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Thursday, December 02, 2004 

Dan Brown rant

This book is out to get me. Don't you hate it when u say that ure not interested in something and it keeps getting rubbed in your face. I mean i heard of this book while back and just ignored it and since then its everywhere... everybody's reading the damn thing. Ppl i speak to have to mention it at some point, news stories about its "controversy" were afire, the blogs were talking about it a while back, the kid i pick up with my brother from school was reading, the receptionist at my gym is reading and every damn bookshop in the country has it at the entrance of the store and for the fun of it they just decide to give it different covers.. now available in paperback, special edition,abnormally rectangular shaped form . And to top it all off tom hanks would be acting in the movie vesion of it. I think that may push me to read it. So far most people have said that it was either ok or too except the one person who said it was life-changing

Speaking of mind-garbage sidney sheldon has released another book... i thought he was dead. They're great travel reading and are ok once you get passed the fact that the character have more hormones than brains, the twists at the end are good. I never seem to get them but then again i'm not exactly thinking when im reaing these things who else is there ah yes good old jean sasoon, i only read that one book about this saudi royal, and from what i've heard most of the stuff she says is actualyl true but come on how many more book is she planning to write in the same method. She always comes across as "look this is a sensual woman oppressed in the restrictive arabic (pronounce araYbic) environment and this is me beneftting off her supposed misery" Now she's released a book about afghanistan and iraq(the woman follows trends doesnt she)
Anyway her books are always thrown next to some military diaries and the neverending books about osama and saddam.
Actually this one time i went in the bookstore to buy a newspaper and this guy was in front of me in the queue. I think he was saudi cos of the red and white ghutra/headgear (i could be wrong cos the stuff he was saying sounded kuweiti) Anyway and he was telling the bookshop guy why are you still selling books about saddam. this man bye bye. And the bookshop guy was muttering something about "this isn't my shop i just work here i dont buy these". So ghutra guy was like "ok tell ure boss no more saddam ok".. its funny when u realise most ppl dont actually give a damn

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