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Saturday, March 05, 2005 

Having a country retrogresses?

This man must be extra-over-super-RACIST!
now what I just read is a so called "phylosophical" broader explanation of the Southern Kurdistan people's desire to create a country by a Turkish writer.
This guy, who can only write the word Kurd when he closes his eyes, as he cannot see and hear the word Kurd.
In his so called broader understanding of the longing desire of creating a country, he refers to a saying by Einstein, when he was asked to lead the first Jewish country, by saying that he told them that I am afraid of the consquences of the long-lasting desire of having a country for ourselves by the Jews.
This writer must be as I earlier said extra-over-super-RACIST or one of our MAIN enemies which I will never forget in my life!
Let me tell you from my understanding of a broader phylosofical (**it) understanding of a nation without a country and enemies like you, racist Arabs, and racist Iranians around me:
Creating a country is the only cure for our psychological disorders and the best understanding of the simplest rules of life, every group of people who has a RACE, LANGUAGE and a LAND, they are entitled to a country to be known by, protected by, develope in, differentiated by and to love it more than thier lives. But believe me Mr the day when so called GOD created humanity, you and people like were not given the ID of human being, but you probably decended from another spieces and through years and years of heavy RACIST rains and feeding on RACIST Doner Kebap you became somebody who allows himself to writes such bullshit ideas and to be broadcasted on one of the world's portals. I read all your ***t explanations and those mouthful words which does not make any sense apart from discovering more and more of your features and attitudes!
Refering to Einstein by somebody like you must be a blasphemy in every HUMAN's phylosophical understanding of writing about a concept which you only know from your racist understanding. This broader understanding of yours, and the difficulty in telling the Northern Iraqi Kurds not to have their country as you admit, must be the best contradiction in your short essay to convince an oppressed nation not to have their country as the fact that they have been longing for having a country for so long might have consequences and thus might them retrogress?
Well let me assure you that one of the MAIN consequences of creating a Kurdish Country in the reagion will have is to diminish your existence and detach your from your eastern ALLIES and the threat of creating a 30-40 Million nation Mountain Turks!
On behalf of the 30-40 million Kurds around the globe I want to tell you to generalise your premise and tell your army the same thing, then I will see in one of the Devlet Cezaevi(Goverment Prisons) for dishonouring the great Turkish nation.

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