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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Jewish medical student visits Kurdistan

"One thing alone seems clear: The Kurds are a people under siege. In the United States we are not."

I would like to bring you to the attention of Jonathan Dworkin, who wrote those impressing words, you have just read. He is a medical student in his final year at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Currently he is travelling in South Kurdistan from January to March of 2006.

In his recent post he shows more of the Kurdish sentiment towards Israel, that isn't so hostile towards Jews.

To quote one part of his recent post:

Another friend, a KDP man, explained to me that he supports Israel because he believes chauvanism is an ingrained feature of Arab politics. "They have 25 countries," he said. "And still there is this talk of pushing the Jews into the sea. In Kurdistan we have been fighting this thinking for centuries, and believe me we are very tired."

I advise everyone to take a look into his articles. They are balanced and give a good view on the problems in South-Kurdistan. As a commentator posted:"His blog allows thoughtful insights into the problems we face today in this world".

January 25: Kurds and Jews
January 18: At Home in the New Kurdistan
January 14: City of Refugees
January 11: First Impressions

Thanks Vladimir!

That is very nice. Thank you.

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Thank you for linking to my posts on the Monthly. I read the KBU often and admire your work. If any of you are in Sulaimania and would like to meet for tea please let me know - jdworkin@hotmail.com

Please visit Srebrenica Genocide Blog, thank you and I wish you all the best in your quest for freedom.


This party sure died! Are Kurds too busy protesting the blasphemous cartoons to be blogging lately? Totally kidding guys.. but I do check here often and lately there isn't much going on. Hope all is well. Hey what does "Delal" mean in Kurdish- anything? I leaned recently that is't the Hindi word for "trader" or "broker". Take care.

Delal means "Beautiful"...

And yes... The people here have become history - like the dinasours... :P

Kurds are too busy surviving to go out to protests caricatures...

There are enough blogs next to this one.

I'm glad I found this blog. I'm an Israeli woman of Kurdish-Jewish origin (from Dohuk, Mosul, Bani Nan). I do intend to read back the old entries.

How ironic the statement; "One thing alone seems clear: The Kurds are a people under siege. In the United States we are not."

and the Palestinians are not under siege. Given that this student is so educated in recognizing a country under 'siege' how about he also recognizes what goes under the nose of his 'homeland'.

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