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Monday, December 13, 2004 

One year

Has it already been a year since the great arab hero was found in a hole that was way too clean to accommodate his filthy carcass.

I can tell you that day was great, a giant footprint on the face of everything he stood for and the people whom he represented. Unfortunately it just didn't last too long.

Rumors about his capture came in the morning and we kept switching between all the news channels for any update, unfortunately we landed on jazeera on they had some guy on in a calling screaming while probably foaming at the mouth " its was the kurds, the kurds we know what their plan are"... cool we've now been upgraded 2nd only to jews for all the problems that face the average brainwashed arab.
And then I think arabiyah (or probably it was jazeera again) called a member of the ex governing council in his background there were sounds oululation and he said yes it is true. We still weren't convinced but we waited till the press conference that followed. Yes the "we got him" sounds corny but it did wonders then, We kept watching and waiting thinking where they would pop saddam out of, would he be sitting in the crowd, would he bought on stage, would he show up in a cage, where? the talks by bremer and pacahachi just seemed too long

But then the pictures of Mr lice himself were shown on the screen, at this point i was scared we were going to be reported as a nuthouse... the outburst of screaming and jumping that came with it was intense, and it would stop for a while to hear what the ppl were saying then start all over again.
If april 9 was all about phonecalls this day was manily sms's. Phoneacalls came a close second though. All those cheesy "we got him" messages going about, even when we were watching the thing i was getting msgs like "just woke up to the news" , "check us out... kurdish intelligence" , "did u hear those journalist shouting... aah happiness" , "hey someone even called bremer his brother...great stuff".

And again ppl started being hopeful again that things may get better, everyone was saying now security will be better, maybe as a bonus electricity will be fixed and ppl will get jobs... maybe maybe…

So wow what an anti-climax that followed

Unfortunately electricity never sorted out, no new jobs were created (for iraqis that is) and the security situation spiraled out of control. Massacres like the 1st of february and 3rd of march followed. News out of Iraq sound like plots of really bad slasher movies, mass graves are still being produced to this day.

The joy we had out of saddams capture was constantly being sucked out by shameless neo-baathists in the east and west about "afterall he was a president/muslim/arab he shouldn’t have been treated this way" forcing us to encounter all new forms of low among humanity

The fact that saddam was found cowering in a hole like a coward somehow transformed into more arabic hero moments. a leader who defied the americans till the end (um i must ask... how?)

The americans didn't soothe things either, the hole saddam was found in was cemented up a few months later... fueling more conspiracy theories and missing the iraqi ppl out on a goldmine of a tourist opportunity.. I myself would have paid loads to see the place.

And what about saddam, on last weeks episode of barnamay barnama (a pretty good kurdish sketch show that sometimes tends to drag on a bit) one of the characters was going on about how saddams cell was the safest place in iraq. Which is what I already believed in anyway, think of it the only person in iraq who doesn't have to worry about waking up alive, his health is constantly monitored by the red cross whom have decided to cease all work in iraq and solely be on operation saddam douche-watch or his preferred mailboy
His menu seems to be getting more and more elaborate
He ha s a daily shower of Human rights protetion, while none given to iraqis.
He can rest easy that his family who have stolen most of iraqs money are living in luxury in jordan (not sure how far luxury in jordan gets u but luxury nonetheless) where his gruesome twosomes children are attending expensive private schools all coutrtesy of our ever bloodsucking neighbors (forget bad neighbors we are living in a neighborhood of crooks and thieves)

His family don't have to pay one cent for the debt and backwardness they’ve put the country though in fact are allowed to continue stealing more money, while the paybacks are left for the iraqis
There you go, the best ad for dictators... you can kill as much as you please using middle eastern rights but be protected by all forms of western rights when you are caught.

This year has been another year of hell for iraqis and heaven for saddam and
his sort lets hope next year this situation would be reversed and multiplied.

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