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Friday, November 19, 2004 


It's depressing how little attention Mrs. Hassan's fate has received, i mean apart from iraqi outlets the world seems to be completely mute to it. I mean even when there is news stating that the limbless decapitated and disembowled corpse found in fallujah is probalby hers… nothing. On the same day news came out about an insurgent being shot while hiding in a mosque and what do we get FURY, OUTRAGE, CONDEMNATION, UPROAR. This would have been ok if they were speaking out of a pure heart, but its obvious that this is just going to be the beggining of another ugly media sensationalism like abu ghuraib was. Correct me if I'm wrong but I defintely don't remember any aid package or any form of support sent to the people involved by those that raised hell over it.

That was a genuine case of opportunism, it started off as an act that received worldwide revulsion but was then cheapened into this tool that was used to kidnap and kill more iraqis, or for opposing political groups to score points off each other, or as a substitue in the middle east to the generic zionist conspiracy template used the excuswe all their acts. Don't believe me, i even heard some sudanese official using abu ghraib is his defense against a question regarding darfur.

It was beyond ridiculous watching these other arabs screaming like they really cared, because a fact most people don't know was that the abu ghraib prison abuse was first mentioned by an Iraqi in a press conference in an arabic country at the beginning of january. At the time it got a few small mentions in newspapers, if they cared so much about it then why did they wait 4 months later till an american news channel mention to go on an um.. anti-american tirade.

Anyway getting back on topic, at least those dead fallujans get an investigation. I wonder how many other dead iraqis get the same right. Whether they were killed though the kidnapping method (hell who am i kidding they don’t even have a body count for them) or though crossfire or through the many cowardice acts of murder whether in kerbala, the UN iraq office, hawler or actually any damn street where this type of vermin has contaminated. And yet while other iraqis are sacrificing their lives to help iraq and trying to move on with their lives. These people have been doing all they can to destroy iraq and then complain about the aftermath

These whinging bunch are a funny group aren't they:

They kill aid workers (unfortunately she wasn't the first to be killed in the past year)and complain why they don't receive any aid

They force medical teams out of Iraq and then complain why they don't receive adequate treatment

They kill anyone (iraqi or non-iraqi) who attempts to help Iraq and then complain why no ones doing anything for the country

They support all acts of crimes done by the satirically named resistance and complain why there's no security

They never as much as give an animal right to their victims while they scream and dance to the tune of human rights when it comes to one of their own

They threaten to kill all electoral candidates and voters then bawl about why there's no legitimate government

They threaten and go as far as kill anyone who dares speak against them or even the previous regime yet are allowed to lie, deceive and incite violence under the banner of free speech

They threaten and brutally murder all other groups in Iraq and then complain that they are victimized WHY?? Because no matter what they are ALWAYS the victims

And after all this they still feel like they haven't done enough, tell me what's left that you guys haven't done, if you wanna live like animals, fine in fact I'm pretty sure there would be many volunteers who can find the right petting zoo to keep you in but don't expect to force everyone else to live as you do.

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