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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 

Biggest threat to islam: muslims?

Glorious as ever, the gleeming lions of the islamic world have caught their biggest catch yet... a convert to islam and a naturalised iraqi citizen whose spent the last 30 years of her life as a teacher and aid worker in Iraq.

In another shameless act, the valiant swords of islam and freedom have caught, looted and executed 49 infidels who are guilty of the heinous crime of defending their own country

Continuing operation constant diarrhoea, the bold, yet strategically hidden behind cloth, heroes of unity have kidnapped a japanese infidel working as part of the hedonic machine known as reconstruction

Could muslims possibly be any less likeable now.

If anything is going to make muslims drop their faith faster than jihadi pants its these other muslims, i think its about time ppl starting moving that constantly pointed finger to the right direction. It's not the zionist entity and their many cunning plans, its not america, music video or these sattelite channels ( otherwise known as reasons to stop breathing.... hmm maybe i'll rant on that sometime) that are spoiling our high and mighty morals and moving us poor naive creatures further away from our religion

I don't even think there are cults out there who are this obsessed with death and the path that leads to it.

Everytime we see an act like this all we ever say is "these ppl can't be muslim etc.." and we stop and never do anything about it. These words don't mean anything anymore, we need to start examining why all these criminals and thugs just so happens to be muslim.

Reading islamic history you discover that at least in the islamic world, islam stopped being spiritual a long time ago and instead was transformed into this tool that has been used to control people everything down to things like how we should look like or who we should like and who we shouldn't. If islam stayed as a religion fullstop far far away from politics we would have been relieved of all these problems we now have.

Also another thing islam in theory is totally different from islam in practice, i mean our we preach and preach about how to love your brother if not in religion than in humanity, and all our acts prove otherwise. The first word that came from the Quran was read and hadiths that say "seeks knowledge everywhere ", and yet the islamic world has one of the world's highest illiteracy rate. All these verses about feeding the poor and taking care of orphans and again we have this sorry state of the poor. What about the verse that referring to justice o how there is no difference between arabs and non-arabs except through piety while we have become connoisseurs of extremely repressive and racist regimes. What about the joke of speaking the truth even if it means putting ure life on risk, while our clerics and mullahs are professionals of deceit.

The best way this was ever described was by these scholars who visited Europe around a century ago who said "The west has islam and no muslims while we have muslims but no Islam". Basically meaning that what we say are "principles of islam" like human rights, justice and equality are all available in the west while there are no muslims there (this was before the mass migration) while in our countries we are loaded with muslims but none of these principles.

There are many reasons why we are in such a sorry state, here are just a few of them:

- Anyone can become a cleric, unlike christianity or judaism where you have a process and you need to be ordained from an accredited authority. Even in more recent times (say upto 20-30 yrs ago) a respected islamic scholar would have at least studied at al- Azhar at some point in his education. Nowadays all you need is to throw on some rags or repeat a few sentences over and over again. Just look at Iraq now.. Zarqawi a serial rapist and thug now considered to be an islamic leader? or how about Muqty who used to be made fun off for his lack of knowledge about islam from his father and siblings
In what sense can people like that represent you and still have no one complain?

- The Quran is a book of 114 surahs (chapters),every single generation, sect and cleric has their own translation of the Quran. The same sentence is translated according to what they already believe in. For example, if you want to read the Quran to find violence you will find violence, if you want to look for justice you will find justice, you want peace and releif you will also find that.

- Islamists are professionals at double-speak, its all big words that mean nothing. Also their words and views change depending on who they are speaking to, for example you can find the same mullah defending his religion by saying no we're a religion of peace and tolerance and picking the respective Ayas from the Quran to prove that while he could go to a mosque and preach messages of hate and racism. The peaceful part of Islam is just lip service for others to make it look like everything is ok with islam, lately these kind of “islam is a religion of peace” has never been intended for muslim ears.

- Alot of muslims know very little about their own religion, to be honest the best discussions I ever had about religion were always with atheists.

One common argument for this is that only a small percentage are wahhabists but in a population of 1 bn any "small percentage" is a large number. To make it worse in most islamic countries they are the ones running the education and security, yes the two main pillars of any country in their hands. Also the muslims that seem to be in charge of mosqes and islamic educational centers abroad just happen to be salafists as well.

So you may wonder where are the rest of the muslims, well that’s split between the large numbers that leave their religion and other that stay and still practice
usually the latter, are just moderate muslims that basically do their stuff in private and are usually pretty distant from these fanatics. in fact when you go abroad one of the first things u are warned of by relatives go in the following order: keep ure religion to ureself and no need for problems, you wanna pray and fast do it in private, stay away from these "terrorist recruitment centers"/mosques. In my case I did a 180 and even attended one of their yearly conventions (it's not as bad as it sounds, the speakers were mostly quite decent and i did get an almost free trip out of it).
This distancing sounds ok and preventive but it has allowed religion to be hijacked by these wahhabists. And now i doubt any normal muslim wants to ne seen in their midst so there will hardly be any moderate voices among extremists.

Another thing in "islam theory" is that a person in charge of anything is responsible for what the people he's in charge of do. For example the leader of a community or a country will also carry the sin of someone who committed a crime or suffered in his country, because he was in charge and if he was doing his job right that wouldn't have happened. This is one thing I really hope is true, just wondering how long these punishments would be. Cos' you get punished even if you are indirectly responsible so imagine states whose doctrine centers around abuse. Even without torture and killing they have a lot to answer for, for example the refusal to spend any money or effort into research and equipment that could predict earthquakes and floods in advance while spending millions if not billions of dollars on weapons and the military.

Yes ppl who don't believe in religion anymore may laugh but for me it's some sort of relief knowing that there would be an afterlife and all of the above would face the justice they fled from in this life.

The biggest shame is to Kurd, that they want to serve Arab through Islam, that is right Islam is one of religion, but for Arab not for Kurd, if Kurd has no land where do they get religion and God, who believes God should own land, unless independent Kurdistan does not happen there is not an individual Kurd has religion, so God loves whom who loves own Country, if we see the Lord supports Israel because they love their own country, I call Kurd have think what they should to do for getting independent, My wishes to all Kurd in the world

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