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Sunday, January 30, 2005 

Did you say success?

I would hate to push down hiwas photos but seriously What a great in your face moment.
So apparently we don't all have urges to go back to the glorious days of saddam and actually do want to move forward.
Even the people in iraqi hotspots such as fallujah and amara have went to vote.

And for videos and stuff from elections in kurdistan here is the livelink for Ktv and kurdsat
For the past few days they have been showing election celebrations in europe but for today and tomorrow they will be concentrating on kurdistan and iraq. This is a livelink so i can't exactly specify a time when they would show footage, but u can try your luck
Man i would kill to see what they're displaying on Jazeera now.
Oh yeah a note about those ppl londonkurd has posted about how a group of non-iraqis that harrassed iraqi voters in london.

Lets all hope these election results do work out just to spite the hell out of these ppl.

Now on another note, anyone checked the sitemeter on this site? the numbers have jumped tenfold its upto 1131 now for today alone (thanx to a buzzmachine plug), and KBU has been mentioned in MSNBC and even CNN (hat-tip Kat and Emmunah)

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