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Monday, December 20, 2004 


The Turkish Daily News published a quite sarcastic news about the Village guardian system, showing the steep addition that it had finally cost for Turkish state. Village guardians are Kurds recruted to fight and kill PKK members. The old system : "Let kill Kurds by Kurds"... But at the end, except some atrocities done by rival villages (and which were not allways direct guerilla operations) what is the balance of that system ?

"The village guardian system that the European Parliament asked Turkey to abolish in its Oct. 6 progress report has cost the country TL 227 trillion to date. Furthermore, 4,933 village guards among approximately 85,000 assigned in the Emergency Rule period in the 1990s to help the gendarmes fight terrorism have been involved in the commission of 2,640 crimes in the last eighteen years that involved aiding and abetting the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), drug and weapon trafficking, abduction and rape."

I find the last sentence so juicy. Militias, armed and financially supported by Turkish state, acted like double-agents and check-points for drugs, weapons trade, sharing with the PKK, and above all made rapt and rape, absolutely like any kind of brave "patriot and resistant " from Fallujah...

So, what is the lesson ? Arming private militias, by shouting"fire !", covering all that under the Emergency Rule State coat, letting local super-prefects absolutely free to withhold their own part from trafics, for what result ? A state step by step corrupted by mafia. Since the Susurluk event, everybody know the links between politcian circles and mafia (the AKP seems to have been elected because of its aura of honesty)... So remains after the war Kurdish mafia, half-composed by militia men and PKK members or ex-members, a well settled mafia, for which war was a good thing and for which peace is not yet a trouble, a mafia that could even survive a long time after the PKK... from Iran to Istanbul and until EU, we have not ended to pay the political mistakes of the generals from Ankara.

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