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Saturday, March 12, 2005 

These Pink Rebels...

before reading this : Iraqi Blogger Central has done an interview with most famous kurd blogger "Kurdo" . read it here.

look at these peopel, their protest is more like a party ..some nations get their indepence by peacefull jobs and some other feel like to test sucide bombing first and then after destoying everything askng somebody like Mahmood abbas to fix them peacefuly.

some of the peopel asked me , what is you Kurds idea about the lebnon's movement for independece...well it is
clear , we Kurds as the most democratic nation of the middle east support them and send our best wishes for them...

but I myself as a Kurd am a little "jealous" about lebnons . we Kurds never had such support from the world for our indedence ..

for instance : USA instead of supporting us , signs agreement with RacistTurkey to fight with the Kurds fighters in Southern Kurdistan Moutains...(news' link)
(ok ok I stop murmuring now)

but I dont agree about naming lebnons movement an orange movement ...i would call them a pink one , lol

Long life the Sexy Democratic Peacefull Babes of Lebnon
in the way of Democrasy and Independece...

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