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Sunday, January 09, 2005 

not so good times

i really missed not having an internet connection for the past 2 weeks, i think i've taken it for granted before...i only had 2 chances in total both breif.. once in an electronics shop where there queue was so long you had to leave by the time u finally got on to the computer, it wasn't even like i was allowed to check properly for the few minutes i was allowed... since i was surrounded by these hovering ppl who stood in my peripheral vision to guilt me off the damn thing(i won't complain much cos' i was doing the same thing) and the second time was in some internet cafe which was also in a hurry... all i remmeber there was that it had one of the most repulsive looking guys i have ever seen... ive never seen food go down someody so badly... don't even know where to start, the toes gripping the desk, the chips falling out his mouth or just the mouth being open for that long a time, and he wasn'teven working there just lounging next to the guy that did. I only saw the "guy" for a max of one minutebut i ended up already having a feature length movie in my mind involving his mouth and my shoe

Ok now the somewhat delayed comment regarding US attacks in hawler(arbil) and possibly kirkuk(though it doesn't seem verfied yet anywhere). What the hell? are the US short on enemies that they need to create new ones? What happened over there? A "Welcome back to the 80s" sign maybe?

And as if just being attacked for no reason wasn't bad enough oh yes and without warning (even slaughterhouses in fallujah got an ultimatum mind you) they shifted the blame back on the kurds with stories like um they attacked us first... which could hold water in baghdad or mosul but hawler c'mon
And why didn't they just send the peshmerga there to sort it out, at least they know how to deal with them as opposed to being giving POW status with their 3 meals a day joke and almost instant release as the terrorist (sorry victims) in the rest of Iraq

In the beggining of the war John simpson said there was a huge media black hole surrounding kurdistan and damn that shitty blackhole... its been pissing me off since the beggining of the war... notice how stories from Iraq always miss out the kurdish areas, how much airtime do you see given to the kurds as um I dunno foreign fighters who aren'teven from the country. The only time you do hear from them is when the "AHGH CIVIL WAR... BLOOOOD" mantra some ppl have just not gone tired off... of course these scenes rarely show a clip from kurdistan and sometimes doesn't even involve kurdish input.Just some douche who gives his opinion on why we shouldn't exist

Dont even know which is worse, the world media who scream at you daily about american murder/injustice (use thesaurus here) in the arab region but have suddenly gone quiet and turned the mandatory blind eye (another 80s reference) when it comes to the kurds or the media from kurdistan, the newspapers are still better than our tv
don'teven know where to start with this one... see this is why i said possible kirkuk attack cos i cant find it yet on kurdish tv or news you know when i first read the Dar Jeel incident on kurdos blog i went and switched on the
kurdish channels do you know what was on ... tom and jerry and on another some delayed video of xmas/new year celebrations (which actually were pretty good some woman had some really good vocals singing that whitney song "greatest love"... but i digress) and the news is not much better first of all they get their news about a day or so later than the rest of the world and second they report bombings/explosions/assasination attempts in kurdistan as if they take place in Mars or something, and even when are reported are awlways mentioned after speeches or trips or faxes sent my the party who own/sponsor the channel

I think we should just go back to focusing efforts music and comedy since the news thing is apparently totally beyond us

Now this may seem like a small insignificant attack compared to what's happening to everyone else further south but ppl are worried about the motives behind it. See the kurdish is situation is very shaky we have fundamentalists who think that our blood is their way to some playboy mansion in the sky, qawmachee arabs who want to complete saddams job, turks who are annoyed (to put it lightly) why the kurds in iraq aren't getting the same treatment their kurds are getting and poison pen articles everywhere that are mostly based on nothing but rumor and lies. So if this was in fact a sign of american attitude towards the kurds... then our fate is pretty much sealed.

Ok an apology was given but big mistake on not explaning cos' alot of rumors have starteed need badly alot of rumours are starting and they mainly center around the idea "american are back to pleasing their arab and turkish friends" ... things are sure looking up.

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