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Wednesday, February 09, 2005 

A Plea for Hope

I have been absent for KBU for a while, I missed everyone, and I hope to be able to regularly comment again.

Here in the sunny (but COLD) land of Utah, the Iraqi elections were quite the local news catcher as there was a group of students on campus who raised money to help local Iraqi families travel to California to vote. Now the votes are being tallied and the preliminary expat numbers show the Kurdish political parties in high favor. I would like to thank the Kurdish Diaspora for making that happen, you may not be able to come home, but you have shown with you vote that your home is always in your hearts and minds.

The continued election violence does disturb me however. I want so much for this new experiment to work, but it only can if the area become stable enough to that the US will and can leave.
The other item that disturbs me is the rhetoric coming out of Celal Talabani. The time to campaign was BEFORE the elections, not after. All I ask is for him to just be a little patient to see how the election comes out before he begins to make demands that he does not have the authority (yet) to ask for. I firmly believe that if the Kurds want to be taken seriously, then they need to act a little more diplomatic. You may not agree with the game, but in order to win you must play by their rules.
So I am going to close now that I know that I have angered some of you. Till next timeā€¦

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