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Wednesday, November 10, 2004 


I'm really hoping this offensive can be over and done with soon, of course it should have started much much earlier but this is exactly what you get when u leave borders open and just poo-poo the mullahs and their funding countries for so long. And to think a few months back the kurds were about to be sold out to these form of scum.
There are also people out these who wanted iraq to wait a "little more".. may i ask for what ?! They've already kidnapped (and will most likely kill) the members of the PM allawi's family, they kill our security forces, they mutilate kill aid workers and anyone who wants to help iraq.. wait i take that back they kill anything that moves,they target places of worship and they behead iraqis by the dozen...what exactly should we be waiting a little more for till every single sensible Iraqi is dead? These "outcries" shouldn't be taken seriously since they are the same people who still wish saddam was in power and our depressed that his temporary replacements might be removed as well.

Of course I wish the american and iraqi forces may have provided some aid or temporary accomodation for the refugees fleeing the city (i dunno about security but they have the funds and the man power to provide something to these ppl, at least encourage more of the innocent to leave, not everyone has a home to go to) and I don't like the idea of kurds dying for the sake of a shitfest like fallujah but regarding these criminals... I can't wait till every single one of their decaying corpses are pushing litter in a garbage dump somewhere... probably on the borders of the neighbouring country that has provide and/or funded them . I may be even a little more biased today since i've had some distubing personal news today that has put me in the mood to get a cheese grater and mutilate every single resitance sympathiser in my sight, i think its better not to go into any more detail since im bound to go into a fully blown racist tirade.

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