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Wednesday, November 03, 2004 

Of this and that

There's actually a bunch of stuff i was planning to write about so I've decided to put them altogether.

1) Kidnappings and beheadings

Margaret Hassan to be handed over to Zarqawi

I just find this extremely painful, especially since her last video was declared demeaning even by the most demeaning of beings such as Jazeera. I still don't understand how scum could sink that low. What more do they want from this woman.

And to even make the day more painful more Iraqis beheaded by these animal organizations. What is there to say about a country when the only people trying to help it are executed by batch.

I think it’s about time we start hiring some bulldozers and razing every single Assoc of muslims neglibles as soon as possible, everyone knows they are responsible even fay7aa tv aired confessions from 12 jailed members of ansar al sunna who all claimed to get their orders directly from Ziad Dulaimy (not sure about the exact name) a leading member of this dreaded organization.

2)George Bush re-elected into the white house
Unless something really odd happens in the next coming weeks this is the way it stands. But I must say what an extremely dignified final speech by Kerry, we were watching it and my Dad was saying "see this is how democracy works".
Though It took a long time didn't it? For some reason I thought the entire thing was going to be electronic and the results would have showed at the click of a button. The campaign was pretty interesting , though one part I found particularly uncomfortable was the blood mathematics, each one using all these tragic deaths to their advantage.
Here it was funny hearing family and relatives commenting on the appearances of kerry and bush you kow about bush not looking too serious or whether his wife has had botox or saying something like "aw chakmaja chiya" (whats this drawer) referring to kerry's chin everytime he showed up on tv. His chin has been a pretty important part in this household.

To be honest I was pretty neutral to the entire thing. I know nothing about their domestic agendas but to us middle eastern mountain dwelling folk, it's foreign policy that matters and that usually stays more or less stable no matter which administration is in place. The bad side of that is that many dictatorships around here would still be receiving aid and support but on the flipside neither one of them would have been willing to let go of Iraq just yet.
Though from all the media regarding it, it looked like no one in the world supported bush, so i see some justified media-thrashing about to happen.

Here's hoping and wishing for a much better next 4 years.

As you know most kurds are pro-Bush because he removed Saddam something that would have sounded very very fictitious a couple of years ago.
Also the other reasons being the pronunciation (or mispronunciation) of kerry's name. Actually maybe Kerry should have won at least we would have finally learned to pronounce properly. See kurds in general are really good at piking up new languages (well mainly cos we have to) but our enunciations are plain horrible. Especially when we try putting foreign words into our language, We change "E's to "I's" , mess up vowels, add and remove letters as we please. Words like prossa (instead of process.. which surprisingly has officially become a kurdish word) and Madonal (instead of mcdonald.. and we've went as far as opening up a restaurant under that name as well) Or how about this new addition... 70's scandinavian sounding L's (think of this sound.... ELLL) AS IN festivELLLL , carnivELLL, MadonaeLL

3) The passing away of the UAE ruler, Sheikh Zayed

I was just watching the funeral processions on arabic satellite, it was pretty simple. And you can see the ppl are genuinely saddened by his loss.
None of that extreme self beating, no larger than life photos, just many many ppl flocking towards the mosque for funeral prayers and then following his casket to burial.

Why am I mentioning this? Mainly cos Iraqis love using the UAE as an example of a country at extreme opposite ends with theirs. Sheikh Zayed has taken a country that was pretty much uninhabited 30 yrs ago and transformed it into an international hub as well as the most advanced multicultural country in the region. During the same timeframe we had a president who took the most advanced multicultural country in the region and transformed it into desolate rubble.

Remember the UAE only had one resource and that was Oil and look how far it got them while Iraq is an ocean of resources from oil to corps to land to the people and yet we have been thrown back hundreds of years. All this death and destruction and for what? just to get a bunch of lobotomized simians worked up about pride, unity, glory and other non-existent traits.

4)Saddam's legal team sacks top man

One word to summarise the following : BWHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

How shitty must you be to be dumped by... garbage basically. Mohammed Rashdan is responsible for giving Iraqis of all religions and ethnicities diarrhea every time they switch on one of their channels and now he's been given the boot. To make this even more pathetically hilarious the other members were pissed off why he was stealing the limelight, what kind of person wants to "shine" defending a mass murdurer. Hopefully this league of froth will start turning against each other and cancel each other out one by one... if only iraq was a real country these ppl would be standing trial as well.

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