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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 

family in grief after Hawleer bomb

It was not the bomb which shocked me,
It was not the location, Hawler, Azadi disctrict a poor familys doorstep which shocked me,
it was not the timing of it which shocked me either,
it was not the attitude and cowardness of the perpetuators which shocked me,

it was the coincidence at the explosion moment which shocked me, a passerby is a University Lecturer dead, another one a young girl who was walking home from school injured!
I think it is time to restrict religion abit more in our society (including my dads daily prayers), I will be enjoying Eid tomorrow!? oh why not wasnt it brought to us by those who kill innocent ppl for the sake of Allah?
I just dont know what those millions of people are doing in Mekka!


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