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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

Letter to Mr. Tony Blair about Turkish EU membership

Happy holidays and a very happy new year in advance to each of you, and I hope 2005 will be the year when ..... (this needs a post lets read the letter)

This was forwarded to me by my dear friend&Kurdish avtivist Hiwa,I am sure some of you have already read this, but just in case you havent yet

Letter to Mr. Tony Blair about Turkish EU membership
Kurdistan National Congress - KNC

Mr. Tony Blair
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
Dear Mr. Blair,

On behalf of the Kurdish people and many Kurdish institutions and organisations,we would like to present you the following memorandum regarding the decisionabout entry talks for the Turkish EU membership:
Your Excellency said that a deal bringing Turkey a step closer to EU membership would be of "fundamental importance" to the peace and security of the world. But the fact is that the European approach during the recent talks with the Turkish delegation was very disappointing and even shocking for the Kurdish people, because the European representatives didn't mention the fate and the rights of 25 million Kurds living in Turkey with one single word and in this respect didn't make any demands to the Turkish government.
This means a heavy setback for the European idea of freedom and equality, which has been signed and promoted by so many European governments and representatives. This approach of your and other European governments is very similar to the British appeasement policy versus Nazi Germany during the agreement of Munich in 1938 when Czechoslovakia was sacrificed to the German aggressor, and Chamberlain's "peace in our time" led directly to World War II.
Likewise it's a very short-sighted policy always to make concessions to Turkey and always to tolerate the permanent oppression of the Kurdish people. For example, as you certainly know, the Kurdish Member of Parliament Mrs. Leyla Zana was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 years because she spoke one sentence in Kurdish language in front of the Turkish Parliament. That's Turkey as it is just now, and they are longing to imprison Mrs. Zana again.
No European government seems really to concern about the fact that Erdogan's so highly praised reforms exist on paper only up till now. We are deeply afraid that Kurdish human and political rights might be ignored in future, too, since at this critical moment of decision even the mere words Kurds and Kurdistan were not allowed to be mentioned, in order to avoid Turkey to be offended by the mention of these words.
This way the European Union will no longer be a stronghold of human rights and liberty and equality of nations. In contrary it will be conquered by the Trojan horse of Kemalist Fascism.
As long as Turkey will not recognize the existence of 25 million Kurds within her frontiers and will not recognize the culture and the human rights of these 25 million Kurds, there shouldn't take place any negotiations about Turkey's entry to the EU. And Turkey will be able to do that only when there will be a new and really democratic Turkish constitution, respecting human and political rights of all nationalities living in Turkey. Likewise the Turkish military has to be deprived of all its political, economical and social power.
Because it is the military always defending Kemalism and fighting Kurdish culture, language and national rights.
As long as Europe is wearing a muzzle ordered by Turkey and doesn't even dare to use the words Kurds and Kurdistan, Turkey's and Europe's problems won't be solved, and they won't be any better than the European representatives who sacrificed Czechoslovakia to Hitler.
We are hoping very much, Your Excellency might share the Kurdish worries about European policy with Turkey, and might do much more in future to defend the human and political rights of the Kurds in Turkey.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Jawad Mella
Kurdistan National Congress - KNC
Representatives of the following institutions and organisations:
- Western Kurdistan Government in Exile
- "Referendum for All Kurdistan" Commission
- Friends of Independence of Kurdistan
- Kurdish Academy of Science and Arts
- Western Kurdistan Association
- Kurdish Human Rights Commission
- The National Union of the Kurdish Students and Youths
- Kurdish Women Union
- Kurdish Writers and Intellectuals Union
- Kurdish Medical Association
A copy to:
- European Union
- European Parliament


Turkey will accept Kurdistan to be formed

They may not like it but in the end I feel as long as their own borders are not threatened they will accept Kurdistan to be formed. Remember most Turks have a Kurdish bloodline somewhere in their family tree.

"However the bigger issue in this whole thing is not Turkey but rather if the the rest of Iraq will allow it".

Furthermore, will the rest of the arab nations allow a persian nation to sit on the second largest oil reserve in the world. I dont see it happening without a bloodbath, which will never cease.

In addition, what is a landlocked country with neighbours hating it good for?

Hey if the Kurds want an example all they have to do is look at Armenia. Isolated, hated, and poor.

I believe it is time for Turkey to start investing heavily in the southern Turkey and assisting the Kurds there to maintain their identities. Why shouldnt kurdish be offered as a second language in all schools in turkey? I myself am proud to be half Turkish, half Kurdish.

In the end to prevent bloodshed united is always better than divided which is the goal of the imperialist countries who want cheap oil and couldnt give a hoot about anything else.

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