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Sunday, December 05, 2004 

Turks are our MAIN enemey!

It is not the 200 BC,
It is 2004 nearly 2005,
as far as humanity remembers we have been in contact with earch other for a total of 2004 times 365 or 366 days, but the Turks, they just feel like they have just been thrown on mother earth... i dont know why they hate us so much?!
Mr Turk! the commentor on Kurdos blog would be able to tell without swearing at me, well even if you swear I wouldnt mind because yesterday it happened to the EU president with someone far more educated than you my fellow turk-man:
guess what happened when he mentioned this to the Turks?
a man whose surname means a grocer, a man whose mind means nothing but Turk, a man whose heart beats only when the racist national anthum is sung, a man whose foot cannot walk when he walks towards non-turkland, a man who hates Kurds, a man whose mind-mates killed thousands of us, a man whose soldiers do not accept the word Kurdish, never ever Kurdistan but Lehce(the dialect) and Guneydogu (south east).
That man attacked Mr. Borrel telling him: "why dotn you go and visit bask region instead, there is no Kurdistan!" this is the fella:
He is the head of some organisation stuff in the Kemalistland, he was forced to leave the hotel as a grocer doesnt know what a civilisaton is, he proved that he is stubborn, stupid, racist and against the Kurds even if their name is mentioned, moreover even if that mentioning was for the sake of the kemalists benefit!!!

You Mr Bakkal, you have a long way to go with the peshmargawoman and peshmarga , you better pack up and go back to your village so that you wont see us anymore! and I assure you Mr Kemalist, that you wont die like your president, but your mind will be blown by chanting Ey Raqib (the national anthum) and one day there will be a land called Kurdland or Kurdistan, and Diyarbakir (AMED) will be its capital and will never be called Diyarbakir, it will be Amed without racist Turks, Arabs or Persians.

Other nations did their independence battles hundreds of years ago, well we were not that lucky but that doesnt mean that in years to come you will not have the Peshmarga to fight you! our battle is not over yet Mr.Bakkal. Just as you were forced to leave the hotel your jandarma will be forced to leave Amed, as it is just the right place for people like Mr.Borrel to meet our First Lady Mrs Zana!

Mr.Bakkal we know that any reform you do is not becauase you started to feel as there is something called Kurd, but it is because your country is starving and your big mouthes are swallowing the heards of the poor in your "touristic" country! We know it is because you are ready to stripe of everything you have to become a member of EU so that you have a better life, but I am sure that Europeans are not working at least 50 hours a week to feed your racist mouthes!

someone get me out of this hatred! i hate this hatred!

out of topic, dest xosh kurdo & Medya, check this out guys, and if you have an ounce of love towards Kurds in your heart lets tell the world that there is No northern Iraq but it is Kurdistan, link this please: http://www.northerniraq.tk

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