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Sunday, November 07, 2004 

State of Emergency

Good move but about 19 months and too many lives too late (read the latest about what our tv channels refer to as "al muqawama al shareefa" have done). But please let this be done and over with once and for all. Of course with all those reporters they've let in, I think its a good time to boycott jazeera et al.

Now all Iraq apart from kurdistan are subject to the emergency law. Good: Proves to still be the safest part of Iraq, even though almost everyone hates to admit it.
Not so good: A pretty good oppurtunity for the last of our pesky and bloodthirsty neighbors to start meddling in Iraqi, especially kurdish, issues. Maybe it's just paranoia but lets hope that the turkish border isn't left unattended.
You see kurdistan has never been this quiet for such a long period of time so alot of ppl are thinking that it's a really ominous sign. Turkey has had it in for Iraq (mainly the kurds) since the beginning of the war but so far have been trying indirect ways like planting false media claims, stirring up hate through parties they fund and smuggling troops across the border . All have so far failed. Hopefully with all this EU talk they've decided to pause for a while. But if something were to happen lets hope they get the same reception from the turkmen they did last time turkey's involvement was mentioned.

Also the al iraqiya channel broadcasted taped confessions from 19 foreign fighter criminals . They include iranians, syrians, saudis and jordanians. It really annoys me that when dealing with the borders issue we should somehow abstain from naming the countries that are in good terms with america.. ok their governments are pro-american but so what ? It's costing everyone very dearly.i mean saudia arabia and jordan for example they're the main countries giving us the bulk of the problem (zarqawi and wahhabis, need i say more) and yet its almost a no-no to mention it. Why can't the US throw a "we'll stop exporting to u ppl" card when dealing with this problem, I mean we have zarqawi and his slaughtering troupe hopping around the iraq-jordan border and no ones even allowed to question jordan's involvement in these terror activities, well how can we with them constantly being labeled as a secular modern pro-western freedom loving nation and all.

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