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Wednesday, November 17, 2004 

Cursed Islamic Republic

Now I am too busy to even follow up the posts here but I dont think this news will make it to any where simply because Iranians can hide stuff very well and because he was a Kurd!

I was reading in www.peyamner.com that a 14 year old Kurdish boy in the city of Sanandaj (Sna) or as Iranians call it city of Kurdistan Province, because of allegations of not fasting Ramadan, he was sentsenced by the so called Judge with 85 (!!!!!) lashes! the poor boy died before he grows up and learns that his nation is always accused of stuff like that and always been lashed to death, he even didnt live long enough to learn abou other massacres nor his news made it to anywhere!

Human Rights? ---- shame on humanity
Ramadan ---- shame on the Isamists
me ---- I dint fast a signle day of it, and this made me feel so happy that I didnt, and this is the first time i feel happy not fasting Ramadan.

The rest of the news is so important but not as much as a single lash which he had!
i got so much to say that i will just shut up like he did!

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