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Monday, March 28, 2005 

"Tirk ji me hesûdiyan dikin"

For welcoming the birth of No Qoment, a new Kurdish site (humorous and caustic and sarcastic) on the Web, I can't resist to publish here my favorite picture which says more than a long speech concerning the political independance of the DEHAP facing the PKK....

"Tirk ji me hesûdiyan dikin "

And I dedicate this one especially to Medya, who seems to like Kurdish girls hotties 's pictures...

Sunday, March 27, 2005 

KBU Review

  • Blender has desinged a new template , and put a very funny picture called "Mullah Lisa" !

  • as we expected Turkish hackers hacked to our site too , recently Turks have hacked more than 300 Kurdish sites, (no matter what those sites are about...they just hack them one after another read more about this here)

  • yesterday was Zoroaster's birthday (the first monotheistic prophet -who was kurd-) it was also Purim Celebration for Jews, I on the behalf of the KBU , say happy Purim to all who celebrate it ,specialy our Jew Kurd Blogger , emmunah.
    aslo happy easter day to the peopel of Southern Canada , Northern Ireland and everybody who celebrates it.

  • northern iraq forum was re-installed again, and everything is ok now Xweshka(sister) emmunah has started an intresting discussion here and expects you to go there and say jokes for her , this can be a nice Purim Gift for her.

  • The Turkish Democrasy blog has bad news, Turks has arrested some 10-12 years old boys for insulting to the Turkish Flag, it been said that thousands of the Turks did protest against thsese Young Kurd Boys, acording to the Human Right Watch , torturing is so normal routine in turkish prisons , we really worry about thsee small boys that been captured Turks. (just some month ago uger kaymaz a 12 years old kurd boy was killed by 4 turkish police .)

  • Southern Canada Today news site has a something about Iraqi bloggers full of links to their blogs, as always they forgot to mention 1 Kurd blogger among 31 Kurd bloggers .
    thank you. (do you ask yourself what is Southern Canada term? well you better ask yourself what is norhtern iraq term? )

Thursday, March 24, 2005 

Getting Your Message Out

Good news is...there are many readers of KBU, bad news is, there are many readers of KBU LOL! What I mean is, people see every post that is here (because this is a collective blog) as representative of the Kurdish People. It may not have been the intent, but it is the reality. That means that every post is a communication of what Kurd are like. People will make that judgement by reading your posts here, and right or wrong they will judge Kurds by what they read...even if you are just having a bad day, it won't matter, because first impressions mean a lot. Most of those impressions are very good. I think this has been a successful blog for so many opinions and different thinking. Yet, sometimes there are things that you would say around a cafe table, that you might not say in a newspaper or tv station, which is what this has become due to it's popularity. Somethings Jews only say in Yiddish or Hebrew (laughter), and something Kurds might just say in Kurdish for much the same reason (laughter again).

A parable will express a the view of the west: A cruise ship is out in the ocean with the ship totally full of tourists who are on holiday and paid a lot of money to go on the cruise. The Captain gets an emergency signal to go off course and save some stranded boat that has broken down and is a boat from the Canary Islands. The captain doesn't want to go and get his customers mad, but he doesn't want to see anyone drown either so he goes. He has no room on the cruise ship for all the people on the boat, so he tows them along behind the larger ship. The captain gives them decent food and clean water and all they need. The people in the boat want to get on the cruise ship, are yelling at the people that paid to go on holiday and throwing things at them and yelling through a bullhorn that the captain could have gotten there sooner, and what's wrong with him that he didn't get someone else who was closer, and why do they have to travel to Barbados just because the paid tourists are going there, why doesn't the captain take them directly to the nearest port, and they start throwing things toward the ship too. The captain and crew will chalk this up to sea-craziness for awhile and try to reason with them...but some will not try to understand and when the captain says "look, I didn't have to come to your aid at all" then the people in the boat get more insulted. You see...this is how one side sees it, no right, no wrong, just perspective.

The people in the boat have been adrift for a week. They suffered. They just want to go to land because every day their vessel is broken they lose money. They could care less about the captains paying customers. They want to go, where they want to go, without delay. They also want to have the luxury the toursits have too, even though they did not save for years and pay for it, they still want it. They don't want decent food and water, they want champagne and caviar. They want to blame the captain for not coming soon enough, because they could have died out there and why didn't someone come earlier (they know that 20 other ships heard their SOS too, but they don't blame them, because they are not there to yell at.). '

The captain is tired of their bullhorn and complaints and thinks of cutting them loose. He feels underappreciated. He wonders sometimes why he just didn't ignore it. But he has faith, and he doesn't do that. But even if he gets them back to shore, do you think he will have a good opinion of them? No. Nor will they have a good opinion of the captain.

Are any of these sides wrong? Not really. They are just different perspectives. Yet, clearly it would serve the interests of those in the boat to think that maybe if they didn't stop yelling and throwing things someone might cut the tow and leave them adrift. And it is almost certain that no one on the cruise ship will think well of Canary Islanders after even that limited encounter, even though it did not represent the whole people of the Canary Islands. If they had cursed the captain in Portuguese, but maintained some politeness throughout, even if they were right, then perhaps the captain would have worked things out better for them, maybe gave them some great steaks, caviar and champagne after all. All around, the encounter would have left both peoples with a good impression of one another.

A kindness well received, begets a kindness in return, begets more kindness, and more appreciation for the plight of the *other*. On the other hand, a mean comment begets a mean comment and leave no one with any appreciation of the *other*.

Now that we are LOL *journalists* LOL and we are I guess, because we have a lot of readers yes?. We must remember this, and remember that we are representing the Kurdish people, even if we did not intend to do that. Let people go away with a new found friend, and an impression (maybe the only one they will ever get) of Kurds as strong, mature, reasonable and capable. Let others display their gutter level talk, do not let it be a Kurd.

Okay, enough moralizing and paraples, before I make someone puke:)! I have a project for lovers of Kurdish Music. There is a giant internet radio station group that is becoming very popular around the world because you can get music from EVERYWHERE here. There is salsa, souk, rock, soul, religous....everything...from many languages too. There is no Kurdish though:(. So I am posting this here so maybe someone who has a computer with a collection of Kurdish music can become a "broadcaster" and everyone can listen to Kurdish music play continuously on their computer even at work or school. Check it out, you can have talk too, and have kurdish talk show if you wanted to. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, all you need is a computer and a bunch of Kurdish music on it. Here is the link, it's called Radio 365, and click on the broadcasters instructions to see how to do it. I am a paid subscriber because my boss likes it too, so he paid:)...lucky me...but I would love to listen to Kurdish folk music especially and there is none there. Does anyone want to take up this project and get Kurdish message and talk and music to the worldwide audience? Build, build, build, build...it's a great idea for building community, especially among the diaspora and eventually to others who will be listening out of curiosity. Again, remember you will be representing the Kurdish people:). Such a burden these reality politics yes? Please let me know if you need help a fee to be paid.


great article

dont wnat to push Medya's post but i THINK this is the best article I have read in years time about Erdogan and Gulen
when u finish that,this will make sense:
one of Gulen's students told me that at the time of GulfI war they were awakened by their masters for a mass-night prayer (Tehejjud) for Saddam to be safe! when we told them all about him, he was saying "God how stupid we were!" but of course nothing like "my god how well we were brain washed by our masters!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 

New Bloggers & Kurd Blogger Finalist in photobloggies

New Kurdistan Bloggers

Uncalculated Thoughts , a 22 years old boy from iranian kurdistan ,studying in usa.
iraqi kurdistan , it seems that he is a a proffessor
Perile , he/she writes in english/kurdish/farsi and another language that I didnt undrestand .

Kurd Finalist in the photobloggies

This year in the biggest photoblog award contest, "photobloggies" we see a Kurd Photographer , Medya , the "focused on the unfocused photoblog" is among the finalist nominees for the best Africian/Middle eastern photoblog , now peopel should choose the best photoblog among these finalists , go here and scroll down and in the africian/middle eastern photoblogs and vote for http://www.fonf.medyadaily.com/ (or any other that you like) you can vote until 28 march ,the results will be announced in 30 march . (dont forget to check your mail after voting )

Turkish Democrasy blog updated , as he/she says, the Turkey government has scared from attendence of millions of the Kurds in the newroz celebration, turkish governments scares that Kurds still remeber their being kurd.
the Nationalist Turks are finiding/making a reason to stop millions of the Kurds celebrating newroz read more about it in Turkish Democrasy blog ,
so finally we found a blogger from northern kurdistan , please encourage him/her by your comments , and link to him/her.

northern iraq's skin been changed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 

Photographic Updates

I think we in KBU should review other Blogs , and ping the intresting updates.

in these Newroz days ,in Kurdistan ,we all smell a fresh air , new clothes, neat rooms , happy days...

  • this western photographer took some photos in iraq among them some Kurdish girl that he called them Hotties .
  • the kurdistan's lily, Susan ,has bought new nice clothes for her blog.
  • Iraqi Blogger central unlike their favorite president ,has sent a happy newroz message to the Kurds

  • in Amed in Turkish occupied Kurdistan , 1 million Kurds attended in the Newroz with Kurdistan Flags and Ochalan's Photo! (who can stop these Kurds , Kawa's soul is calling them...)
  • darbaz also added some photos .
  • simko has added an ugly angrey man's photo to his blog , the angrey man complaining about why newroz delays the start of shia government ,simko has aslo added a photoblog to his blog's sidebar using Flicker free photoblog hosting.
  • I myself (the pop John Mede II) added photos to my own blog.
  • there is a Kurdish Group blog called Roj Bash "means Good Morning" , we collect nice links there , today I saw this link posted, some photos of "zerewar lake" that is located in eastern kurdistan , i myself have taken some photos from zerewar but these photo are much more beautifull.
  • Kurdo's as always has intresting "news photos"about this time about Newroz.

I have designed a nice skin for Northern Iraq , and I will update it soon .
I am gonna start KBU TV section! , yeah I said TV,
I am gonna put some clips and video about Kurdistan in English , we can translate kurdish anthem and clips to english ,and some stuff about bloggers world, and share it with the world , may be oneday we make it a reall TV , and make programs about all of the bloggers.

do you know any small program to add footone translations to video files ? any suggestion and donation will warmly be accepted.

Sunday, March 20, 2005 

Happy Newroz

Happy new year to everybody , to Kurd to Persian to everybody .
by the kurdish calender this year is 2705 ,happy newroz and newyear to all of you bloggers and blog readers .last year was a good year for Kurdistan bloggers, last year more than 25 Kurd blogs in English started to blog , and had a great rule in sending Kurd Voice to the world , and sharing our feeling with the world .we hope next year we have more bloggers in our Kurdistan bloggers list (in english ) .

Google has made a Logo for newroz in Farsi Section of google but I checked Kurdish google
there was no sign of Newroz . here is the URL address of google logo :

No media says good thing about Kurds, if one kurd do a mistake in one place all of the Medias will cover that Mistake the funny thing is when the Kurds do bad things they dont use northern iraq or Iraqi word...

a Kurd from Kurdistan in Britian attacked to a man and kicked him so bad,
this kurd refuge from Kurdistan ..

a Kurd man slapped his sister for felling in love ...

a Kurd from Kurdistan strealed a choclote in Texas.

if just one kurd do a mistake every media covers it, and they forget to use norhtern iraq or iraqi word in the bad news...they use Kurd and Kurdistan.

I am sick of this....Dear google I didnt expect you !
you were the first western site that added Kurdish language , while Turkey arrested Microsoft Employee for having Kurd word in their dictionary ., you added Kurdish language to google
we see after google reconginzed kurdish language in their search engine , many other companies did the same , if google reconginze newroz for the next year , many other will do the same too.

Dear google Newroz is a Kurdish Celebration too. you broke our hearts
Please go here and contact google and tell them , they broke our hearts. (please be polite to them I am sure google will put Newroz logo to Kurdish section if they know it is kurdish...)
if somebody is in USA that would be great to send them a fax and tell them about that .
Google phone: (650) 623-4000
Google fax: (650) 618-1499

Saturday, March 19, 2005 

is it clear now?

I have been very busy but still managed to check at least hurriyetim.com.tr and zaman.com.tr under attention for the past weeks but havent read much about the Mountain Turks.
quicccckly as it is not a surprise!
I just wanted to say quickly that what we have been telling everybody and the Turkish goverment specifically regarding ITC (Irak Turkmen Cephesi) "Iraqi Turkmen Front" is about to be clear to everybody including the Turkish Army!
under a little news, this well known Turkish newspaper website says:
NO MORE support from Turkey to the lying agents! (well not in those words, but I guarantee you that that is the reason behind cutting support from ITC)

hope you will soon realise that you have a long long way to go with your new neighbours! ah and dont forget any troubles in Nawroz, will get you more French disagreement on anything related to AB(Turkish for EU)

Nawroztan Pirooz(happy nawroz)


Dear American Medias: do us a favor

Bush the Son said :

I send greetings to those celebrating Nowruz. Many Americans who trace their
heritage to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Central Asia observe this special occasion to preserve their rich heritage and ensure that their values and traditions are passed on to future generations. This
festival also reminds all Americans of the diversity that has made our Nation
stronger (link)

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey !

I did my best to find Kurdistan word in his message, but I didnt find it. you know Newroz (means the new day) is a Kurdish celebration that been held from 2800 years ago by Kurds .
2800 years ago Median Empire(the Kurd ansectors) , rescued the Middle eastern nations Bobylian , Romans, Persians and...other nations celebrated Newroz in order to show their unity with Medes against the bad forces.

but Dear bush didnt dare to Name Kurdistan Word, because the Rajab (Turkish Prime minster) will be mad at him. mr Bush used the farsi pronunciation of Newroz (-->Nowruz)

I dont know are these Americans foolish or what ...
for example : if you watch the alxander movie, you will make sure that , the writer of that movie never even middle east, and never read a historic book and they spent millions of dolors without reading even "ONE" historic book.

now Mr Bush forgets to name Kurds , thank you .
I remeber when Bush went to Europe , thousands of the eurpean people protested against him but in Bulgum, thousands of the Kurds came to say welcome to the bush and thank him for the Iraq War, they asked bushto meet them directly for 1 minute ,so they can give the flower they made for him . but Bush refused to see them .

in the Halabja anniversary , the VOA (Voice of America) , showed a 20 seconds report about Halabja (after many coocked news about the future of palestine)
here is what they said
17 years ago the saddam that had weapons of mass destuction attacked to his own
peopel in norhtern iraq ...

this american Medias make me angrey...Using Northern Iraq Word is so offensive to the Kurds, and in that report they called Kurd's "the poepel of saddam" , and didnt even say the Kurd Word at all , in fact only the reason that they showed that report was "HEY DIDNT WE SAY THAT SADDAM HAS WEAPON ! HERE IT IS"

in that 20 seconds report, they showed some Kurdish Peshmegra that hold dead bodies of halabja and had a flag in hand but the camera never even showed the flag, (it was Kurdistan flag in the hand of peshmergas) but in the 7 min report of Palestine they showed Palestine Flag in Honor several times...

sometimes I get angrey at media's for ignoring Kurds, but now I prefer they not make any news about us , they just hurt us and offend to us .
I sent this e-mail to VOA NEWS : (you can do the same)

Dear VOA (Voice Of America)
if you are gonna use "Northern Iraq" word
instead of "Kurdistan" word , and hurt Kurds and offend to them , pealse do us a
favor, there is no need to make any news about Kurdistan , go and make some news
about how cool Turkey is or how poor these palestininas are .
and then you
can send happy newroz to Turks and Arabs and Persians but not Kurds .

Best Regards
Kurdistan Bloggers Union

Friday, March 18, 2005 

Copy of my latest post on my blog..

Name Change
Been thinking of changing the name of my blog to be honest.....Thanks to a few of the great religious politicans that we have in Iraq and their followers... the Kurds are being treated worse than in the days of Saddam......I felt Iraqi after the fall of Saddam... finally proud of it but its not the same anymore.... now its a repeat of having to defend my people on a daily basis to ignorant people who don't even realise the history of the Kurdish nation, don't understand the creation of the actual state of Iraq....

Ethnic cleansing is a crime that needs to be reversed... it shouldn't only be the Kurds who are demanding this but every decent human being whose Iraqi and has a heart should understand...Yesterday was the anniversary of Halabjah and then some Arabs still ask why do Kurds want so much........Wanting to be governed by our own policemen...? So that a repeat of the last god knows how many years doesn't have....Kirkuk being a part of the province of Kurdistan? why is that a big deal?

There is 25 million plus Kurdish people who have no country of their own.... there are more than 20 arabic countries and counting yet when it comes to any sort of benefits that Kurds may get its like ur talking about doomsday.... Grow up get educated read history and goto Kirkuk and find out in person why the city is Kurdish .......I don't start getting angry when people say Baghdad is the heart of the Arabic world or its an Arabic city... cause thats true... even though almost a million Kurds moved there does not make it a Kurdish city.......The politicans treat Kurdish politicans like idiots..... I

thought the new government would be different but they are even worse when it comes to respecting our rights....Rumours of Kurds mistreating Christians when 3 of the people on the Kurdish list are Christian Arabs....... so I don't know how many Christians were on the Sistani/Chalabi/Hakim list.....I really had such high hopes buy people's lack of knowledge and intelligence and thinking about things from the other side have made me realise that as always Kurds who live in Northern Iraq are treated as though they are lucky to be part of Iraq........

How many suicide bombings have been done by Kurdish separitists in Iraq?How much crime and looting goes on in the kurdish areas?If you want to talk about we are all IRAQIS then lets please treat them all as IRAQISnot make rules for certain things and break them for others..........I am a strong believer that the people of the marshes in the south deserve compensation and that the environmental damage has to be reversed but the concept of ethnic cleansing is always immune to those that perform it .......... I swear some Iraqis are more obssessed with Palestinian's getting their rights than Kurds so how should that make any Kurd feel? I am either marrying a Kurdish woman or a Westerner who understands Kurdish suffering and history........ No relevance ... just random thought....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

May you rest in peace

I still think the best tribute to the ppl of halabja is this song, its haunting but its very honest.

Of course surprise no real mention of the anniversary today in the news. People still hold memorials for the titanic or world war II yet something this recent and ugly fails
Here are some articles I did find
Why I cant be iraqi again
Other articles mention it in passing like a "by the way" comment
However somewhere in this story about Italy's pullout there's a mention of U.K. MP's and cherie blair commemorating the attacks on halabja
And i found this story which seemed so out of place: Baptists pray for kurds (among other people)

And God forbid talking about saddams weapons and support, else immediate shafting by people who still think whatever country/group of people they belong to and/or think I'm attacking is ruled by those with halo shaped formations on their heads and spread little pockets of loves that they carry in fluffy backpacks on their wings. Simple if you're too slow to understand the impact of 180,000 people within a space of 10 months and the birth defects and in the aftermath just "cos movies/tv don't tell u too" then ure pretty much beyond help.

Another thing that has been pissing me off royally, is the way they've made this whole disagreement over iraqs parliament kurds fault.
Excuse you? I'm watching the news and thinking when have the started defending the shia? Weren't these the ppl lambasted by the press for forcing islamic ideals on the heaven of secularism that was Saddam
Of course they haven't started liking the Shia its just a case of whom they hate less
Why is everything to do with kurds a threat. I mean the new Iraq refers to the countries that celebrate and fund the murder of its civilians as brothers and welcoming criminals and ex-baathists into the political process yet the word kurd is very threatening even though the "kurdish region" has shown to be the most stable after the war.

So I checked the main points that's "threatening" everyone

1. 25% of the nations income should go to the kurdish regions:

Why not rephrase that, the rest of iraq wanting half of "kurdish regions" oil. I mean 50% of iraqs oil is from there. Of course double standards don't exist in their opinion

2. The Iraqi Army has no right to enter the Kurdish areas without permission from the regional government:

Well judging by how easily the iraqi army or police are infiltrated by baathists/terrorist who have no qualms about killing ppl they work with what exactly is stopping them from doing anything to us.
don't belief me watch this video from Iraqi tv (with subtitles) about a policeman who joined terrorists in raping and killing women (oh yes for God of course which makes it ok).
Love the bit where the interrogator tells him "inta ghabee wala titghaba" (are you stupid or are u just pretending). Ah the number of ppl who fall under that criteria

3. The Peshmarga remain under command of the Kurdistan regional government
Or in some case considered militia, like the anals there have suddenly decided that a group of people who have fought criminal regimes for freedom could be put in same level as those dingy terrorists who loot,rape and behead because they think there's a place in heaven for them, and their only idea of freedom is about orgasming to some bearded jihadi

And another thing if there were no peshmerga (those who face death) there would be no kurds, even when sadam and his predecessors had worldwide support they rarely ever
attacked face to face.. Like now they attacked during ceasefires and in hiding like sending over exploding mullahs and later bombing from air.

And please what is the alternative to the peshmerga? the iraqi army... yeah we can see how well they've done with the rest of iraq.
All those poor young men slaughtered daily and no one can defend them.

4. Kirkuk:
So a few ruthless arabs turks and cocktails of other nationalities won't get some oil. Boo bloody hoo
There was a rumor a while back that the oil in kirkuk was drying up. I swear to God once that happens they should make a celebration
What the big deal we never saw a dime of that oil and at least it would get these greedy criminals of our back. I used to hate that story we took in school called "the pearl"
I didn't see why the author was so harsh on the main character he found this treasure that would have made all his simple dreams come true but instead it kept making his life worse. Well kirkuk is pretty much along the same lines.
Because of the oil, a once cosmopolitan rich city was turned into a dump almost a third its original size.

Strange how all these interim governments have not yet reversed any of saddams laws yet. While they have no problems reversing laws that happened before saddams time... (such as laws regarding women's rights)
No question at all about how a city 21,000 sq km was reduced to 9,000 sq km and of course no question as to why there are still people living in a stadium with no support while those ppl who've taken their homes have opened it up to criminals, ex-baathists and foreign-fighters

With a mentality like that you can figure how saddam came about.


Halabja 17 years on, it is pay back time!

I will be writing a brief of the commemorations both in London and the documentary exhibition in Leeds, as soon as the one in Leeds is over..but just for today's sake, when we all will stop for five minutes at 11.20 Kurdistan's time I will leave you with a photo and a saying by famous Kurdish poet, Sherko Bekas

Omar, trying to make his body a shield for his youngest son, who died before being discriminated against, imprisoned by our enemies or learn that his beloved father never had a Kurdish Army to protect him from tyranny, merciless companies and countries selling poison to Saddam; the number one Kurds enemy dictator-head.

Country of Garybaldi,
country of van Gogh,
country of...
country of...
country of...
Thanks for the present you together sent in the early morning of 16th March 1988 to the flowers, pigeons, children and poems of Kurdistan through Baghdad.
Sherko Bekas

Today it is pay back time, every single person (whatever job they had) must be brought to justice for the genocide committed against the world's biggest nation YET without a country!

Medya's note:
" Who gave chemical weapon to saddam and why ? " discuss about
it here
you need to register your name to post in northern iraq political froum .
* Once you register you can always discuss, Kurdistan Bloggers Union no longer uses Comment pages to discuss.
* in
northern iraq forum there are some talking rooms that doesnt need register(4 lazy ppl)
* registering is free of cost.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 

Some news

1- Iraqi Blogger Cenetral has done another interview , this time another Kurd Blogger , Medya , you can read it here .

2- you just have 1-2 days to vote for your favorite photoblogs in the photobloggies contest ,
I voted for these blogs in the Best Africian / Middle Eastern Photoblogs, I wish you do the same.

3- the Froum discussion was created ,
most of the peopel use comment pages to discuss and it is not good because:
  • you usualy should comment for the writer about what she/he wrote not start a fight with another commentor there.
  • it is so easy to cheat and lie in comments , you can easily go and comment with My name on another blog but as you register in this forum you will have a unique username .
  • comment page is a small window not suitable for discussion and doesnt have any tools

Kurdistan Bloggers Union felt obligation to create a Froum, for Kurds Arabs Turks Americans ...to discuess with eachother .every blogger please feel free to discuss about Kurdistan , Iraq and World Issues there.

let see who posts the first topic.
I really ask all of you , Kurds Arabs Turkmen Assyrian Christian ... to be polite to each other and discuss there like Modern Humans .


northern iraq

we desigend a new logo Northern Iraq it is nice ! you can add it your blog .

have a good time .

Saturday, March 12, 2005 

These Pink Rebels...

before reading this : Iraqi Blogger Central has done an interview with most famous kurd blogger "Kurdo" . read it here.

look at these peopel, their protest is more like a party ..some nations get their indepence by peacefull jobs and some other feel like to test sucide bombing first and then after destoying everything askng somebody like Mahmood abbas to fix them peacefuly.

some of the peopel asked me , what is you Kurds idea about the lebnon's movement for independece...well it is
clear , we Kurds as the most democratic nation of the middle east support them and send our best wishes for them...

but I myself as a Kurd am a little "jealous" about lebnons . we Kurds never had such support from the world for our indedence ..

for instance : USA instead of supporting us , signs agreement with RacistTurkey to fight with the Kurds fighters in Southern Kurdistan Moutains...(news' link)
(ok ok I stop murmuring now)

but I dont agree about naming lebnons movement an orange movement ...i would call them a pink one , lol

Long life the Sexy Democratic Peacefull Babes of Lebnon
in the way of Democrasy and Independece...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 

superstition and Italians reporter...

Italians used to belive and make Unbeliveable Things , I watch their Club Footbal Games called Seria A . they always make fictions that Juventus team buys the reffrees , and their players do belive in some funny stories full of superstition ...

now the italian reporter claims that Americans wanted to kill her... should we believe her ?

The truth is , we Kurds love to be American ally in the region, and if we sometimes yell at america, we just worry about another betray , but we are still with you ...

Monday, March 07, 2005 

I had a Kurdistan flag on my chest today

too busy preparing for the documentary exhibition on the 17th March 2005, at the University of Leeds alone is really difficult!

but these days mark the 14th Anniversary of the great Kurdish uprising in 1991 when I was a teenager, well like many other "tired from being Kurdist" dad ordered "whoever leaves home if uprising happens is NOT my son" so what do you expect? we must have stayed home!
we were all imprisoned (by dad, in our house) while outside thw wordl was changing for the first time in favour of us , who by then was tired of having worked with peshmarga and been tipped off by them as well once, he was then imprisoned by Saddam while caught in a check point with a letter from peshmargas back in the 70s.
He is a very spritual man, he was telling his dream of "I saw sun rising from somewhere else than east last night there will be a goverment change soon" , he never tells a dream if he doesnt believe it would come true, he was saying just days before the uprising. He was also saying "well everybody is aware that peshmarga are in contact with the Jash(Saddams paramilatary Kurdish force) so it is clear that they will return soon".
The best thing was, my oldest brother would be soon free to go out, as he was hiding for the past months having deserted the Iraqi army soon after the Gulf WarI broke out.
All I very well remember is we were at the centre of town, when they finished cleanign the Baatch base, the police and the rest of them, peshmargas walked into the town centre, by then dad was outside himsel so we went out and saw all them people shouting and singing Kurdish national songs, and at a point one of them went to a higher place and addressed the crowd saying "your town is now clean and free, well don you hereo Kurditan peshmargas", well these words will remain in my mind for the rest of my life!
I bet he wasnt sure about that himself, but 14 years on, well he was just right!

Saturday, March 05, 2005 

Having a country retrogresses?

This man must be extra-over-super-RACIST!
now what I just read is a so called "phylosophical" broader explanation of the Southern Kurdistan people's desire to create a country by a Turkish writer.
This guy, who can only write the word Kurd when he closes his eyes, as he cannot see and hear the word Kurd.
In his so called broader understanding of the longing desire of creating a country, he refers to a saying by Einstein, when he was asked to lead the first Jewish country, by saying that he told them that I am afraid of the consquences of the long-lasting desire of having a country for ourselves by the Jews.
This writer must be as I earlier said extra-over-super-RACIST or one of our MAIN enemies which I will never forget in my life!
Let me tell you from my understanding of a broader phylosofical (**it) understanding of a nation without a country and enemies like you, racist Arabs, and racist Iranians around me:
Creating a country is the only cure for our psychological disorders and the best understanding of the simplest rules of life, every group of people who has a RACE, LANGUAGE and a LAND, they are entitled to a country to be known by, protected by, develope in, differentiated by and to love it more than thier lives. But believe me Mr the day when so called GOD created humanity, you and people like were not given the ID of human being, but you probably decended from another spieces and through years and years of heavy RACIST rains and feeding on RACIST Doner Kebap you became somebody who allows himself to writes such bullshit ideas and to be broadcasted on one of the world's portals. I read all your ***t explanations and those mouthful words which does not make any sense apart from discovering more and more of your features and attitudes!
Refering to Einstein by somebody like you must be a blasphemy in every HUMAN's phylosophical understanding of writing about a concept which you only know from your racist understanding. This broader understanding of yours, and the difficulty in telling the Northern Iraqi Kurds not to have their country as you admit, must be the best contradiction in your short essay to convince an oppressed nation not to have their country as the fact that they have been longing for having a country for so long might have consequences and thus might them retrogress?
Well let me assure you that one of the MAIN consequences of creating a Kurdish Country in the reagion will have is to diminish your existence and detach your from your eastern ALLIES and the threat of creating a 30-40 Million nation Mountain Turks!
On behalf of the 30-40 million Kurds around the globe I want to tell you to generalise your premise and tell your army the same thing, then I will see in one of the Devlet Cezaevi(Goverment Prisons) for dishonouring the great Turkish nation.

Friday, March 04, 2005 

Shera's Horror Dream

Shera the new Kurdish girl blogger , has seen a horror dream ...
Saddam threw the bottle on the floor and ran straight towards me and grabbed me by the hair. I was fighting back , throwing punches kicking him biting him everything that I could do. I managed to break free and just stood there, shocked that no one had come to help me, shocked that this murderer had the chance to touch me.
Saddam stood there picked up a loudspeaker that was nearby and started shouting in Arabic, the cursed language, he was calling all Arabs to come and kill me,

Saddam and Racist Arabs has done such big crimes against the Kurds the we can never forgive them , they are still on our dreams , killing us , torturing us , ... god damn them.

if you want my idea ,Kurdish Females are the the most patriot females in the world , nowhere can you seen such a brave freedom lover girls .

Dear Shera Welcome to Bloggers world...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 

Publication : Kawa le Kurde

Well, I am aware that most of readers on KBU don't read French, but all the same I have the pleasure (and the vanity ?) to announce the publication of my novel, Kawa le Kurde.

"March 21, Norouz, first day of the year and first day of spring. Zohak the Arab, lord of the desert, king of Jerusalem and fifth emperor of Iran, looked at the plain of Ninive by the window of its castle"

The legend of Kawa the blacksmith and King Zohak tells the mythical fundation of the Kurdish people. It is connected with one of the oldest feasts in the world, Noruz, celebrated by all the Kurds and Iranian people.

Jemshid, the fourth king of Iran after the creation of the world, lost his power because of his pride, and his vassals revolted. An Arab prince, Zohak, seized the throne and made saw in two parts his unfortunate rival. But the new king had a particularity : Evil cursed him with two snakes on his shoulders, and these snakes, each morning, need to eat human brains : they were the consequence of a pact between Zohak and the devil. So every morning, two young men were sacrified to nourrish King's snakes. The legend tells that three Iranian nobles, disguised like physicians, tricked and sacrified only one victim out of two, by melting his brain with a sheep's one. The survivor had to flee in the mountains, to hide there, and these thousands of fugitives became the Kurds, the moutaineer people. At the end of Zohak's reign, a blacksmith called Kawa, who had had seventeen sons of which sixteen had been sacrificed by Zohak, revolted when his last son was seized by the king's men.

This story had been taled many times, in an oral or written way, by Kurds, Persians, Afghans. I give there my own version, connected with the contemporary history of Kurdistan, the Land of frozen words, the land where the forbidden, tracked, denied Kurdish language run cold and freezes in men's mouths. For the story of the revolted Kawa and the tyrannical king repeated itself during centuries, in the history of Kurds, a people who remained out of the world of cities and power. So I melt it with reals stories (or inspired by real facts), the Contemporary stories from the Land of frozen words : stories lived by Kurds, scenes at which I was myself present, for 10 years of peregrinations in Kurdistan, or which Kurds told me directly, or some historical events as Mazlum Dogan's suicide in the prison of Diyarbakir, or bombardments on Halabja.

I want the book as an epic (many characters are nods to great Iranian legends, like Khosrow and Shirin, Bijen, Rostam, Zal…) but also a reflection on power, how a tyranny takes hold of a country and lasts, why a man chooses at the end to revolt, when and though it is almost too late, and what was the essence of oppression against Kurds : a will of uniformity, of conformity to a single model of rule, and how they ever appear as a source of troubles, a trouble-maker people.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 

no place for racism?

isnt he right?
"My great-grandfather shot your great-grandfather and nicked his f****** country off you for 200 years."

Well what can I say, god(if there is one) dam racism!
I was shocked by the Guantanamo excercise on channel4 last night, now comes this by BBC.

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