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Saturday, November 13, 2004 

Kurdistan Save The Children Needs HELP

I received this via email from Maureen McLuckie the co-ordinator of KSF.

"I was introduced to a delegation of six men who are Kurdish but whose religion is Yezidis.
Yezidis belong to the pr-Islamic period. It is one of the ancient monotheistic religions, and their tradition has been passed down by word of mouth. .

In the pre-Islamic period the Kurds followed various religions. Kurds were Yezidis, Zoroastrians, and Judaism, Christianity also were very popular among the Kurds. But when the Kurds were converted to Islam in the year 637 the Yezidis never converted

Today there are some 350,000 living in the Shingar area about 120 km from Mosul in Northern Iraq. At the moment they come under the Iraqi area and not the Kurdish area. In 1975 the Baathist party under Saddam Hussein destroyed 159 villages and the population of the villages were herded into 12 compounds where they still live today. They have never had water inside these compounds and they still have to buy the water from the tankers that regular come by. 95% of the population are unemployed.

In the other villages that were left in tact the names of the villages were changed from Kurdish to Arabic, after the fall of the regime in 2003 the Yezidis wanted to change the names of their villages back to Kurdish they have denied permission to do so by the Mosul Government.

A few days ago all the Moslem children in the schools were giving school bags containing pens, pencils etc, the Kurdish children were told that they would have to get them from the Kurdish Government. The young girls have been told they have to wear the Hijab, which is the long black dress and the covering of the head and shoulders.
These 6 men had come to Sulaimaniya to seek help. I was told that the Mosul administration was practicing discrimination against the Yezidis not only because they are Yezidis but because they are also Kurds. The only employment in the area is the cement factory which apparently is the biggest factory of its kind the in Middle East, out of 460 employees there are only 49 Kurds and the director has decided that no other Kurds are to be employed.

I was really furious when they told me this, the Kurds are a very proud race and these men are very well educated so it must be really very embarrassing for them to have to come and ask someone like me for help. So much for the new Iraq wanting democracy.

KSC is going to put a plans together for a school and I will then try and get some funding for them, I'm not quite sure who from but I shall try. The Kurdish Administration has told me they will provide the furniture and schools books if I can raise the money for the school to be built but if anyone else can raise some money than it will be greatly appreciated."

To send funds contact :
email :mcluckm_kcf@yahoo.co.uk

Maureen McLuckie
Kurdistan Children's Fund
0044 20 8688 3547

Please contact media outlets !

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