gym is reading and every damn bookshop in the country has it at the entrance of the store and for the fun of it they just decide to give it different covers.. now available in paperback, special edition,abnormally rectangular shaped form . And to top it all off tom hanks would be acting in the movie vesion of it. I think that may push me to read it. So far most people have said that it was either ok or too except the one person who said it was life-changing

    Speaking of mind-garbage sidney sheldon has released another book... i thought he was dead. They're great travel reading and are ok once you get passed the fact that the character have more hormones than brains, the twists at the end are good. I never seem to get them but then again i'm not exactly thinking when im reaing these things who else is there ah yes good old jean sasoon, i only read that one book about this saudi royal, and from what i've heard most of the stuff she says is actualyl true but come on how many more book is she planning to write in the same method. She always comes across as "look this is a sensual woman oppressed in the restrictive arabic (pronounce araYbic) environment and this is me beneftting off her supposed misery" Now she's released a book about afghanistan and iraq(the woman follows trends doesnt she)
    Anyway her books are always thrown next to some military diaries and the neverending books about osama and saddam.
    Actually this one time i went in the bookstore to buy a newspaper and this guy was in front of me in the queue. I think he was saudi cos of the red and white ghutra/headgear (i could be wrong cos the stuff he was saying sounded kuweiti) Anyway and he was telling the bookshop guy why are you still selling books about saddam. this man bye bye. And the bookshop guy was muttering something about "this isn't my shop i just work here i dont buy these". So ghutra guy was like "ok tell ure boss no more saddam ok".. its funny when u realise most ppl dont actually give a damn

    Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

    A terrorist is dead Part II

    Or a new spamming campaign, to enjoy Roll rebwar....

    I appreciate Mehmet Ali Birand's papers from Turkish Daily News. I don't think that this man is a pro-Kurds, but he is what Kurds need : a CLEVER adversary, able to see his own interest and so able to negociate (better than stupid allies, I guess). I copy here his comments on Uxur's assasination, because each paper change everyday..

    Road to EU passes from Mardin

    Ahmet Kaymaz was 30 years old. He was a truck driver in Mardin's Kiziltepe area. He was known as a Democratic People’s Party (DEHAP) member. Some members of his family were approached to become village guards, but they refused. "

    Here I explain for those who don't know what is a village guard : a more or less press-gang who has to track and fight guerilla and its supporters, an old tactic : Making kill Kurds by Kurds. Refusing to become a village guardian could expose to many troubles, as we see.

    His son, Ugur Kaymaz, was 12 years old. He was a primary school student. He was a good student with a good attendance record.

    In a police operation last week, both Ahmet and Ugur Kaymaz were killed. Thirteen bullets were extracted from the body of Ugur. Nine of the bullets were fired from a distance of 50 centimeters and aimed at his back. There was a gun found near Ugur. According to his teacher, he was not grown up enough to carry such a weapon.

    13 bullets, it is quite too much for "just a mistake". But shoting from a distance of 50 cm makes difficult to state self-defence.

    The Mardin governor announced that these two individuals had died in a firefight. Ugur, who was wearing slippers at the time, took part in it. That was what the governor was saying. Ugur’s mother claimed that the last time she saw her son alive was when a security officer was pushing on her son’s neck with his foot. Ugur’s teacher, who ran towards the scene after hearing gunshots, corroborated her statements.

    Now is the time to listen to your conscience. This is the time to sift through the reports, to find the truth and to prove this was no assassination. We are talking about a 12-year-old boy who was killed in front of his house while saying goodbye to his father on his way to another truck run. We are talking about a father who had to stay away from his home for months to make ends meet.
    The truth should be uncovered. No one should be protected or hidden from justice. The series of laws we call the Copenhagen criteria is a lifestyle. In short, it is democracy. Democracy is a regime deserved by all in the country. The government is facing a test of sincerity. The way to prove that democracy really has been established in Turkey lies in the efforts to investigate the Kaymaz murders. The road to the EU does not pass through Brussels but through Kiziltepe in Mardin.

    Mehmet Ali Birand.


    I had a dream...

    Without joking, if I could make a wishlist, I would like that crimes of torture would be legally considered as crimes against humanity and in that way, imprescriptible... That even after 30 years, a former tormentor could not be sure, in any country or situation in which he is sheltered, to not be rapted and condemned. A dream, just a dream...


    It took time, but at least they achieved it !

    Later is better than never... for the next elections in Iraq (in January if they are not delayed) both mastodons-parties of Federal Kurdistan, the PUK and the KDP, present a common list.

    Advantage ? Until now, in the provisional government, Kurds could impose their point of view on many questions, though they were a minority (about federalism, veto, refusing the entrance of Turkish troops in Iraq), for they were united, facing divided Arab political circles.

    Disadvantage ? Of course, it will reinforce the quite royal supremacy of both parties, and as in 1992, smaller parties will protest ; it could encourage nepotism and corruption (see Avas,în's post)... But in that moment, I think that the power of these parties is necessary for national elections. Later, it will time to start a cleansing of political life inside a federal Kurdistan of which prerogatives would be guaranteed by the Constitution.

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