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Wednesday, February 23, 2005 

S,ivan in Diyarbakir ?

It seems that the Chairman of the DEHAP in Diyarbekir, Celalettin Birtane, would like to invite for the Newroz the singers S,ivan Perwer, Aram Tîgran, Irahim Tatlises and Sezen Aksu.
It would be nice to see S,ivan in Diyarbakir. Kurds would be happy there, and for this singer, the scene of Diyarbakir, surrounded by the safety guards of the DEHAP and Turkish police, would be undoubtedly protected against any attacks from PKK commandos, as it happens systematically in Europe. It would be a pure result of PKK line and its brilliant defence of Kurdish democracy and culture, to make Turkey the surest place for a so "bijî Kurdistan" singer like S,ivan...

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