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Monday, December 06, 2004 

DEHAP banned the oldest Kurdish publishing house in Turkey

The city council of Diyarbekir has organized a book-show, from November 30 to December 5. If a such exhibition wanted to be international and not only Kurdish, the mayor of Diyarbekir, Osman Baydemir, estimated all the same that it was better to forbid the presence of DOZ publishing, though were presented books from all the ME and even Balkans, etc. But the exhibition closed its doors front of the oldest Kurdish publishing house in Turkey, created by Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, in a time where printing, reading and writing in Kurdish was considerably more dangerous than nowadays.

DOZ should be presented by a bookshop of Diyarbakir, which had to withdraw it from its list, for representatives of the council warned that they would not give a place to this bookshop if it keep DOZ among its choices. After a long and hard discuss, the representative of the bookshop, Murat Bey had finally obeyed, and than kept his place in the show. Some Kurdish politicians are pkay, indeed : no need for Turkish authorities to forbiden Kurdish writings, they do the job themselves.

(source : kerkuk-kurdistan).

So, do you want to know the reason ? It is just because the mayor of Diayarbakir, Osman Baydemir, is a DEHAP member. And DOZ, created by Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, is a free publishing house, which had always rejected the intellectual Turkish terrorism, as much as the PKK's one.

photo Roxane.

Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, we remindit, is presently a political refugee in Germany. He was a lawyer during a long time in Turkey, and a publisher of Kurdish books. He was always opposed to the PKK, wich he consider with disdain as brainless morons, who distroyed the Kurdish culture and killed its writers, exactly like Turks did. So Ahmet Zeki was put on the PKK black list. But it did not prevent Öcalan (who is never stupid concerning his own interest) to call him immediately after his arrest in 1999 February to defend him. At this time, everybody in Turkey trembled by hearing Öcalan's name, but Ahmet Zeki, for the cause of Kurdish people, accepted to be the first lawyer of PKK leader. So he was the main target in Turkey, many times threatened and attacked by Turkish nationalists, while in the same time, he had to face the PKK, especially when he dropped the case, being sick by his client's cowardness, who thought only to save his head and in that aim, beg pardon to Turks. Then, Ahmet Zeki, because he refused that treason, faced a campaign of the PKK, outraged that someone dared to criticize its divine president, who, a hand on his heart and tears in his eyes, prayed Turkish mothers to forgive him...

DOZ has ever had a pro-kurdish and even pro-kurdistani reputation, with a bit partiality for Barzani. A nightmare for both PKK and Turks, of course. Last year, because it has published Masud Barzani's book, "Barzani and the Kudish national liberation movement".DOZ had some trouble again with Turkish justice .

So what about the DEHAP ? Well this kind of acts shows one more time that DEHAP members are either puppets manipulated by Turks and the PKK in the same time, or goodwillingly Kurdish politicians, rescued from the HEP, DEP, HADEP parties, but boxed between their "comrads" and Turkish authorities.

Moreover, always in the DEHAP/PKK political line, this sunday, in Istanbul, several Turkish parties made a demonstration against US, with slogans dedicated to the glory of Palestinians AND Fallujah militias. Among them was the DEHAP, shouting : "Fallujah, Gaza against US", "Long live to our president Ocalan's resistance" (which resistance ???? he refused to greet one of his guardians when this man privated him to TV ?), "we are all in Fallujah" etc., so nothing about Kirkuk, the main problem for the DEHAP is Fallujah, do you understand ?

Source amud.com

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