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Sunday, November 14, 2004 

Spread like a disease

The happening in he other cities of Iraq have been taking a back seat to other news stories such as fallujah and the death of arafat, actually a small note on the last one, he may be a symbol for the palestinian cause and while the hero/villian thing can be left to ppl involved in the palestine-israel conflict, a freedom-fighter he was not. Saddam and his policies affected every single family in iraq and what saddam did to iraq was far worse than wat israel has done to palestine. What kind of freedom-fighter happily supported a man who committed all this and still aspired to occupy and oppress more land (like iran and kuweit). Ok and yes I know everyone else supported it as well, but they came in forms other than freedom-fighters. Anyway I always thought someone like Edward Said(a palestinian-american professor at Columbia who wrote extensively about Palestinian and arab issues and passed away this time last year) was a far better representative of the palestinian ppl anyway.

Back to fallujah, you know what else is strange these aid, we "heart" human rights ppl don't seem to be giving a damn about the fallujah refugees that have settled temporarily in Lake habaniya and instead are hooting and orgasming about inside fallujah, where so far there hasn't been a sign of any civilians. The only unconfirmed report is this supposed doctor who called from fallujah saying he's winessed a massacre and instead of calling the red cross/crescent or doing his job has decided to call jazeera instead. All the other embedded reporters have so far seen a ghost town. But what do we have on the other hand... slaughter houses, hostages tied up in fallujan homes, foreign fighters, possible (yet unconfirmed) beheading of 3 more kurds, an as yet unknown limbless and decapitated female body thrown in the streets, stashes of weapons and explosives in mosques and homes, and a member of Association of Muslim Scholars (abdullah janabi) on the run with Abu Musaab zarqawi. So romeo has finally eloped with juliet..or umm julian yes julian
But just wait those basically mean nothing because you can not question the methods or the point of the ever holy resistance.

To make things worse, ever since fallujah has been attacked these runaway terrorists (sorry brave resistance) have been fleeing like cockroaches to other surrounding cities and working freelance over there. The only place that has so far not been attacked successfully were the PUK headquarters which were guarded by the pesshmerga. Yes the same peshmerga that were meant to be disbanded and forced to join the Iraqs badly trained security forces. I can not believe they agreed to give 1 billion dollars to Jordan last year to "train" 30,000 iraqis, what was this trainng about anyway how to be butchered by their people or how to be infiltrated my baathists and islamists. Anyway Jordan was also paid to produce news textbooks to Saddam (why? because the think the whole of Iraq doesn't own a printing press). It's been two school years already and nothing has been seen from them yet.
The peshmerga were also forced out of mosul and kirkuk after the fall of saddam anyway cos it may piss off turkey
So thats just nice let the iraqis keep on dying but oh no don't dare hurt the feelings of our neighboring countries. Love the way how the whole livelihood of iraqis dependant on what makes these countries moist.

Alot of kurds are divided on whether it is right to send the peshmerga or not (thats it they're allowed to in the first place). On one hand they think well the peshmerga are so far the only ones capable of putting an end to this and we don't want to contain this slaughtering disease before it even spreads across to kurdistan. But on the other hand they think that well if the peshmerga do get involved we would just be giving the racist arabs among them (i repeat I’m not generalizing alot of arabs are not fed on racism, but its the racist ones who never ever liked us that are going to be doing most of the screaming and shrieking later), and they'll use it as an excuse to raise hell on us either media-wise or though their pajmahideen. Just wait till they start blaming all that's wrong with Iraq on the kurds.

They've been provoking most of the minorities and the rest of the community since the end of the war, its also shown here by an email kurdo recently received from the coordinator of "kurdistan save the children fund". The kurds speciically by their "oh they want to steal our land" mantra, like they've done a really good job with this "land" ever since they kicked the other minorities out of it many decaded ago. This ethnic cleansing of kirkuk has been going on ever since oil was discovered but it just reach its intense levels in saddams reign. Ok so what do we have now a rich diverse city (back in the 50s-60s period) has been changed into a dry destitute poverty stricken small version of its former self. None of kirkuk's resources were ever used on the city, it was either used to fund the military, or saddam close buddies or sent abroad to feed the greedy mouthpieces of the former regime. So what exactly are they missing, they can't even protect or learn how to use their own funds. I say let the city be diverse again, let the refugees return and then decide which part it blelongs to. This "one race only" trump card that they love using isn't doing anyone any favours they don't even know how to protect themselves. For example alot of the mosques in Kirkuk are guarded by christians rather than the muslims (and this is practically their only duty) and just look at how Christians are paid back.

I have no idea but am hoping that Iraq will one day be a better country and it really hurts to see that there are many many families who will be spending their Eid attending funerals or welcome well-wishers.

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