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Thursday, December 02, 2004 

Just what we need.. more 3rd world products

i was reading kurdo's post about airports.
Seriously what the hell. Is Iraq ever in a situation where countries like turkey and jordan don't benefit. Iraq pre-saddam they benefited, with saddam they benefit, iraq gets sanctions they benefit, war-time they benfit again aftermath benefit GALORE.

I thought Iraq was meant to be liberated not thrown at the mercy of these glorified theives. Seriously can an iraqi take a dump without paying something silly like a toilet paper charge to one of these countries.
I thought we would get capitalism galore starbucks, costa, virgin, hmv, mmm applebees. Not these over-charged underthought products these guys are pumping in.

At least during the sanctions it was bearable, because iraqis had to pretend that no one knew about these smugglung rings and that it was OK to turn a blind eye to expired food and medicine that were throwing in along with their other useless products.

Now whats their excuse for allowing them to take advantage of iraq like that. Why do we have still pay turkey and jordan just to get to iraq there many many other transit places. Like instead of turkey how about cyprus.. Larnaka has decent size airport or what about athens.. it's pretty much the same as Istanbul's aiport except I remember the last time i visited there seemed to be a lot of people cutting their toenails about the place but hey that was before their airport was revamped so probably now these toenail cutters get caned or something.

Oh and jordans airport , I'm telling 2 experiences both horrible, once i even saw a nun there grumbling about the service while taking her luggage (i was shocked to see a nun outside a school or hospital but hey an agitated nun muttering under her breath ... a treat).
If they're so keen to please regional countries why don't they choose other middle-eastern airports whose business models don't revolve around what pisses the hell out of travellers : lets not tell the passengers or even give an indication about which baggage carousel their bags would end up in or even better let all the battered luggage from different airlines get thrown out of one baggage carousel the stampede part is great, or how about chaining the trolleys to the ground that has to be pure genius and to top it all off the guy who decided lets be more efficient we have 6 passport checks, how shall we work around this... I know lets make 3 rows for jordanians and 3 for the REST OF THE WORLD (a jordanian friend was like don't take that away from us its one of the few special moments we have in jordan)

Actually the trolley thing i remember i was really annoyed cos for some reason i didn't see the chain and I pulled back pretty strong pull only to get really bad backlash so i said -insert mumbled expletive- "why are they chaining trolleys now" and this equally annoyed man with alot of luggage behind us who was standing with his wife and was like "so they don't fly".

And why was suleimany's airport given to the turks to fix? have u seen the state of their constructions in turkey... and how their buildings fall domino-like at the simple tremor of the ground. Why is it that Iraqi owned construction companies abroad have a million obstacles in their way to get started in iraq but these ppl are given a blank card.

It's not likle they're bringing anything new into the country it's just leftovers they have. Take iraqiya tv ... supposedly an iraqi channel yet all it contains is re-runs from lebanese tv channels sold to iraq at a price-tag of upto $28,000 an episode . And these things are old... i mean if say LBC had miss gonorrhea 2005 we would be getting miss gonorrhea 85. Every other satellite channel is talking about chaos and destruction in iraq and when then switch back onto this channel there's some old lebanese cookshow or fashin show, how is that even relevant. I think now they've moved to old egyptian shows now.

I'm trying to think what exactly is it that these countries produce that is probably useful... so far nothing. Oh wait the produce some brand of chocolates, turkey has ulker and jordan has ghandoor. Of course its just rips off of chocolates already out there.. ulker has this fake mars bar even mascarding in the black and red outfit while ghandoor has this wannabe lionbar i think its called safari. And is there anything more heartbreaking and dissapointing that a chocolate that could have been.

Wait actually they do have a world-renowned export... terrorists, the rest of the world manufactures products they manufacture terorrists. I wonder if there's way were we can send them back, u know a refund policy. We don't even want the money for them. You pack them up in a van or cage (or whatever jihadis are packaged in) and drive them into the countries they came from and let them loose. Oh wait the good part don't let the authorities know where that is, so they can have all the fun and joy of jihadis holy war firsthand, automatic feedback. Terrorism out of Iraq without human rights shoved up our face all the time cos' as you know huuman rightas abuses don't exist in those countries.

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