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Monday, April 17, 2006 

English women charged of murdering Kurdish citizen

An English woman has been charged with the murder of a Kurdish man in Hull, England last week. A Kurd who was arrested at the time has been released because the police are certain he is 100% innocent, a fact confirmed by CCTV cameras in the area where the murder occurred. He is the only witness and is important to prosecute the woman of the murder of his friend.

The problem that remains is one of bad communication. The Kurdish community in Hull believes the other Kurdish man was the killer, but he was not. The police have tried to tell the Kurdish community the facts, but the Kurdish community does not trust the British police. This means that news of the murder has reached Kurdistan without the true facts.

The two Kurds in this situation come from very close families and this could lead to a tragedy between these families in Kurdistan. Only because did not know the truth about this murder. The Kurd who was originally arrested by mistake was actually helping his friend before he died. He is now helping to make sure the woman who committed the murder is convicted and goes to prison. He did not murder his friend.

"I just pray the two families in Kurdistan consider the facts before they act. I pray they read this and know it is true," said a resident of Hull, who wanted to remain anonymous.

"I know how difficult a death in the family is, when you are so far from home. I do know your son will receive justice in the British system and that the murderer will go to prison," told the anonymous source.

- Vladimir

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