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Tuesday, February 15, 2005 

A note on the elections

Well, it has been asked that someone write about the elections in Iraq, and I have been waiting for my Kurdish brethern to respond and all has been quiet.

As regular readers know, I am not Kurdish, but in a way I have been granted honorary status--something that I cherish, but sometimes I am not as confident in commenting on things as I think that I should be.

Perhaps the silence on the election issue on KBU has been due to a lack of surprise on the election results. I think that all of the Kurds who live in N. Iraq/Southern Kurdistan know that not only are they capable of leading themselves but that given the democratic right to vote that they could show the world that they do indeed have power and influence. This seems to be a time to not only wait for the final confirmation on Talabani's ultimate position within the new government but also to bask in the glow of a giant "I told you so".

The implications of the power available to the Kurds in Northern Iraq are being felt in Turkey, and I believe that Kurdish politics there are about to get very very interesting. So definitely watch the news on that one, and I am sure to have some comments later on it. But for the moment I am going to give you all a link to a Kurdish friend of mine (from Northern Kurdistan/Southeast Turkey) with his own view on the recent elections. Take it away Kani.

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