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Tuesday, November 23, 2004 

A terrorist is dead

So, in Iran, they whipped them until death, and in Turkey, they riddle them with bullets.

In the village of Qoser, in the region of Mardin, Ahmet Kaymaz (31) and his son Uxur Kaymaz (12 ) have been killed by Turkish forces.

Ahmet Kaymaz's brother, Reshat Kaymaz related the fact :

“My brother was a driver, he brought his children in that way. So that is happened : An evening, my brother and his son Uxur went outside, they wanted to drive the truck. When suddenly, they were targetted by a sustained fire from police and army. My nephew received 13 bullets and my brother 7.”

Reshat Kaymaz continues : “They are martyrs, everybody could see how a father and his child were riddled with bullets… It is a crime and I call all the world to break the silence and to stop the savagery of Turkish police and soldiers ...”

Source Avesta

Sure that they must work a bit to fill the Copenhague criterions...

In any case, it seems that Turkish army has just stated that terrorists have been killed during an operation.

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