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Saturday, November 20, 2004 

Dukan Meetings

Dukan: the resort town near Slemani by the Dukan lake
For some reaosn I think the outside media does not pay attention to what is goin on in Dukan, I dont know if it is because of Falluja and Arafat's marg(death) or not. But among Kurds it is one of the most important events!
Kurdish Leaders called the Iraqi parities to discuss Elections in general and the situations in Mosul and Kirkuk, I have been reading and hearing that the Kurdish leaders finally are about to listen to people and ask the none Kurdihs parties to pay attention to article 58 of the TAL, that unless the arabisation process in Kirkuk is not reversed no eleciotn should take place in the oile rich Kurds expelled city of Babagurrgurr(one of the Kirkuk's oil fields name).

Now what is been happening in Dukan is that the Kurds insist on the Election as Talabani side news are reporting, but they want to speed up returning the exiled Kurds and ask the Arab Brothers(!) to leave their homes and lands which were given to them by the Jailed Arab Hero (who knows may be his grieve made Arafat have a life attack!). if that would not be the case tll the election then they demand a delay in the elections at least in Kirkuk!

But the equation as usual is not that simple and easy, neither the prime minister(puppet?!) or the peresident (tribes-man?) did exist, oh well I would never think that the non-Kurdish islamists either Shia or Sunni would be happy to think about others rights (Kurds,turkmans or assyrians etc) apart from their 14 hundred years old dream of Unity and reign of Islam all over the world and we should be united and the rest of the fictions they think they can have one-day. "Arabic is the language of God and hereafter so what the hell you are going to do with Kurdish or Assyrian or Turkish" that is what they have been trying to do since Mohammed declared his messangership.
But I believe it is not a suprise that in a two day meeting the fate of not onely a city but may be a nation can be changed by those (fingers crossed) politcal heads, do not get me wrong I love most of them and I appreciate their struggle but believe me you will know them very well if you watch them attend a HARDTALLK programm on BBCWORLD.
We need them to be transparent, to tell us what they are tlking about? what exactly is goin on? we have been deprived from this right as the Kurdihs nation since we have our first leader, I believe that none of our leaders was telling every intention he had to us, let the nation know what you are discussing, the reports say no more than: "there was an important meeting and the results are all good, x and y and z participated and some vedio shots of smiles and drinking water that is it!"

I hope it is good not for only Kurds but for the deprived, opressed, war victims people of Iraq in General.
let me finally tell you this: I met a man in his 60s and he was an Interpreter for Assyrian language and his name was Saman(in Kurdish means wealth) and it cant be a name from the 40s names!! and I asked "you got a contemporary very nice Kurdish name, even sounds better than mine!" he laughed and said, "we used not differentiate between Kurds and the rest we didnt know these things untill dirty minded racists provoked these issues, Kirkuk was a calm multicultural city and half of my family are married to the Kurds who else we would live with?"
I hope the same old decent feelings was going on in Dukan, then it wouldnt matter if they would not let us know what they have been discussing!(i dont think so)

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